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I missed this website and stumbled back on it looking for Watch dogs news. It's been years and I was amazed I could log back in. I will never leave again. I hope some of the users in OT are still alive and not broken a neck or something.

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getting involved in a war.

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psychology! ever heard of it motherfucker?

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my god he's annoying. Fighting games bring the worst out of you.

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I dip/chew smokeless tobacco. Right now it's Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen.

I dip Grizzley's rival

Red Seal straight long cut....


I do occasionally treat myself to Skoal or Cope though.

I should switch to Red Steal. It's cheaper. Old habits are hard to break. I was a Timber Wolf man for a long while. Skoal before that.

I've been using skoal cherry for a while now and I disliked other flavors/brands. I guess it depends on what you get used to. Other brands or flavors don't give that buzz plus it tastes sweet.

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Good thing it's over for now. Piracy isn't cool but the effect it will have on the web if this bill passes would be disastrous as it could change the facet of the whole thing we call internet.

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First world problems

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Don't know. Haven't bought it yet. Looking forward to get it sometime. Do I have to know the original story of MGS1 to get a comprehensive idea of what the fuck is going on? Also, I wish they could have included Portable Ops as it was a great game with intense boss fights. They definitely should have bundled that with the game.

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That blows. Why would they start the news in the first place? They better do something about as it could a potential financial success for the publisher. I'm still wondering about the VATs system and how could that possibly implemented online as it could be a hiccup to an otherwise great game.

Shame it had to end. I didn't want to see that coming.