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Phew, I'll get my hit of this soon. I was starting to go into withdrawals. I was hallucinating bugs crawling on my arms. Picking at them was very tempting.

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Sitting drinking coffee in the living room watching Scooby Doo waiting for my breakfast (I was in grade 3. It was around 7:30 our time). My brother came up stairs and said some crazy stuff was going on and to go to a news channel. We had school that day but lots of kids were really scared. I remember being terrified of planes for a few days afterwards. I didn't want to go outside because they would be there.

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I use a PS3 controller when I can. I have a corded old-style 360 controller but that d-pad is just the worst for emulated games.

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The extra podcasts, though I imagine that will change now that I will be walking to and from school again.

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Just to note, the Upcoming box still exists, it just hides now when there is nothing scheduled in the near future. It shows up above the new premium content thingy when there is stuff scheduled.

But yeah, I get confused by it too because I'm so used to the old way the page was set up.

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Like... a Tommy Shaw song?

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I would just recommend a sleeve to put it in for protection in your bag. That's all I use. I once had a Speck case but I found it added too much bulk. Keyboard covers and the like are overkill unless you want to keep the machine pristine. I buy my stuff to use it and not worry about resale so I don't bother.

And yeah, a mouse of some type would be good for working at your desk.

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The 15" Pro by far. I went from a 13" Pro to a 15" Pro and it is night and day in terms of productivity. You can fit significantly more stuff on screen on the 15" (especially if you use scaling on those Retina models. You can make your screen scale to have the space of a 1920x1200 screen, but even on the default resolution setting it will help). Especially with how light the new retina models are, the difference in weight will not be a huge deal but the extra screen real estate will be hugely useful, especially for CS (which is what I do too).

The small difference in price you mention is worth it for the retina display alone, let alone the extra RAM. I would not recommend getting less than 16GB of RAM on a machine you will be using for development. On my Mac, I use around 11GB in my average workload under OS X 10.10. 10.10 is a bit of a memory eater too. It is really nice to use though and a nice step up from Mavericks (10.9). The full public release for it should be pretty soon. I am using a beta version.

Also, I just remembered that PM you sent me like two months back that I read and then forgot to respond to. You're very welcome. Just shoot me a PM if you have any questions with setting things up once you get a machine.

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No kidding. Happy retirement Anand!

His site is one of my favourite resources. I've used it as a resource on many occasions and it is in my regular rotation of sites to check daily. The hardware reviews on Anandtech are second to none.

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Does it have to be a laptop? If it doesn't have to be, don't.

Remember the old adage: Good. Gaming. Laptop. Pick 2.