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i just used to steal the free demo disks off the front of magazines anyhow. that all i was bothered about.

the disks were free anyway...

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obesity is a disease cause by eating to much. the fatties love that cake.

in the same way smoking is a disease. them poor smokers smoking them dam cancer sticks they just can't help themselves and they need our sympathy.

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even though it's clear the PSV has enough great game and is the right price now. if i bought one i know it would just end up in a draw gathering dust.

i just never have a time when i would play it.

its too big to pop in your pocket and have with you at all times. and to be fair my iphone gives me enough game when im out and about.

And i could never see me choosing to game on the tiny PSV screen at home when i have a Gaming PC and PS3 both connected to my 46" screen with a stack of games to play.

the only time really would be my lunch hour at work. and it's just not worth it for that.


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you spend ages writing reviews on games safe in the knowledge nobody will ever read them.

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i wouldn't buy either.

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@sooty said:

I had a 3GS and switched to Android once it became better than iOS. (Gingerbread onwards)

and I just sold my iPad to switch to a new Nexus 7. I can't take using iOS anymore, 7 doesn't improve enough as I was running the beta of that; notifications still suck, and so does having no widgets.

some of you have very strong opinions on this type of thing.

i have iOS on my iphone 4 and i have a lenova android tablet and find both are really pretty great. both have pro's and con's. but i do enjoy using both.

i've never been a binary kind of its either amazing!! or shit! kind of guy. i don't really get it.

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i've been thinking of starting running for quite a while and i saw this Couch 2 5K and wondered if anyone had tried it and did it work for you.

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because its not music.

my cat sometime at night makes this screeching noise. its really fucking annoying and sounds like someone is trying to remove his teeth with a pair of cheap pliers.

but i would still rather listen to that than your din!

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i'l second the Ricky Gervais Show.

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brilliant stuff.

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i always say Bitcheeeeees!

its always REALLY funny