Alyn Shir's Outfit

Sorry for the very short rant, but god every time this character comes on screen I can help but face palm. She's basically wearing a leather pair of panties and bra with a bunch of belts strapped on it's utterly ridiculous. I'm a pretty big proponent of sensible armor on female characters in rpgs, but I understand marketing and that other people have differing opinions on what they like, so normally I can handle a little cleavage or say a armored breastplate with an exposed mid-drift. It bugs me, but it's really not too troubling. This on the other hand is nearly unbearable... every time I see this character it is completely destroys any sort of immersion I felt.

God it feels good to get that off my chest, apologies to anyone who read this but arrghh... so annoying.

Edit: Damn is there anyway to write a blog post without associating it with a forum? I didn't really want to spam this out anywhere since it's purely for personal cathartic reasons. Oh well...