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@hailinel: I just want to make sure you know that you can push the Windows button on the bottom left corner of your keyboard and start typing and whatever you want will come up before you're done typing. As far as I'm concerned, that's way better than clicking through menus and scanning text to find what you want.

I like Windows 8. It boots faster and runs better than Windows 7 ever did. It has some problems, though - some people are pointing out how its UI is inconsistent - but once you learn how to use it, it's fine. And yes, you do have to learn how to use it - it's different, not everything is going to come to you immediately.

For the record, I have no problem with either Windows 7 or 8. I do wish that Microsoft wouldn't make a new version of Windows when no new version is necessary, though.

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I actually used the same tactic that I used on the Taurus demon - I farmed a shitton of souls, bought as many firebombs as I could, and just threw them from a distance. I think I could throw them out of range of their firebreath, too. Made the whole thing really easy.

My firebomb tactic stopped working when I got to a giant moth, though, which is where I stopped playing the game. I'll pick it back up someday.

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@csl316: It's really nice seeing other people appreciating this fantastic game as much as I did. I'm not sure I'm ready to say it's my favorite game of this year, but it's certainly up there. Having said that, I'm not sure I need to go buy it for new hardware. I'm not super picky when it comes to tech stuff, so my 360 copy is still fine with me. But this is great for anybody who missed it.

Edit: Not sure why Giant Bomb's formatting is being troublesome. I can't do anything about un-bolding that text.

I do agree there, this was definitely one of the best games of this year. There was a bit of a rift between the tone they were going for and the actual story we got, but it's still a competent story that lets us participate in some of the best third person shooting in a long time. Maybe ever.

Incidentally, this is probably going to be the best game on next gen consoles when it comes out.

Anyway, I already have it on PC and I doubt they're going to add anything to the console versions that isn't already in the PC version.

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The ending of QUBE.

EDIT: Also, Chrono Trigger. You fight Queen Zeal in an orbit around Earth... somehow.

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I'll echo the "why are you PC gaming without searching on Steam?" argument.

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If anything, this will tell Bethesda that there will be a lot of excitement when they finally do announce something on Fallout 4.

As someone who barely had any interest in this? ...I'm laughing a little. I know I shouldn't, I would be livid if this were Metroid we were talking about, but part of me still wants to snicker a bit.

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@iburningstar: A quick google search shows that Vagrant Story being set in Ivalice was a retcon. Which is good, because I would be said if VS was in any way really related to XII, because XII is stupifyingly bad.


Practically all of the Final Fantasy games are divisive (except six because that's a classic and you MUST LIKE IT) but I never thought I'd feel a twinge of nerd rage at someone saying that a Final Fantasy game is "stupifyingly bad".

Don't worry, I get why someone might think it's bad. It plays itself, its dialogue is weird, etc.

I generally don't care for hyperbole but I really, really didn't care for that game. Without writing the essay that I could, I think it's plot was poorly executed, it's characters barely there, it's environments pretty bland and it's RPG elements borked by multiple unlocks and terrible grind.

A highlight, for example. The setup: A young princess, her husband the prince killed in battle, her kingdom betrayed by a comrade close to said husband, works behind the scenes after being forced underground by a military coup. In service of her kingdom, she is forced to seek out the traitor for information. But upon meeting him, he is not what would be expected. Wracked by guilt, and seemingly still loyal to the country, he is polite and willing to serve, even after imprisonment and torture. What could be happening here?

Interesting places it could have gone: The King was dirty, or even just inept in some way, and the regicide was a botched but well-meaning attempt to salvage the war for the good of the nation. Can mutual devotion to country overcome her ingrained hatred toward the murderer of her father-in-law?

Or: Though a double agent, his friendship with the Prince had been real. After being left to rot by those he aided, the guilt overcame him, and he truly seeks to repent for his actions. But can anyone trust him? And if his former masters offered again, would he be tempted?

Where the story actually went: His evil twin, whom noone knew he had, did it and framed him.

It's just an example. I don't like that game.

Final Fantasy XII's plot was not focused on the characters. if you went in the game expecting something akin to the personal interactions of the FFX cast, you'd be in for disappointment. The game's plot is event-centric. It's about the journey that the characters take, rather than the characters themselves. To boil the story down to one character-specific plot point you don't particularly care for seems a bit disingenuous when it comes to the whole picture.

As for which of the three games is my pick for this, Xenogears. It's a slog to play nowadays, but its plot went some amazing places and set the stage for Tetsuya Takahashi's later Xeno-works in his post-Square career.

As someone who really likes the game, that does sound like a disappointing plot twist. The dude was also only mentioning one thing he disliked out of what seems to be the entire game, practically. I guess I just like the exploration, the openness, and the aesthetics most, though I think the mechanics are interesting if a little too automated.

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@fortysixandtwo: does that compare to what I posted at all?

Also it doesn't make you want to jump and go FUCK YEAH LET'S FUCKING BEAT THIS BOSS so it's not even close.

yeah it does

Then you've got no FUCK YEAH in your soul!

I hope you realize that I am totally kidding and you can call whatever you want to "good", however wrong you may be.

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@audiobusting: you're saying that the framerate has to go into 60, right? You can't multiply 45 by anything and get 60.

Edit: 45 by a number without a decimal.

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@fortysixandtwo: does that compare to what I posted at all?

Also it doesn't make you want to jump and go FUCK YEAH LET'S FUCKING BEAT THIS BOSS so it's not even close.