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its not going to be perfect from day one. anyone expecting it to be needs a reality check

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it used to be a lovely mug of coffee accompanied with a cigarette or 2.

but then after 15 years i realized smoking is a total and utter complete waste of time money and health and has nothing redeeming about it what so ever and i stopped!

so now its just a lovely cup of coffee.

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of course we don't know. but we can guess.


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i shared a house with 3 other friends and we played WoW to level 80 together. it was fantastic.

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My gf has ZERO interest in games.

which i quite like really because i don't like the shit soap opera's she likes (emmadale, coronation street, eastender those in the UK will know what i mean) so while she watches those on the ipad i can play my games.

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i have my gaming PC attached to my TV in my living room along with a PS3 and soon to add a PS4.

i don't really see what benefit a steam machine would be to me.

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i game out and about on my iphone as it is always in my pocket and i have a decent selection of games on it.

i would never carry a vita around with me as it is just to big and would never play a handheld gaming device at home when i have a gaming PC and a PS3.

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i was ready to HATE this.

but the trailer looks pretty cool.

people should judge things on what they and not what they are not!

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@sooty said:

FIFA and Madden should both be DLC upgrades for $30 maximum. They should get the same treatment as fighting game updates/expansions. (cheap or free)

FIFA and the NFL would never allow that

also you have to think of retail. they need a new box to put on the shelve each year.

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i think sony planned to include a PS eye with every PS4.

but to under cut MS's price they took it out the box.

fair play. it was a good idea.

but it does mean the PS eye will never gain traction and will be destined to obscurity along with Move.