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Perfect casting, but odds are that's about all this movie will get right. Oh well good for Riggle getting a paycheck seems like a nice enough guy.

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This article reminded me that, "that" comic still exists!

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No, because A I don't live in West Africa and B I'm not a stupid idiot who freaks out at every pandemic. A vaccine that will likely see a very high success rate amongst human patients has already been synthesized. The FLU still does and will continue to kill a fuck ton more people every year than Ebola sorry bros.

Edit: As a correction I should say I'm not worried about myself or people in countries that are outside of the danger zone. I am concerned for those people who have already been effected, but because I have no real medical skills there is little I can do other than donate to MSF.

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Sorry for your loss Jeff.

Whenever you spoke about your dad(on Jar Time or elsewhere in passing) it was a rare treat, he sounded like a really special guy.

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Uploaded a version to my images. Giantbomb image preview doesn't seem to support transparency so don't worry about the black box around it that doesn't actually exist(If you click on the image it'll work correctly).

Once you've clicked on it, you should be able to download it from there. File size might be too large(I rasterized my vector mask which was a mistake) if so let me know and I'll give it another crack.

Hope that helps.

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Hey hi I'd be willing to do this later tonight/tomorrow, gotta go pick up a car/do some shit right now.

I assume you just want a png with a transparency around the the edge of the patch(this will take a couple minutes). I'll can also make a vector version of the logo (for t-shirts and whatnot), I'm kinda shit at illustrator though so I won't be able to repeat all the detail on the truck(This will take me longer cause I suck :P). Anyways if there's more information I need let me know, just post it here or pm me/whatever.

P.S. If someone with actual Graphic Design chops rather than just an AD sees this in the interim feel free to volunteer lol.

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I don't particularly like Patrick's content either, I was one of the orginal haters back before the, "hate" started becoming something other than just snidely being a dick, and shitting on the dude's lack of comic timing.

That said I think Patrick is a hardworking self starter and his contributions to the site have merit. He produces a lot of videos, articles, and interviews. A lot of his content is self produced which I think is admirable and he certainly has a dedicated audience within the existing Giantbomb community. I do enjoy a lot of his more middle of the road writing pieces. I can also acknowledge that while I find some of his articles biased too far in a particular direction they spark conversations that in many ways are important to the community. Ultimately I hope his inclusion as a personality on the site helps to draw more non traditional audience membership to Giantbomb as I think that is something that is necessary to the growth of the site and the industry as a whole.

I am incapable of interpreting Alexa rankings well enough to tell if Patrick's inclusion has been a positive influence on site traffic, but even if it hasn't there is an up-sell in the investment in future growth from the different audience that he brings in.

I agree that games media in general seems to give Indies' the benefit of the doubt. More development, with more concepts being brought to fruition, and alternative voices speaking up is obviously the right direction for the industry. It's unfortunate that my general impression of many of the louder voices in Indy development is that of puffed up egotists with average coding skills and poor art assets. However I am a cynic at heart, and the inside look at games development that is the trade off for the possible loss of editorial accountability could conceivably be a worth while exchange.

Patrick obviously has the support of his colleagues and their editorial approval. I think that if you respect them, then you should respect that decision. If that ultimately drives you to seek an alternative source of games media that's unfortunate, but quality alternatives do exist so there's no real reason to despair.

P.S. Patrick, ain't hatin' too hard anymore bro, but the facial hair is not good... Though to be fair Jeff's isn't either lol.

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The whole thing is a bit sensationalist and the title obviously exists to manufacture outrage. However I actually really enjoyed the article as a piece of reading. Nothing to lose your shit over imo.

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@minivan said:

I tried to make it a controlled experiment. Drank one beer at a time, taking breaks in between to analyze my speech and motor skills. Once I passed what I've now decided is my "social drinking limit" unprofessional fridays was on and I laughed my ass off at goat simulator.

You sound like the kind of person I'd hire for a mid level admin or finance position and then try to avoid talking with ever again.