Been here since 08

and this is my 1k . It's been interesting to read different perspectives of different users from different cultures . I just go to OT board most of the times to see an Einstein sharing some thoughts or some bored guy posting silly stuff. There are plenty of interesting users here who share the same thoughts about the world . I've been a reader and comment when I feel obliged . So that's about it ... *awkward silence*


I just realized I don't like SP games anymore

I've been into video games since the hay days of SNES . As I try another single player game these days I find them tedious chores where you have to go from point A to point B and finish the mission . Maybe this is getting old for me . If I needed a story I'll find it in another medium where it's delivered in a fast , interesting fashion . 

Part of the reason why I don't play SP games (it's been over a year now ) is the multiplayer appeal  in gaming . I bought a gaming console after I stopped video games solely for the multiplayer . I find the adrenaline rush in the MP challenges  quite interesting and enjoyable as apposed to fetching a lost item for an AI or  looking at the back of a character or a car for a while before I reach a destination in an SP game . 
I find the younger gamers loving those SP games more . An example is my little brother who recommended RDR strongly only to find it quite boring . I gave it another shot with Batman AA and still hated it . On the other hand, I play Cod BO for hours without even noticing .  
that's just my preference in gaming and to each their own . 

Might as well buy a fourth ps3


Damn it . I just can't move on and leave video games behind to focus on my job and other duties .I know if I stopped playing I will be more functional , will have a regular sleeping pattern...etc  
About the ps3 , I gave them all away to a brother , a nephew and the first one was stolen . The 4th one might be yours just like this post , favorite it ...JK.
It's all about FPS , the nostalgia I have of these games is obsessive . The leveling up music and points , weapons , maps .I just watched a video of tejb talking about a new game he bought and that triggered the urge to buy another console and get back to the old habit .



A change over night

She is 25 and I'm 24 . Got married 3 months ago and she asked for a divorce 5 days ago  saying "I didn't pay much attention to her and I didn't love her ENOUGH " . I tried talking to her and she wouldn't answer the phone .Then she texted "We'll never get back together , get over it " . Simply like that . Like marriage was a child play for her .  
I lead a pretty good , productive life but this incident made my world tremble . I've never been hit emotionally like this in my whole life .i know self pity but THAT'S the problem I want to get over the bitterness, anger  and all of this heavy emotional garbage . P.S her mum played a big role in our separation after she told her mum every detail of our life .  


got drunk for the first time

last night I went to a bar in a hotel after I drove for like two hours . All I order is beer but I had double shots of vodca and one beer and the world started spinning . Good thing I didn't do something stupid . I got more talkative though and eventually threw up in the room.  
alchohol is bad