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I thought this was supposed to be an FPS?

Much better than the trailer we saw before, though that brings this more into "a little worse than the usual forgettable" territory.

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You don't seem like a very nice person.

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@boodoug187: Totally got a Bond vibe as well.

Is it just me, or does Rico look a whole lot like Jake Gyllenhaal?

And I got a Bond vibe, too.

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If they can have a less-bland open world and less-dreadful characters with less-dreadful voice acting, then I'll be interested.

I liked Just Cause's world a lot. Actually, let me change that. I liked its ridiculous size and I liked how great it looked when viewed from afar. Flying a plane to the edge of a map and then standing on top and looking down as the plane flies over the environments is one of my favorite visual treats in any game, ever. I really do not want the developers to trade that in for more nuanced cities, villages, NPC interactions, etc., because that's not what I want to play Just Cause for.

As far as the voice acting goes... this may not be the game for you if you can't laugh at bad voice acting.

I have to love any franchise that just embraces good old fashioned dumb fun. Just Cause was basically Saints Row with destructible environments right?

I do hope that JC3 has destructible buildings, though. JC2 didn't. There was a lot of stuff to blow up but it was all pre-determined - water towers, radio towers, fuel tanks, and a whole hell of a lot more, but regular ass buildings were invulnerable.

Way back, I wrote a blog about what I wanted Just Cause 3 to change. I haven't re-read it since then so I don't know if I still stand by it, but I still think it's one of the few games that should have had recharging health. Actually, I think the open world genre in general would benefit the most from fully regenerating health, or maybe they could let you carry health packs as an item. As far as I'm concerned, open world games like GTA and Just Cause are all about being reckless and dumb without worrying about major consequences, and having your health down to almost nil with no way to bring it back up except through health packs bums me out a bit. Take it out of the linear FPS genre, put it in the open world genre.

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Eh. I'm pretty satisfied with the PC version I already have, I'll just buy the DLC for it.

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That trailer conveyed the concept of the game without resorting to typical PowerPoint bullets.

Two non gamers were around me as it was playing and the hide and seek song grabbed their attention. They were totally feeling it by the end.

I'm afraid to burst their bubble with the preorder shenanigans.

I'm not a fan of the trailer either, but I like this man's comments. It got the point across and it did it without a bunch of selling points that wouldn't grab anyone's attention.

Also a trailer without pre-order bullshit! I need to watch it again just to make sure, but I don't remember some guy with a deep voice going "PRE-ORDER NOW AND RECEIVE A BUNCH OF USELESS BUT EXCLUSIVE SHIT FREE!" so that makes it a great trailer in my book.

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I know this is going to get locked but I am laughing my ass off at this one.

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@chinaski said:

@mooseymcman: No it's not! The nemesis system is so damn exciting. In fact I'm more excited to see a new IP use this system in a game than just about anything else gaming related this year.

Wait a minute, Shadow of Mordor's not a new IP. It's a Lord of the Rings game. There are plenty of those.

Real shame that Shovel Knight isn't on there, but Wolfenstein is at least.

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I'm not gonna say anything audacious like "Shovel Knight is the best game of the year"

That's not audacious, it's the goddamn truth.

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@spraynardtatum: I don't think that asking for better representation or a better portrayal of women is "walking on eggshells". There are people who will never be satisfied, but a good creator can parse the people who will never be satisfied with the people who have criticism worth hearing.

It seems like the biggest problem is that amid all the tumult, there isn't really anyone who is a good enough writer and a good enough speaker to "lead" in some way. The whole conversation needs a feminist who fully understands the concerns of both sides and holds an excellent understanding of video games and is inhumanly calm and patient. I haven't seen someone like that pop up yet, it's all been a bunch of yelling and anger, and that's why I've largely viewed the issue from a distance.

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Periferal issues conditioning creativity: the portrayal of sex, feminism;


Issues surrounding women in video games aren't peripheral, either, they're pretty important. There isn't a whole lot of positive female representation in games, and a lot of the "strong women" in games tend to also be "sexy". That's not to say that there is something wrong with being sexy, but that's the first trait that people notice about major female characters in video games - they're often wearing less clothes, less sensible clothes, clothes that are made for sex appeal and not necessarily to fit whatever they might be doing in the game they're in.

The criticism towards sex in games isn't asking for censorship, you've got it all wrong. It's asking for better, more positive representation. You want someone beautiful in your game? Sure! Great! But that shouldn't be what defines them.
(I feel like someone could respond to this with the word "Bayonetta". OK, but that's only a series of two not-particularly-popular games and it isn't a counterpoint to what I just said).

As for the rest of your issues

Broken games and beta versions of games being launched, and fixed after being sold to its consumer audience;
A larger focus given to DLC;
Sequels instead of new original intelectual properties.

These were all issues that cropped up early last generation or before, they're nothing new and we'll be fine with them.