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I can't seem to add Xenonauts...

Not that I particularly liked Xenonauts. I actually didn't play it. But I'm trying to think of games that didn't get much attention from the crew. I've already tossed my Persona Q vote in there. Might and Magic X and DKC Tropical Freeze are in there (that latter one might get more attention than I felt like it would but fuggit I really just want to vote for PQ).

Anyway, I'm mostly making this post because I'm wondering if there are other games that aren't showing up that should be. I looked on the last page and it seems like The Banner Saga isn't showing up either.

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I was just fucking watching Young Frankenstein and I thought of this game during that scene...

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I have tried to play Arkham City several times and just couldn't get into it. I beat Arkham Asylum in a weekend. I probably won't buy Knight at release.

For the record, I finally did beat Arkham City about a month ago. It's pretty good but I think the open world causes that game a lot of pacing issues. Arkham City is a fine game but I don't want to play another game like it. Let's hope that Knight is more like Asylum.

Never played Origins. It seems like one of those games that's good, just not as good as its predecessors so it gets shat on a lot. I remember a lot of people saying it had better writing than Asylum and City.

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@ssully: You could've at least provided us with an address to a website that sells those shields, just like the totally legit poster above us was probably supposed to do with that sick jacket, but forgot/missed the command line for link.

If he was joking then he totally fooled me. I had a friend in college who unironically bought and wore the jacket from Drive for a short period of time.

I'm pretty sure there was a guy on this very website who posted about buying the jacket from Drive and a lot of people called him a tool.

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I couldn't really get into Bravely Default, either. It takes too long to grind up different jobs, there's too much uninteresting dialog and it takes itself too seriously, and I don't even think the gameplay is all that good. It takes far too long to finish a turn and more often than not, I find myself braving four times to cause 250 damage per hit instead of just selecting a single attack for 1000 damage, so the gameplay isn't terribly engaging either.

I keep forgetting that this game has voice acting. I turned the voices completely off and just read text, like an old school FF game.

I will, however, praise this game's art. When I was playing the game, I found myself pushing through it to see what the next town looked like.

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I don't give a shit about any of the hate. I will see this movie as many times on opening day as I can! The first Jurassic Park was my life when it came out. I saw it in theaters every single day the summer it was out when I was a kid. If it has even 1/10 the wonder of the first one, I'll love it.

How many times did you watch the 3rd film?

I thought it was way better than the second one.

Yeah, I'm not sure where all the hate for the third film comes from. Parts of the second one are just really, really dumb. I mean, the third one's not great, but it's certainly better than "let's take this baby t-rex into our camper that's sitting next to a cliff". I guess putting a t-rex in San Diego saved that film pretty well.

Also, like others have said, the CGI doesn't look that great, but I've long since given up hope of practical effects really making a comeback. Anyone seen Alien recently? Or Aliens? Both look perfect. That first movie holds up especially well.

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It's not particularly difficult to learn how to play this game. While not really complex, it's certainly more intensive than Skyrim's mash r and win gameplay.

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I should add, I never played it myself but I do remember hearing overwhelmingly positive things about SMT3: Nocturne. I believe the series' last claim to fame prior to Persona 3.

That said I believe I remember also hearing it was hard as balls.

SMT Nocturne isn't ridiculously impossible but it is pretty damn hard.

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I have found Tactical View useful at times, though frankly it's a little bit cumbersome in small spaces. I'm not going to say that you'll need it to finish the game, but I will say that on Normal difficulty you will probably have to, at times, pause the action and tell some characters what to do. Not that often, though, and definitely not every battle.

You can automatically distribute skill points if you want to, though I don't think you can for the main character.

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I second Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. I really loved that game and there probably isn't much better JRPG combat to be found. The DDS games are mechanically pretty good but I just thought those stories were really poorly written.

Edit: SMT Nocturne's stat distribution is simple and not too far off from Dark Souls - you get enough experience to gain a level and put a point into whatever you want.