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all the clothes fall off all the sexy women in our office.

they could all put them back on again but it would be to late. i would of seen them all naked.

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Bioshock Infinite is the most recent game I can think of. I love the story and almost everything about the game (including the music which is awesome), but JESUS CHRIST do I hate the gameplay. It is infuriating, it is the first game in years that I ended up lowering the difficulty from medium to easy, and I tend to be pretty decent at FPS games. Although I haven't played one properly in a while as I only really play RPGs at the moment.

Did anyone else think the gameplay was subpar? I mean the shooting doesn't feel very satisfying and the powers don't feel that useful, or when they are they run out incredibly quickly. The most annoying thing though is how easily and quickly you become surrounded by enemies that are shooting at you from places that you cannot get them. I had the same problem with Infamous; I hated that game for the same reason listed prior to this sentence. Both great games but fucking infuriating due to some flaws that might seem minor but do really effect the experience.

Rant over. Also feel free to disagree with me, I know a lot of people loved those games.

yeah i have to disagree. i thought the gameplay was fantastic. i found the weapons and powers as fun and as satisfying as any shooter i've played in my 20 years of playing shooters.

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its like someone took a running shit and squeezed it onto a bluray disk.

who plays this tripe!

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we never had GI Joe in the UK. we had Action Men!

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no only joking it was shite

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i barely have the time to play all the 'great' games.

must be amazing to have so much free time you have played and finished all the 'great' games out there and you've now moved on to the guff.

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i remember when watches went digital and people complained then that they would no long have ownership over time and how they would miss those moments in between the tick and the tock of a traditional analogue watch.

but look at us now with our digit watches all over.

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vodka and red bull. drink about 5 pints of the two mixed together and brace yourself for a fucking great evening.

just make sure you don't have work the next day as sleep might be a problem.

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i've heard it's between 9 and 14 foot.