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@raikoh05 said:

unimpressed by the quality of previous t-shirts (very thin and chintzy), might try a sweatshirt instead one of these days.

If the sweaters are anything like the one I got a year ago, then they're great. Nice and heavy with a really good, heavy duty hood. Very good quality. I wear mine a ton.

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A 26" Samsung LCD of some type from 2009 and a dope 13", mono sound, fake woodgrain adorned CRT from the 1970s my grandpa gave me when I was 10 that I use for old consoles. The CRT gets far more use than the LCD, which has been unplugged for a couple months now. That CRT has outlasted 3 other CRTs that I've used and had fail in the mean time so I just gave up and went with the tried and true TV.

I use my main PC monitor when I play console stuff most of the time now since it's actually bigger than my LCD and has an HDMI port. That one's a Dell U2713HM.

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I think there is a difference between acknowledging problems and acknowledging criticism. Problems are a bit more grounded in reality whereas criticism can be boiled down to opinion.

I used to have issue acknowledging criticism for things I like but I honestly don't care anymore. What other people think of things I like have no bearing on me so there's no point in worrying about it. Does that mean I ignore problems with things I like? No. It just means I don't put a lot of weight into other people's opinions of them.

This is doubly so for the crazy dogmatic people when it comes to technology. I use a Mac for doing my CS stuff at university and with some people I get an unreasonable amount of flak from them for doing so when the reality is that it's just a computer that happens to work well for me and the style of workflow I have. Same thing when I switched from an Android phone to an iPhone. I literally had a person tell me they thought less of me as a person because I was willing to use an iPhone. I no longer talk to that person because I found them far too negative.

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It's definitely devalued the main website for me now. I never look at it anymore. The New Releases, Coming Soon, and Specials tabs used to be quite useful but now there's so much crap on them that it makes them worthless to look at. At first I didn't get why they made it so you had to go to a separate page to view the specials but then I figured out that it's because there are so many garbage games that just stay almost perpetually on sale so that they can always appear in the specials tab and can potentially appear on the front page.

Also, they need to stop putting those "Free to Play" games that aren't actually free to play on the front page. There's a ton of them and most of them seem super sketchy. In many cases, to actually do anything in them you need money. One advertised itself as free to play but to play the campaign or unlock most of the multiplayer component required you to pay $30. And yeah, all those weird anime games no one outside of a small niche of people like keep showing up too.

Weirdly enough though, my "queue" of games to look at is usually pretty accurate. I just checked it and it was mostly full of strategy games, which is what I mostly play.

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There's tons of great videos from that era. That's my favorite era by far.

This one has always been my favourite:

Here is a neat video:

Interesting thing to note about the above video: from my memory, this is the earliest appearance of Drew, who started in early 2009. At this time he was Intern Drew. Back then he was yet another intern (they had a couple before him from what I remember). Pretty insane to think that he went from being a video intern to one of the main dudes for the site.

This one's a classic:

A video of them playing bootleg games, including Dodgy Kong:

And finally, the video in which the infamous Jeff gif came from:

I got tons more if anyone wants them. The old videos are the best.

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Thanks! These things continue to be great.

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It's a great game. It's no Wind Waker, but it's fun. The atmosphere is great. There are a few things that do keep it from being my favorite (the snow dungeon boss being one of them) but it is definitely worth playing, even if it's just to see how strange and different from the other Zeldas it is.

I can see Jeff's point about the inventory control though. It was pretty cumbersome. On 3DS though, it's great. Way better.

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Nintendo's always been like this and the market for their games has always been like this. Outside of Player's Choice, their games stay expensive, and once they go out of print they stay level or go up in price. They seldom do discounts and the market reflects that. Games with limited numbers of prints have always remained expensive. Even back in the day it was that way. As an example, a complete (with case and manual) copy of Pikmin 2 for the Gamecube has always been at least $50, if not more to get off eBay. That game wasn't very common, even then. Even the Gamecube Mario Party games still average $40-50 a pop.

Then we get to super popular games and it's gotten crazy. Anything Zelda is basically never going to drop in price past the short term. The 3DS version of Ocarina of Time is a prime example. It's apparently out of print now and it selling for well north of $50 on eBay. I've seen it go for as high as $80 for a complete copy (I think I got mine for $30 at the local game store. They gave me a deal when I bought a 3DS. That's why mom and pop stores are great). Pokemon stuff is even crazier. HeartGold and SoulSilver, which are only what, 5 years old, are now $50 just for the cart, and $80-100 for the complete package with the step counter and outer box. In the case of Super Smash Bros. Melee, it's even more insane because of how popular it got. Anything related to it has skyrocketed (except Brawl). N64 Smash Bros. is usually north of $50 just for the cart now, Melee is climbing and is currently at like $80 for a complete copy. I bought the N64 Smash game a couple years back for I think it was $40 with a manual and box.

Simply put, they can get away with it because their user base is used to it and is usually willing to pay for it. The moral of the story here is to never sell your Nintendo stuff because if you ever want it again, it's probably gonna cost you more than you would have made selling it if you ever want it back. Also, keep all packaging related to a game. If you do want to sell it, having it complete can make you a ton of extra money. I'm lucky in this regard because my method is to take the game out of the case immediately and put the case in a box with other cases, so most of my cases are basically mint.

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@roars5000: You don't need to see the scarecrow to use the backwards version of the song of time. He just tells you about it.

The song is literally the backwards version. It's RLYRLY rather than YLRYLR.

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Crap I hit delete post instead of edit.

Yeah, this feature was pretty good. I was disappointed it was done in one day though. I love watching people struggle with that game.

My old post said:

I wonder what type of hat is the most flavorful. A leather one? At least you could cook it a bit before eating it.