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I believe you can only store 360 games on one of their proprietary HDD's, not an external one.

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Shadow Warrior? Don't know if you'd call that AAA but it certainly isn't easy on machines.

In any case, they simply can't make enough money these days.

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That fucking sucks, I've had so much fun playing the Halo games with a buddy beside me and not over a mic. 343, dudes, come on. Make this split screen thing work.

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@core1065: Game developers sure as hell aren't concentrated on good frame rates these days.

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I've gone back to start a new character and play Oblivion for a little while several times. I've spent a few hours in Morrowind but that's a little too far back for me, not because of graphics or animations or having to read everything or anything like that. Morrowind just has some, for lack of a better term, "quality of life" problems for me. Menus are fucking terrible, your default movement speed is painfully slow, and you can actually miss in combat. I could get past the menus, but the latter two seriously break the game for me. You can mod them out or "fix" the issues with the console, but by the time I've done that I feel like I'm cheating and don't really care anymore. I keep thinking about Morroblivion but, eh, I'm fine. The time to be wowed by Morrowind has come and gone.

I love Skyrim and Oblivion quite a bit, but Bethesda is in desperate need of some people that can design and implement mechanics way better. Skyrim was a good step up, but that's largely because it's a simpler RPG even in comparison to its predecessors.

Anyway, yeah, I'm excited for Fallout 4. I finished 3's main quest but never really got all that far into it otherwise so maybe I'll pick it back up again one of these days?

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Game audio is perfect for me. Maybe it's just me, but I really dislike it when game audio is very loud and I have to concentrate pretty hard on the conversation to hear the Giantbomb guys over whatever game they're playing.

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I bought the Android version and downloaded it. Seemed fine, but a little sluggish (on a Note 4 - not a sluggish phone). So I got a refund and bought the PSP version on a Vita. Seems better, but that version has a lot of slowdown during special move animations. Meh, doesn't bother me. The PS1 version has a bad translation and less content from what I understand, so I'll stick with the Vita. Also, those touch screen menus were a little tiny, I couldn't see myself playing this game without that stylus my phone has.

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I don't remenber. God, I'd love to play that game again. So much dumb shit my friends and I did in Forge. I could play the MCC, but it wouldn't really be the same.

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I think the major sticking point with this "debate" is that some of us understand this is a video game fantasy world written in about a society from 800 years ago. A society where people took the church's word as infallible law, burned people at the stakes, and never heard of democracy, think disease is cause by evil spirits, etc. The people complaining seem to think that people though and acted the same in Geralts era and just don't have cars and iPads to make them more like "us". Hey guess what? Women didn't have it that easy back then. They could get married off as property for the god/husband in a peasant family for a couple goats or married off at birth in a noble family and pump out a male heir.

Just play the game and don't read into it too much. Just count yourself lucky you only found two brothels(optional) in the Witcher 3's 52 square miles.

I'm not making this post as an agreement or disagreement to what you've said, I just want to point out something that stood out to me...

think disease is cause by evil spirits

Evil spirits do exist in the world of The Witcher and do cause problems, but oddly enough people know that natural diseases aren't caused by evil spirits, or at least the educated know. There's discussion of mutations in The Witcher - Geralt himself is a mutant - and Triss quite clearly talks about cancer and cells in The Witcher 2. A society that knows enough about biology to discuss cancer probably has a pretty solid idea of what causes diseases and stuff.

I know it was an offhanded comment and this post is kind of off-topic, but I thought it was worth bringing up. The world that The Witcher takes place in looks and feels like medieval Europe, but there are major and notable differences.

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Well, that last paragraph certainly wasn't loaded.

Can Commander Shepherd and other create-your-character games count? I mean, sure, you can have a black lesbian lady in ME3, but it doesn't really say anything about any issue pertaining to racism, feminism, or sexuality. That Shepherd really isn't all that different from a white male one.