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I hope the one on the Wii U is much better, although I wouldn't bet on it. I'd still like to play this game, even if it is just to fire it up and run through pretty environments to do cheesy MMO quests. I've done a bit of that in Dragon Age Inquisition recently and, I dunno, I just find an RPG that's easy to slip into like that pretty relaxing.

Atlus seems to be the one to look to these days for great JRPG's. SMT IV and Persona both have some pretty great mechanics and Etrian Odyssey does a pretty great job of reviving Wizardry-esque dungeon crawlers.

I feel like what the genre needs, more than anything, is just a really big, popular, extremely well-made game on consoles and maybe PC. Persona 5 might be that game. I don't think FFXV will be, that series just needs a complete refresh - drop everything from the older games and make something from scratch that looks new and different. I think an SMT game - that is, a game like Nocturne or SMT IV - could be pretty successful, given the popularity of the grim aesthetics, difficulty, and mechanical focus of the Souls games.

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I played a bit of Dark Souls and was terrible at it, then I watched Vinny play Load Our Last Souls, then tried Dark Souls again and wasn't quite so terrible at it, then got distracted because of college work or something, then I bought Dark Souls II toward the end of last year and actually played it fairly consistently until I finished it.

I've been chipping away at DS1 but that game has never captured me for some reason. DS2 just feels better to play and I've felt like its mechanics are better explained and feel more impactful than they do in DS1.

If you don't mind spoilers, then I would strongly suggest watching an episode or two of Load Our Last Souls. Not only is it thoroughly entertaining, Vinny asks Ian and Rorie quite a few questions and both, especially Ian, are pretty good at answering them, plus you'll get a pretty good idea of how you need to play these games. And, to be honest, those first few episodes don't really spoil anything story wise, you just wind up seeing a few of the environments and later weapons. For some, that's way too much. For me, whatever. Lo

Once you've watched a few episodes of that, I think you could go into either. If you don't want to watch that, I don't know. They're largely the same. Some people say that Dark Souls 2 is more difficult, but I'm finding the stuff in 1 way more difficult than anything in 2.

EDIT: Keep in mind that in DS2, you can be invaded when you're either hollow or human. You also lose a chunk of your health every time you die until half unless you equip a ring that limits it to 3/4 (to gain it back, you only need to become human again, and the items that do so are far more common in DS2, though I still wouldn't say that you can just pop one every time you die and be OK). Also, enemies stay gone after killing them 15 or so times, which sounds great in theory but it means that grinding for souls is limited unless you participate in the online functions.

I might have found DS2 easier because of these changes. I didn't want to lose souls so I was way more cautious in DS2 than I am in DS1, where I can just grind some if I lose souls. I also didn't want to use up too many of the items that reverse hollowing, so I spent most of the game with half health (note that I was more concerned with dodging than I was with parrying or just tanking damage Vinny-style). And I knew that eventually everyone would stay dead, so killing an enemy was more rewarding than just getting a few souls.

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I played the PS3 version first, I'll definitely pick up this one because I want to see this game in all its 60FPS glory. Also I want better aiming.

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Ansolutely. I love going back to see which classics still hold up and play well today. Some - actually, almost all - of my favorite games are old. Doom, Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, FFVI, Half-Life, etc., and I only played one of those when I was a child.

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I have only finished Dark Souls 2 but I liked that game a hell of a lot.

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@joshwent: That is... not appropriate.

Get well soon, Dan.

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@hylian said:

Hasn't it been confirmed that it is him?

If you'd looked at the last few posts of the thread, you'd see that this was concluded nine months ago.

That said, I kinda wish they would have brought in a character that is female and isn't Link. Not that it would have necessarily changed the game all that much, but I think it would have been pretty cool. Maybe the game could have been about Zelda being a runaway, rebellious princess? Or about Zelda losing her kingdom and Link failing to rescue her, so she's got to get it back herself this time around?

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@hunter5024: SMT isn't on the Persona boxes in Japan, nor the Devil Survivor and Devil Summoner boxes if I'm not mistaken. It also isn't on P4 Golden's box. They aren't totally separate franchises but the links between them are super loose.

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If you want something like a video game, why would you try to convince yourself that you don't want it?

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So I'm not the show's biggest fan, but there are a lot of people who think Madoka Magica is pretty great. If you've ever been interested in it, I just saw that it's on Netflix and I don't think it was on there before.

I also don't know if this has been mentioned before. If it has, then carry on.