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64 is the better game but Sunshine is pretty damn great, too.

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Looks like a Ridley Scott thing.

If they could just make more spartans why didn't they do that after Reach?

they did with the Spartan IV program but it took a while to crank them out. Master Chief is a Spartan 2 which are the ones that good juiced up and experimented on. Spartan4's are like regular soilders in battle armor 2's are like walking tanks.

Let me rephrase that, why didn't they make more Spartans that are exactly like Master Chief

I believe the in-universe explanation was that it was just too time-consuming and expensive a thing to do when you're constantly at war with everything. Much easier to just take adult men/women and put 'em in fancy suits then go through with all that fancy gene therapy and extensive training.

Oh and I think Spartan II's came from a specific gene pool whose genes allowed for them to be fitted with augmentations without them being crippled for life.

I read The Fall of Reach in high school, I can answer this! Sort of!

The whole Spartan II program was headed by Dr Halsey. However, as @euandewar said, it was really expensive and time consuming. They essentially kidnapped young kids and threw them into military training programs that made Ender's Game look like summer camp. And sometime in their teenage years, they set up augmentations for those kids. As I recall, only around thirty of them actually got through the augmentation process in good enough shape for military duty. The rest either died or were crippled. Just from that little paragraph, you can imagine a myriad number of potential issues, both practically and morally.

From what I remember, Spartan I's were just regular badass soldiers (essentially an army of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in Commando). III's and IV's were just programs intended to produce soldiers that has as many Spartan II qualities as possible without going completely overboard in the time, cost, and moral questionability departments. I think Halo Reach was Spartan III's.

So, yeah, there's my embarrassing "I know too much about Halo" post.

EDIT: Oh right. Something on topic. At least it doesn't look completely silly. Looking back at the first three games, it's hard to imagine those turning into a live action movie that doesn't look ridiculous. But then, we live in a world where The Avengers and those Thor movies are popular things, so perhaps a Halo movie that smartly uses a similar aesthetic won't look so out of place after all.

Still, I doubt that I will watch it, unless practically everyone on the internet starts talking about it.

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Play something that isn't like Diablo? Variety, duder. Shit gets boring without it.

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A British lady elf mage, I think. I dunno, I'll figure it out when I get there.

For the record, I'm an American dude. Race human, class lazy, if you must know.

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On PS3, played over 20 hours, some framerate dips especially in the tower but otherwise fine. Only gotten disconnected a few times and that's when I was joining a crucible, never midmatch.

This is all a stress test for the servers, and I would say they've held up amazingly. When the beta first went live and PSN both crumbled but the Destiny servers were fine and worked perfectly.

Same here. I've played it on the PS3. I expected some really spotty performance, given that this is a next-gen game being scaled back for current-gen, but even when it gets busy the framerate is pretty stable. I was only playing by myself, though. I would like to hear the thoughts of someone who played a lot of it with three other people because the tower, where a couple dozen or so people might be running around at any given time, really did have some framerate drops. Not a big deal, it's just a hub area/safe zone/shopping area/whatever, so some noticeable slowdown doesn't cause many problems.Only played a few multiplayer matches but I didn't have any issues there, either.

If you want this but aren't going to get a PS4 or Xbox One for a while, then it seems like the PS3 version will look fine and perform without any significant issues.

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Both are pretty great but I liked the writing and story in 1 a little bit more. Just a little bit. This is, as everyone else has said, an Alien-Aliens comparison. Both great, but which one you prefer really just boils down to whether you like effective use of minimal plot elements and atmosphere or a multilayered plot coming together as the movie nears its end.

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@believer258: "up its own ass" is just a lazy descriptor that doesn't say anything other than you personally don't like that it takes itself seriously.

This is true. It's a lazy complaint, but not necessarily invalid.

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Also, nowhere except a Kingdom Hearts conversation will you hear more uses of the phrase, "up-it's-own-ass".


up one's own ass

  1. (idiomatic, vulgar) having an excessively high opinion of oneself.

Many people that make this complaint are specifically referring to how, especially after the first game (which many of the franchise's critics enjoyed), the series has increasingly focused on its own narrative and invented characters to the detriment of the Disney and Square-Enix crossover characters, worlds, and styles that were the main pitch of the games in the first place.

Thus, the game is "up its own ass" because it has mistakenly assumed the draw for many people was Sora and Xehanort and Organization XIII when most people just wanted to see Cloud and Mickey in a new context interacting with Vivi and Simba. The series' opinion of itself has gotten so high, that it has mostly abandoned the interesting conceit that it was founded upon to become its own beast.

Whether you agree that this was a mistake or not is one thing, but you cannot deny that it has happened. When people complain Kingdom Hearts is "up its own ass" they complain that the focus has moved away from Disney and the other Square/Enix properties.

It's this, but not just this. I think the writing itself is pretty rotten all-around.

But, hey, I don't really feel the need to talk about Kingdom Hearts much more.

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@believer258: How is it pretentious? You complain about points without providing anything that qualifies as a specific example.

The entire first two or three hours of KH2?

@believer258: Don't forget KH2 starting with a 2-3 hour tutorial with Roxas, a character who did not exist in KH1 at all. I had no idea who I was controlling or why or where I was or why I should care. Then Sora steps out of a bubble and the game continues on like the entire intro didn't happen.

@hailinel: I would say that the really egregious story stuff includes things like: Sora's memories being broken down, Roxas's multiple hour trip in fake Twilight Town, Riku's everything, Kingdom Hearts itself, and the nature of the nobodies and heartless. The game forces you to know all of these abstract and poorly explained plot points, without really using those conceits for anything more than a simple hero's journey story. I have no problem with a game using these conceits, but if a game is going to force a player to play through and read multiple games worth of story, it had better be doing something interesting with those conceits. I haven't really found KH1 or KH2 to pass that test in my experience.

Or all of the stuff that this dude says.

The story and writing that doesn't have to do with Disney in general.

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@believer258: Funny you should mention it, I'm currently nearing the end of Shovel Knight. Pretty good and actually has a lot of similarities to Mega Man. I have FEAR but never played it because I was worried it would have aged poorly (which a lot of shooters have). You think I should give it a chance?

Uh, yes, play FEAR. It has problems, but they're not any worse today than they were then. It still has the best use of AI in any shooter I've played.

The best shooters in general have aged quite well, actually. Doom, Half-Life, Halo, and Half-Life 2 have all aged quite gracefully and are well-worth playing today.

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@thatpinguino: One of the things that contributed to my enjoyment of the early parts of Kingdom Hearts 2 was that I had, several months beforehand, already powered through the first few hours. The Roxas stuff was behind me, with only the Disney stuff for about ten or fifteen hours ahead. I was at the perfect spot in the game to pick it back up.

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@believer258: Actually, it sounds like I can blame you for not playing or at least reading up on Chain of Memories, given that game ties KH1&2 together. Beyond that, I think you'll need to provide better examples of what you're talking about. I'd definitely agree that the KH series in general can be melodramatic, but "up its own ass" is just a lazy descriptor that doesn't say anything other than you personally don't like that it takes itself seriously.

No. "Up its own ass" means I don't like how pretentious it is. Again, meandering, terrible dialogue that doesn't really say anything. It's just dudes blabbering. It's not even philosophical, it's like a twelve year old wanted to sound profound and just comes across sounding dumb.

As a good example, the beginning of KH2 has you wander around as Roxas for a little while. The bits of plot that you're fed are meant to come across as "mysterious" and "serious" but instead you just get a bunch of concepts that aren't explained very well compounded with some of those most overwrought crap in gaming. Yes, I did play Chain of Memories, ages ago, but these concepts should still be summarized somehow.

Finally, no, I can't take a game like this as seriously as it clearly wants me to. Not when I'm running around with Goofy and Donald in tow and the guy I'm controlling has massive feet, sixteen billion zippers, and is wielding a sword shaped like a key. I'm sorry, there has to be a line somewhere.