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Oh snap safety car.

So many blowouts today.

edit: I love that they just push-started a Lambo.

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This race is about to get interesting.

edit: Pit mistakes!

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This race continues to be awesome to watch. Glad I remembered to watch it.

Also, one of the Erebus Mercs triple stinted soft tires and the driver said they were fine after three stints.

Tekno is saving that crazy fast guy for the last stint. The last hour of this will be interesting.

I think I'm onboard with endurance racing. Definitely tuning into WEC this year.

edit: I think the most mindblowing thing is that it's been closer than any F1 race in the last two years for more than 8 hours now. This is like early 2000s F1 levels of close where the top 5 are all within a few seconds and actual battles happen.

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@captainnovolin said:

Speaking of Bentleys with messed up tires, I'm genuinely surprised they didn't do anything with the bodywork on the 31, that's probably going to hurt that front right tire, and they might get a warning from race control over it. I'm genuinely surprised there isn't a safety car or even a full course yellow right now.

Well, it just went. Not sure what they were doing either. They just wasted a tire.

Also, that orange McLaren is putting in work. It's in second after having to do a complete restart and plummeting down the pack.

Edit: They've brought out the hammers on that Bentley. It'll be interesting how much they can do to patch it up.

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Oh snap orange McLaren is out for the count.

edit: and it's back. Phew.

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Tons of fluid coming out of that Porsche. I thought it was out of the donut Ford at first but it was from the Porsche.

Edit: And it's carrying a loose wheel on the left side.

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That night start looked terrifying to drive in.

These cars always look so fast, even though they're way slower than F1. It could be because they are actually pushing and going 100% so much.

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I don't but I don't care if people do.

Though, people who take and post them non-stop on Facebook do get annoying.

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Hopefully their proper livery is that amazing bright blue/bright yellow color again that they had from 2002-2005. We need more color in F1. There's already a mostly black car.

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Yes for some games, no for others. I had something like 40GB of mods for Skyrim, most of them visual. For Oblivion I did a similar thing. For Fallout 4, I am going to get the full dialog mod but that's about it for now. I get why that dialog mod exists now since I've been playing it more. A lot of the shortened options badly misconstrue what they are actually saying. I'm not really into the settlement building stuff.

I do also use console commands in Bethesda games a lot, mostly disabling and enabling collision and unlocking terminals since that terminal mini game is garbage and super frustrating. I don't unlock doors though because that minigame is easy. In Fallout 3, I didn't really care for the combat, so I ended up playing most of it in god mode because I just liked exploring and seeing the quests more. The combat felt entirely dull to me so I just basically removed it.

I used to really like mods for Battlefield games as well.