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Great job, duder! However, something seems... lacking...

No, that's not quite right either...

Ah, yes. This is more like it:

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(Please don't hate me)

This one made me cry

I knew it was going to be the melodica music as soon as it started, but it was still great!

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You can still totally get the soundtracks if you already bought it: They always let you get the stuff they throw in if you bought it beforehand.

Great deal. Played through NightSky and enjoyed it a great deal, and am working through the much harder alternate mode, now. :)

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Wow, this is an exceptionally nice thing, all you cool people!

I'd love Humble Bundle #2, if that's possible. :)

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I saw a screening of The Room last weekend, and literally had my DVD of it playing beside me when I logged onto GB and saw this. Kinda crazy. But, this project seems pretty dumb.

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I recently purchased a laptop for school and such and, as someone who knows very little about computers, was wondering what sort of games could run on it.
It's a Toshiba Satellite c650-05P

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Van Morrison  is my #1. 
Other awesome vocalists:
Tom Waits
Jeff Buckley
Beth Gibbons (Portishead)
Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, etc.)
Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel)

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I had perfect attendance for the entirety of the last school year, and only a couple of lates (which were only by a few minutes and not even my fault). I'm cool, like that.

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Gaming sites are one of the worst possible places for relationship advice: As a result this idea has my full support.

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 5. Illinois(e) by Sufjan Stevens
4. Third by Portishead
3. Ys by Joanna Newsom
2. A Piece of Strange by Cunninlynguists
1. Boxer by The National

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@adoggz said:

" If we are going to call it the Giant Drewcast then it needs to have four Drews in it. "

YES. Russian Martian Drew, Green Lantern Drew, Regular-Ass Drew, and Bizarro Drew.