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There has been criticism of the new TV deal in Australia this year which means many of the races are only available on cable TV but it has reinvigorated my interest in the sport.

Being able to watch all sessions live without ad breaks every 5 minutes has me more interested in f1 than ever. Being able to easily follow story lines over the weekend is significantly better than only getting short broadcasts of qualifying and the race with minimal context and ads interrupting them on a frequent basis.

In Canada, TSN just uses the BBC broadcast, and then once every 20 minutes or so, they do a split screen that shows both the race and a few ads (the ads do take over the sound but at least you can still watch the race). Having it so that you would miss entire chunks of the race because of ads would be maddening. Without breaks and without losing audio would be bliss.

When I did that GDPA survey, I tried in any way I could to imply that they need to start offering online viewing, and online access to the races and qualifying video.

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Saw this on the F1Fanatic daily round up thingy, Alonso seems to have similar views to what I posted above:

Though I use different terminology. When I said tire battle I more meant fighting degradation and who can degrade the least, where they use tire war to mean the battle between different manufactures to make the best tires.

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I get headaches from it so yes.

I mean seriously people, if you have to smoke, take 30 seconds and walk away from entrances to buildings so that others don't have to walk through it to go into a building. Being a dick and forcing others to breathe in your smoke (along with that smoke inevitably getting into whatever building you are standing outside) is not cool at all.

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So I watched the Spanish GP from this year and then the one from 2003. It wasn't even close. The 2003 one was significantly more interesting. Even with refueling, there was more actual on-track overtaking and interesting battles, most notably Alonso battling with both Schumachers at various points (including a multilap battle with Ralf that ended in Alonso forcing Ralf to make a mistake and fly off the track).

Overall, the 2003 season has been significantly more interesting than this year (with the only races coming even close to being as interesting being Malaysia and Bahrain). In the older season everything feels way faster (partly because it is actually faster), and it feels like a lot more battles are going on (since overtaking is a much more involved thing to do. Every overtake is a battle rather than the DRS overtakes we see nowadays). The top of the field isn't dominated by 2 teams, and the racing feels significantly closer. The gap between Alonso (2nd) and Schumacher (1st) in the Spanish GP was under 10 seconds. None of the races in the 2003 season have had any disparities between cars that come even close to this season. Schumacher's been dominant, but not "45 seconds ahead and lapping half the field incredibly early into the race" dominant. Ferrari doesn't look untouchable. There are at least 4 teams that are all potentially able to win races.

A thing that I read in this blog that I think is almost as interesting or more interesting than the proposed rule changes is the the potential for Michelin to be the tire manufacture since Pirelli's contract is done in 2016. In the blog, it states that Michelin is interested in returning on condition the tires would be low degradation and low profile. Having watched old races where tires were not nearly as big of a thing (there is the odd comment about how the cars running Michelin are doing versus the cars running Bridgestone, or if someone has tires so worn they look like slicks but that's it), I kinda hope that Michelin gets the contract. The whole tire battle feels boring. If I had to choose between the fuel battle and the tire battle, I'd take the fuel battle easily, especially if Michelin were to get the contract, as it allows the drivers to go all out rather than have to worry about conserving fuel and tires. Sure it brings back more pit passes, but if it can speed things up, I'm all for it, as the lack of speed compared to 10-12 years ago is quite noticeable if you go back and watch older races.

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I used to spend more time following, but lately it's been the opposite. I don't really care about the news or drama anymore. I don't have any of the new consoles so I don't pay attention to any of that. The only news I know is stuff I hear on the Bombcast now.

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In games where they make sense or when made by the right developer, they're fine. Ubisoft has driven its particular brand of open world into the ground, and as collateral damage, anything that feels remotely close to it now also feels dull. But in games like GTA, Elder Scrolls, or Zelda, it's still fine because they are much more sporadic with releases and the open worlds they have in them feel like they have a purpose.

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Given that of the big 3, Nintendo seems to be doing the most interesting stuff right now, I would think that would take priority over the unveiling of yet another Final Fantasy thing.

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All the Brady Haran channels for me. Computerphile and Numberphile being my favourites. The videos are fun to watch and you'll learn something at the same time.

Edit: special mention for guitar nerds who like tinkering with guitars as much as they like playing them: Crimson Guitars is a neat one. It's this dude with tattoos on his head in the UK who builds absolutely stunning custom guitars and in doing so he does tutorial videos on how to make, set up, and repair guitars. They're fantastic learning material. It's a neat channel to watch because the company is currently expanding hugely and he does updates of what is going on with them. It went from being two people in his garden shed to a much larger staff in a multi-floored building that builds handmade tools and stuff. It's a neat watch but pretty niche.

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I'm in the Kirkhope camp (and am playing through Banjo-Kazooie again right now and am being reminded why I'm in this camp) but David Wise's music is fantastic as well. Donkey Kong Country's music is the first video game music I actually remember liking a lot as a kid.

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Wind Waker by a mile.