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The other thing to keep in mind is that the PS3 version comes with a bunch more DLC packaged in.

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I can only support any initiative to destroy copies of Too Human.

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Johnny Powell from the Darkness 2. By a lot.

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LEGO Batman 2 when I first got to play as Superman in the overworld and it started to play the Superman theme when I flew around.

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@BeachThunder: Yes. Unless you are Diamond Dallas Page.

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@Funkydupe: Well there's quite a bit of difference between adding a cash shop to an already viable game and launching with one. I just think it was a mistake for them to launch with a subscription model and it isn't going to be sustainable.

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Given that it usually takes them longer than the length of a Quick Look to get the plane off the ground. I guess I would disagree on it being one.

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My problem with it is that they launched with both a subscription and a cash shop. It pretty much screams that they fully intend to go free-to-play after getting what ever they can out of subscribers.

It's kinda of a shame that they decided to go the MMO route. The setting is pretty cool. But I don't see them coming out too well launching this close to Guild Wars.

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I don't know why anyone is surprised at this. Bioware has conditioned their fanbase for this. People complaining got Tali/Garrus romances, gay romances, and a super special default female Shepard design. Also who did you think they were going to put their chips in with? The people complaining the loudest are also the people who would fork over cash to buy all sorts of DLC and tie-ins.

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