The Most Remarkable Games I've Played

These aren't necessarily the games that I have the most nostalgia for or the ones that affected me the most in some way. Rather, they're the ones that I admire the most from a more objective perspective, or for just plain doing something remarkable and interesting that, in my opinion, has crystallized them in history. If you're reading this, please, play through one of them. I've also included a few different ways to play these games. Keep in mind that many of them can be emulated, but I won't mention that any more and I won't tell you how to get a hold of emulators.

You may ask, "why aren't there any new games on here"? Well, part of my criteria for this is seeing how much staying power a game has. Just because it was really fun last year doesn't mean that it will be remembered five or ten years from now - these games have stayed in my memory or in the public's memory because they are just that good.

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