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An adventure of the mind 0

I'm not fond of point&click adventure games. Well, let me rephrase that; I'm not fond of playing point&click adventure games. The adventure genre boasts some of the best writing in the industry, yet the mechanics of the genre are generally so poor that it's impossible to overlook them. Question my analytical ability if you wish, but my response to these types of games are to have GameFaqs running in the background, just waiting for me to tab out of the game, something that is an absolute...

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Fire! Pretty! 0

Far Cy 2 is a beautiful game. It captures the image of the savanna perfectly. It creates a world that should be worth exploring. Unfortunately, exploring it just isn't any fun. For an open world game, Far Cry 2 just doesn't seem to have that much to offer.For the first few hours, you may be tricked into having fun. The map is so well built, the gameplay mechanics seem to be solid. You get into your first few gunfights, maybe you get the satisfaction of shooting open a few heads. Then the tutoria...

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Short but powerful, a great adventure game... 0

As you start to play Beyond Good & Evil, you will instantly be reminded of The Legend of Zelda. Indeed, the gameplay is very similar to Ocarina of Time or any of the other main titles that came after, but as you play you will find that BG&E offers a little more than your typical Zelda game.You, Jade, are a reporter on the planet Hillys during a war with the alien DomZ. I wont sit here and ruin the whole story for you, but the game world, while small, is very vibrant and colorful. You'll ...

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Burn, village, burn! 0

Mount&Blade is an action RPG developed by newcomer TaleWorlds and published by Paradox Interactive. The game takes inspiration from Sid Meier's Pirates!, putting you in a world and letting you go. To some, this is the ideal. To others, it's an overwhelming experience that could be tempered with structure that doesn't exist.In Mount&Blade you're plopped on a world map with nothing but a horse and some mediocre equipment. From there, you can go anywhere and do anything within the limits of...

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Great game that has its flaws and may not appeal to you 0

Spore is probably one of the most ambitious games in our short history. More ambitious that Elite or Daggerfall or Pirates, Spore attempts to model the universe, and give the player the power over every aspect of that model. In practice, some areas of the model are stronger than others, and the flaws may be game breaking to some.Spore starts off with you selecting a single planets. Planets act like houses in The Sims in that they are saves and there is only one save per planet. This is actually ...

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