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I only care about the hashbrowns

I came here to say this exact thing. If this means all-day hashbrowns then I am down.

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As a VW TDI owner, 3 weeks ago I would have unreservedly said to maybe check out a Golf TDI (which is what I have and love, and will keep in spite of the recent VW news) because they are insanely fuel efficient, are very fun to drive, and great for longer commutes but now I can't really recommend them in light of recent events (though I did test drive the new Golf TSI with a 1.8 liter turbo gas engine and it was fantastic but for some people right now VW is not an option, which I totally understand) so I guess I'll say the Mazda3 is your best bet (that was my second choice after the Golf). They're very nice cars too. I know a few people that have them and they all adore them.

The Focus is a good choice too. I used to hate Ford but their recent offerings are very nice and well regarded. I was thinking of buying a Fusion Sport when I picked out my TDI.

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The 3DS and Wii U are the only consoles I still buy physical games for. Wii U because of storage and 3DS because of licensing stuff.

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Yeah, I seem to remember partly through the season they said that they were not going to be doing many substantial changes to their 2015 car and were focusing their development money on making a much more capable car for next year since they wouldn't have a chance of catching up this year anyway due to their vastly lower powered 2014 power unit.

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The theories about what is going to happen with Manor next year now that they get up-to-date Mercedes engines and the Petronas fluids package (which is part of how the Mercedes team gets their edge supposedly since they get more performance out of the engine) are certainly interesting. If Manor does become a b-team style partner for Mercedes that could be very good news for a lot of people. The current hope is that Pascal Wehrlein gets one of the seats on Manor next year. It will be interesting to see if they can actually become a mid-level team with a proper engine and a large chunk of their money going into their new car.

The other thing I thought was interesting was Toto Wolff's comment on what would happen if Red Bull actually pulls out. He suggested doing the somewhat discussed 3 cars per team thing, which I also think is kind of a neat idea. Obviously 2 cars with more teams is better but at least this way more junior drivers would be given a chance to drive.

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Oh wow that was a good article.

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I would like to point out that this thread is nearly 4 years old.

I did the dirtbag thing of try out a bunch locally and then buy them unassembled online for way cheaper. Go to the local office stores (like the ones for businesses that actually have good stuff).

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The stupid high pitched way of talking Jeff does sometimes. I'm not sure what else. Probably adding "super" to things.

I do find myself doing the thing James May from Top Gear did as a running joke where he would say "Good news!" or "Great news!" and then follow it up with something completely boring or dull, or even bad (in his case it was talking about the Dacia Sandero, for me it's when stuff goes wrong at work).

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Of course Earth, Wind & Fire's "September" is locked behind a pre-order bonus. OF COURSE.

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Having pack-in games with consoles as digital versions but not including them on the hard drive. I experienced this when I bought a Forza 6 Xbox One. I fired up the console thinking the game would be on it and it would just link with my account, but no, they include a code and you have to download gigabytes of data before you can play it, which for some reason took almost 5 hours on my Xbox (for some reason it was downloading slow. Somewhere around half my actual connection speed). That just completely killed the excitement of getting a new console because I couldn't even use it for the game I wanted to buy it for until I waited around. This just seems like a terrible decision all around and makes Microsoft seem super cheap.

Nintendo does this right, they include it with the console pre-installed. At least they did when I bought my Wii U.

And yeah, free-to-play mechanics in full priced games is insanely scummy.