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An EXCELLENT piece Patrick!

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All of your contributions to the video game industry, friends, family, and (to me, at least) most of all, your GB fans and followers are immensely appreciated. You've certainly left your mark in the world, and we thank you endlessly for it. I wish nothing but the absolute best for those you left behind, and most certainly for your new wife.

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I'm just ecstatic that someone put that rat toothed McShea under the fucking floor. I would adore Van Ord's gameplay podcast if it weren't for McShea. Damn, I don't like that guy.

Thank you so much Ryan. Do it again, just don't let the rage consume you, :).

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It is crass and rude, however everyone has such big goddamn toes you have to watch where you walk constantly now days. They could have insinuated those characteristics and probably was meant as an immaturely adult(because I KNOW I like to be immature occasionally-it's fun) way to troll people on facebook considering the audience for this and the people who are actually going to follow it are more than likely older. However, I do regrettably agree with the majority and Square Enix was correct in taking it down and apologizing immediately. I just wish they could take sound concepts/ideas like this and implement them less poorly.

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@Belialjtg87 I'll try it tonight, and repost, thanks again
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@envane Ok, actually I believe that may be my issue. So I turned the physx to medium to begin with just to decrease load, so lll try it on high because gpu temps only reaching 70, thanks
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I'm having significant issues with running BL2 and hitting temps of 94C after approx. 2 hours of gameplay. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is? Is it BL2 or should I be significantly worried about my CPU. Other games it never gets over 72C.


-Clevo X7200(18" Laptop)

-Intel Core i7 960 3.2Ghz


-SLI NVidia 485M 2GB

300GB SSD Intel

180GB SSD Intel

-dedicated fans for each processor and chassis fan and sitting on laptop cooler with 3 120mm fans.

-GPU temps never above 70C

Also, I've already ordered new diamond thermal compound as well as a new fan for the cpu, but I'm just looking for some extra input.


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eh bonerfart.... i don't think it would be too far to assume that guy didn't play BL2 outisde of the first 4-6 hours. Also, it's pretty evident he only plays games or at least spectates most likely from his 14 year old son.

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All the vids on the site are having to stop and buffer every 15-30 seconds, incredibly aggrivating. I know it's not my connection, because I'm streaming 720p on other site no problem. Even tried the youtube link and still buffering constantly. I'm not sure if they're servers are just bogged down with users or what, but please fix Dave/Vinny/Alexis/Drew. Would like to enjoy my vids after work and the gym, thanks guys.

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@Natesaint said:

I have so many completions of 2. In my last before I began me3 I purposefully allowed Mordin, Jacob, Zaeed, and Kasumi to die. My first ever I lost Jack and Legion on my ship because I was in a hurry and didn't check all of my upgrades. Never have I lost Thane, Garrus, or Miranda. My Shepard met a bad end in 3 anyway, he died in an honorable way I think. He joined his fallen comrades.

goddamnit spoiler