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your last word really summed it up


man its was shit. like really bad shit.

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@sooty said:

The dumbest thing so far is excusing BioShock Infinite's mundane combat (90% of the game) just because the first hour and a half looks cool before descending into gloomy corridor shooting.

and saying they saved or reinvigorated Assassin's Creed is insane to me, Black Flag is more of the same but slightly better.

and ni nu kuni. first 2 hours great story then its 90% below average JRPG guff.

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isn't the word islamaphobic nonsense.

a phobia is an irrational fear of something. and it is not irrational to fear Islam especially if you're a woman or gay or both or lee rigby.

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jesus takes them for sunbeams

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the PS4 and xbox one.

big expectations and they did not deliver...YET!

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i wish i had the time to get bored of games.

i look forward to the precious few hours a week i do get to play games i fucking love them.

as others have said, go do something else for a while

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@video_game_king: people smoke because the are addicted to nicotine. the fastest most addictive drug on the planet. each cigarette they smoke creates the need for the next cigarette and the next and the next and so on and so on.

they might try and kid themselves that it relaxes them. or relieves boredom, or that they like the taste or the ritual. truth is none of these are true and they are just drug addicts.

i was a smoker for 20 year. and after i had this explained to me in the amazing book i stopped in a day. and 2 years on i would never want to be a smoker again!

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this whole pay-2-win shit is a myth.

my 80 year old grandma bought all the best weapon and stuff in battlefield and the best cars in forza yet i can still smoke that bitches ass with just the normal weapons and cars.

see what the old cow can't buy is the talent or experience to actually play the game. to learn that she has to spend dozens and dozens of hours practicing and getting good at the game

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bored with game????

go do something else for a while!!!

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i wonder how bad the aggressive nerd rage will be when the servers break and nobody can log in.

what strength are we expecting on the prickter scale?