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@edgecrusher: I think Maldonado happened


Also, Maldonado got a penalty for speeding in the pit during his drive through penalty. Penalties for penalties.

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Basically, we're all Button here:

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So close to a Ferrari 1-2. :(

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Also I still hope that Kimi will just stay at Ferrari, since I don't want to see him leave F1 yet.

F1 without Kimi would be pretty dull. There's so few drivers anymore that actually say anything or do anything interesting. All that would be left would be the two Mercedes guys bickering, Vettel getting angry about things, Verstappen crashing, and whatever Alonso and Button do (depending where they are. Button at least likes to joke around). Most of the newer drivers are rather dull

Kimi just needs to keep it together for a race. Ferrari have said that he's pretty much on the same level as Vettel but that he has made a few mistakes the last couple races (his spins come to mind. However contrast that with how he went from having a puncture and having to drive an entire lap on 3 wheels into getting 4th by charging up the entire pack of cars in Malaysia. Also, how he was basically one lap away from winning Bahrain after his pace let him massively catch up and get second).

But then again, I think Kimi has a point. The media in F1 sure does like to say a lot about nothing. A week or so ago, it was Nasr going to Williams, which is obviously not the case now. Then there's the alternating Bottas/Hulkenberg to Ferrari obsession they have. Then they're saying Kimi is not with Ferrari next year and that Ferrari already agreed to terms with Williams about Bottas when both Kimi and Ferrari have said that is not the case at all and that it won't be figured out until late summer.

I was watching 2003 F1 again and even in that, Brundle takes a stab at the media around F1 for being ridiculous and implies that the Italian media likes making things up (he was talking about media reports about Mark Webber going to Williams when Webber himself said he had already signed with Jaguar for the next year).

Edit: On a different note: man Sky is terrible. Because of stupid reasons, in Canada we only get P2 (well, we get the BBC broadcast), not 1 or 3, so I usually find alternate means of watching P1. These Sky people commentating are awful. BBC is way better. All these guys do is talk about rumors. They have had to have listed off at least 5 different drivers that they think are going to Ferrari. It's just dumb.

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@mb:It's actually pretty straightforward to set up and use if you don't follow that guide that was posted. You just need a copy of VLC and a terminal window. The way they show how to do it on that site is actually significantly more work and more likely to go wrong than just using the terminal and the python package manager easy_install (or you can use pip but Macs doesn't have that by default). They do around 15 minutes of unneeded work in that guide. Updating python is important for programming, but for the purposes of this, is completely unnecessary.

You should be able to install livestreamer by going into terminal and simply typing "easy_install -U livestreamer" and then to run it type "livestreamer <URL> <quality>". If it complains about permissions (which it may), you may have to add "sudo" to the start of that command (there's been issues with this and easy_install before. I just did a dry run of installing this and didn't need sudo but you never know). To find out what qualities are available for a stream, type "livestreamer <URL>" without a quality and it will list the qualities so long as the stream is available (it will say if the stream is not available). Later on if it complains about livestreamer being out of date you simply run "easy_install --upgrade livestreamer" and it will update livestreamer.

Here's the actual livestreamer webpage's info, which is much clearer than that cryptic forum post by someone who doesn't know what they're actually doing:

For the warnings about having 32 bit VLC, they seem to be for an issue that isn't around anymore so don't worry about that. I use livestreamer all the time with 64 bit VLC on my Mac.

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I took over my brother's subscription to Nintendo Power so we have around 10 years worth of those. Other than that, I was subscribed to whatever that magazine that came with the EB Edge card was (before EB fully turned into Gamestop) because it was included. That Edge card paid for itself easily so I had that magazine for a year or two.

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Ferrari will replace Kimi with Bottas next year link So the silly season has started early if it stopped at all, so who do you think Williams will hire, my money is on Nasr.

edit: fixed the hyperlink

I think the comment below from the thread for that article sums up well why I'm skeptical of that news story. Until more reliable sources come out saying as much. Kimi was very angry at the Italian media just recently because they keep writing stuff like this (the last time it was about him taking a massive pay cut to stay at Ferrari. He was fairly pissed off at that one and implied they just make up everything as they go without any factual basis):

Interesting report, but keep in mind that Raikkonen and members of the Italian media have been exchanging unfriendly remarks on an escalating basis. Kimi has rather vocally responded (for him) to some of the previous stories and it is not doubtful that some in the press would like to provoke him further if possible. Kimi rubbishes and they write more stuff. Seems likely they would like to wag the dog with Ferrari too trying to push Kimi out.

So, Kimi could be on his way out at Ferrari, if that decision has even been arrived at yet. I’m sure Ferrari are exploring all possibilities. Meanwhile the silly season is in full swing swirling around Mr. Raikkonen.

Also, just read about Bianchi. It's tragic. Reading what his family has been saying over the last year was heartbreaking. Him being in a state of not improving but still barely alive sounded like it was incredibly hard on them all.

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There was basically nothing. The Canadian sale was poor. I did buy a Wii U, but I was gonna get that anyway because I've wanted one for a long time. It wasn't on sale or anything.

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Holy crap... I remember reading about him having health issues but it sounded like it was under control. This especially sucks because he seemed like such an amazing dude and way more down to earth than most company leaders. He wasn't afraid to be goofy and get in on the fun.


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Here's a legitimately interesting interview with Kimi from a month and a half ago (It's in Finnish with English subtitles). It turns out the key to getting him to actually say stuff is to interview him in Finnish and have the interviewer be someone he is friends with (In this case a Finnish GT endurance driver). It's 10 minutes and he talks a ton in it. His attitude about his multiple near-wins of the WDC in the past is quite interesting. I would be annoyed in his position (he should have won the 2003 season. He outraced everyone in it. He lost by 3 points to Schumacher. Had his engine not blew in one race he led for the majority of the race or crashed at the start of one race when the car in front of him didn't move he would have won the championship. He was getting podiums off pitstop starts that season. Just unreal stuff) but he just accepts it for what it is. Likewise with 2005 (where McLaren had a beast of a car that just happened to be made of tin foil).

It certainly sounds like he would like to be in F1 longer than he had previously indicated. I hope he stays. He's one of the people that helps keep F1 interesting to me.

Also, he actually laughs in part of it and appears to be genuinely having a good time rather than just looking miserable like he usually does in interviews.

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