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God, I hate all this "prepare for an interview" thing. I know, it's nice to know more or less what to expect from it, but the whole "do this, don't do that" makes me sick. Just try not to be too nervous and be honest.

Some Google recruiters go as far as giving you a study guide for the interview, since a good chunk of the interview is essentially a math test, where the math is high level computer science concepts.

Good luck OP! I'm in the same boat, though not with Facebook (The only big company I've talked to is Google). Interviews are starting soon and I've never done any of this type before. Kinda terrified to be honest. My theory is fairly good but I have a tendency to blank out badly under pressure.

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Yes, but limit the number of turns. Past the original Mario Party, 50 turns is too much as they add more and more stuff to slow the game down. I have Mario Party 5 and a 50 turn game of that would take probably 4-5 hours. 20-30 turns would be fine from here on out.

Edit: and for people who've never played the Gamecube ones and claim they're worse, they aren't actually that bad. They're less frustrating because they control better. Yeah, most of the minigames still suck, but at least you don't end up fighting the controls the entire time like you do on the N64 ones. There is a basketball minigame in Mario Party 5 that is not only not terrible, but is actually kinda good.

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This stream was great. That said, they should probably do 20 turns max from now on. I seem to remember the gamecube ones being even slower so a 20 turn game would still be like 2 hours. They're always funnier before they run out of energy and it was clear that after the 2.5 hour mark or so, they were toast.

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Galactic Battlegrounds is a surprisingly solid RTS. Though that could be because it was basically reskinned Age of Empires 2. I had a lot of fun with it back in the day. I still have a disk set for it somewhere.

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@ben_h said:

How dare you all doubt

Tuesday is always the day

The Bombcast is out

As I said before

Tuesday is always the day

Never not Tuesday

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How dare you all doubt

Tuesday is always the day

The Bombcast is out

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I got a t-shirt (that I actually wear quite a bit. It's got a bunch of 8bit Mario sprites on it), a couple games, and a calendar out of Club Nintendo, so I can't complain. All for just buying stuff I would have bought anyway.

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UPDATE: Finished my assignment. It was way easier than I thought. I did it in under 2 hours.

Weekend of slacking off it is YAAAAAY!!! Time to remove orc heads.

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Work and then do homework. I'll probably take part of Saturday to do nothing, pending on how far I get in my assignment today. My goal is to finish it today and then do nothing for the whole weekend but chances are I'll procrastinate and have to work on it all weekend.

If I get that assignment done, I kinda want to 100% Shadow of Mordor, so I may chip away at that. Otherwise, just relax, read a bit. Maybe catch up on school readings (for one class we were told "oh just read chapter 3 for next class". It turns out chapter 3 is over 100 pages of rather dense mathematical discussion. yay).

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I might. I just want to see how transferring games will work with it since I have a fair number of digitally-bought games on my 3DS.

I may not though. My 3DS still works fine and I have a backlog of around 6 games for it.