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It'll still run better than Saints Row II.

That's a pretty low bar. That game won't even run for me on a 16:10 aspect ratio monitor. It doesn't seem to support those resolutions. Just 16:9.

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Still reeling from that insane Dark Seer change.

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Largest change is definitely Dark Seer. I have a feeling that is going to have significant ramifications.

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MB's on point with his whole "it's gonna be pricey and you can't use cheap stuff from the local auto shop" thing. I have a VW with a VR6 (the VR6 was used in a few Audis. It's a more powerful engine at the cost of being quite pricey to fix) and that engine not cheap to fix. The guides on my timing chain went and replacing that whole assembly was $500 in parts alone (and that was using OEM parts from a website. Through VW it would have been a few hundred more), not counting the labour which involved taking a good part of my engine block apart (it was somewhere around $1300 overall parts and labour and that was with a discount since we are friends with the mechanic). Other things to always do: always check on forums to make sure you are getting the right fluids for your car (for example, the power steering fluid in my VW is nothing like the stuff used in most cars. If I used that stuff it would melt all of the gaskets related to the power steering system. Likewise for engine coolant and everything else). Cheaping out on that stuff has the potential to cost thousands.

Ahead of time, look up common issues so you can spot them when looking at the car or test driving it (this doubly important on German cars because of how expensive they are to fix). Had we known about the timing chain issue on my car (it was possible to hear it, but it was very quiet at that time. We just didn't know what it was. By the time I fixed it, my engine sounded like a diesel because of how much the chain was slapping) we would not have got it. Make sure you can get a maintenance history as well. Well maintained German cars are great, poorly maintained German cars are a money pit. Basically every issue with my car was a result of the previous owner not keeping up with regular maintenance. I keep up with it now, but the damage has been done. If a certain oil is recommended, use it! It's better to pay a bit more for that different oil than it is to pay way more to fix the results of cheaping out.

That said, I'm jealous. I really want a BMW. Once I get a full time job, getting either a used BMW or a new Golf GTI is at that top of my list.

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Oh man this is the worst. I'm so sad to hear this.

My condolences, Jeff.

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@djn3811 said:

@ripelivejam: What's that extra B for? It's a typo.

Booty Bass. He's bringing his old tapes of 95 South, Quad City DJs and DJ Magic Mike.

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I loved 1, but I thought 2 was plagued with some terrible design decisions like putting orange level drops only on bosses, ridiculously bullet spongey enemies that were just no fun to fight at all solo and the worst writing this side of FFXIII.

Well said. This is dead on.

I played through Borderlands 1 probably 6-7 times, once as each class and then again as some of the classes. I found it a ton of fun. I've yet to finish Borderlands 2 (which I bought day one). The change in weapons combined with a lot of other design issues has made me not want to go back to it. It's too bad because I really did enjoy the original. It's one of my favourite games from the last generation.

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Ok so you want melodic death metal. That's easy.

Kalmah all day, every day. You could also check out older Children of Bodom, Insomnium, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Mors Principium Est, Norther, Dark Tranquility, Skyfire. There's tons of them. Anything late 90s/early 2000s will be more what you are looking for if you want a less proggy, more death metally sound. This was the period before tons of bands went into full on boring showboat mode and made things complex for the sake of being complex. It's partly why I dislike a lot of modern metal and prefer that era.

This song's kinda goofy. Most of their songs are rather serious, but this one always sticks out as a favourite because of how odd it is:

Insomnium's pretty fun too.

And lastly, a classic. This song is an absolute blast to play on guitar:

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Oh, if you want proggy stuff, Symphony X is pretty great. The band Adagio is a pretty fun mix of prog and power metal.

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Erm... how about some Emperor? They're fun. Perhaps some Quo Vadis if you like crazy technical stuff. Wintersun and Ensiferum are both pretty fun too. Maybe go oldschool and listen to Bathory? "Blood Fire Death" is a classic album from them.

There's lots of options but in an open ended question like this it's kinda hard to recommend stuff without knowing more about what you like.