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Oblivion. I want to go back to it and start fresh. Back in the day I put in something like 400 hours across 2 saves. I liked Fallout 3 but it wasn't even close. Skyrim was fun and I still play it, but I still prefer Oblivion. I think it had some better quest lines.

I have to play more Fallout: New Vegas before I can judge it. I played a few hours of it but got busy with school and never got too far in it.

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Dragon Age: Origins. I played I think 8-10 hours (in short increments before I would lose focus and switch to something else) before I finally gave up. It just seemed so bland and boring.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star. I do need to give it another go, but the first attempt I made at playing it didn't go well. I lasted an hour before I switched to something else and haven't felt any desire to go back to it yet.

Weirdly, I don't really consider Duke Nukem Forever boring. I somehow managed to play 10 hours of it without getting bored, but I didn't ever finish it.

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Doh-tah toooo

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I very seldom pay full price, or even half price anymore. I usually wait until a Steam sale unless it is something I really, really want (like Dirt Rally. I've wanted a new actual rally game from Codemasters since I played Colin McRae Rally 2005 many years ago so it was a no brainer, and I've played a ton of it), but even then I usually wait (When I bought a Logitech G27 I was going to go on a racing game buying binge but decided to get them one at a time and I've saved a ton. I got Assetto Corsa for half price and Project CARS for $25 off). Given that the only non-PC games I play are 3DS games, it's a bit easier to stomach full price. $40 is a lot easier to justify than $80. I also find the stuff on Nintendo platforms to be a lot more solid so I don't usually worry about there being issues. I never see the issues we have with some of the games on other consoles on Nintendo platforms.

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I think I might be cheering for Rosberg now? He at least seems to appreciate his wins. Hamilton seems pissed off if he doesn't win and his enthusiasm after the race when he loses just feels completely fake. With Rosberg within 10 points, I'd love to see him challenge Hamilton and beat him.

Also, nearly had a heart attack when I saw Alonso's car on top of Kimi's.

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It's almost scary how perfectly he fits in with everyone else. It's like they went all Dr. Frankenstein and built the perfect new staff member for the site. He's only been here a few weeks and he not only fits in with the East guys perfectly, but EVERYONE perfectly. If a person didn't know he was new I would bet they would think he'd been a longtime staff member who'd been here for years.

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I need to watch WEC more. Watching Le Mans was a lot of fun. Man those LMP1 cars are fast.

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Somehow Fox Sports is working for me. The Fox Sports Go stream of Le Mans with commentary and everything. For commercial breaks it just cuts to in-car footage.

Also, now I'm getting addicted to WRC again. I was way into it like 8 years ago and now I'm working through all the stuff on WRC+. Really neat. There's a good hour long video on Colin McRae.

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Oh wow I checked out WRC+. That is exactly what they need to do for F1. They have hour highlights for each race last season and a couple hours of highlights for each race in the current season. Six bucks a month for a few hours of content per event is pretty good value. The app seems more stable than the F1 app too. Pretty cool. Thanks for pointing it out!

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@edgecrusher:I'll look into that. Thank you. I didn't know it existed.

@stillrorshak: Likewise for that. Thanks for making me aware.