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My dog sits beside me and sleeps. She isn't too much of an issue. If I'm at my desk, she sleeps on my bed behind me or under my desk on my toes.

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@htr10: Well not answer it directly for them but help get an answer. That's what I'm guessing you mean. I see no issue with helping someone find the answer. I don't like the idea of just giving the answer.

It's the whole teach a man to fish thing.

Also, I completely forget this stuff. I know I used to be able to do it. I'd probably be bad at calculus too at this point despite the fact I used to tutor people in it. All the math I do now is just drawing circles with arrows between them (yay graph theory and all the many specializations of it in computer science. Automatons!) and proofs of various types.

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@ben_h: I always restart if the first level is a cellar, that way you can't get Haunt as the first boss.

I've started doing a similar thing, though I always check the first item in case it's something good/interesting. If it sucks I just auto restart. If it's not the Cellar, I may stick around even with a crappy item because most of the Basement bosses are trivial.

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Nothing really. I seldom get games when they first are released anymore. It's hard for me to get excited about that kind of thing after being burnt by it a few times.

Ended up really enjoying the Binding of Isaac remake, Shovel Knight, Crypt of the Necrodancer and the new Smash Bros game. Didn't anticipate playing any of them.

Edit: Basically what MB does.

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You know you're run's gonna go bad when the first item you get is Lemon Mishap, you get a pill that reduces tears, and your first boss in the Haunt.

Seriously, fuck the Haunt. Without damage upgrades he takes like 5 minutes to kill. If I do a Magdalene run and get the Haunt without getting any useful items I just restart because she's so slow and can't keep up with him well and it takes even longer.

Edit: Funnily enough, in vanilla Binding of Isaac I got Meatboy without even knowing it was a tough thing to get. I've yet to get him or Bandage Girl in this one though.

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Taurus is ridiculously good in many situations. You can either kill or nearly kill bosses with it fast.

Bloody Rage/Samson + Pyromaniac + lots of bombs or Ipecac (ipecac = unlimited health in this case). Since you can heal yourself with explosions, you can run into spike 5-6 times and get so much damage you can one shot almost anything. I got so beefed up with damage with this combo that I was killing bosses in under a couple seconds.

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Yeah, when they released Big Picture and made Steam work really well with TVs it basically killed any desire I had to buy a console (other than the Wii U because of Nintendo games). Even before Big Picture I was starting to use my PC on my TV more and more. It's a really nice thing. With my 970, there basically isn't a game I can't run maxed out at 60fps on my TV right now (well there is that Assassin's Creed game, but I really don't care about that). That combined with console controllers working great with desktops now (The xbox controller works great on Windows, the PS3 controller and Wii remote work flawlessly on Mac. I use the Wii remote for emulated NES games) make it so it is easy to have a console-like experience without shelling out console levels of money for games.

Well that and the fact that the console exclusive releases this year have all sparked absolutely no interest in me. The only games I've had a remote interest in are all on the Wii U.

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@jimbo said:

Is there any kind of campaign in Prison Architect?

Not yet no. It's still got a ways to go. I imagine there will be though. The tutorial seems like it would be a first great mission for a campaign. I can already see how a campaign would work in context to it.

But right now, no it doesn't. Right now it randomly generates a map and you build a prison on it while working to get grants and stuff. It has direction but it definitely will need more in the future. This game has tons of potential though.

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I just accidentally sunk 6 hours into Prison Architect. I guess that's a recommendation? It's in the deals of the day right now.

Also, I forgot to turn freefire off (AKA authorization for guards to shoot to kill) once after a bunch of prisoners were fighting in the lunch room and killed a guard dog and nearly killed its handler. I was notified of this by a sudden gunshot and a bloody cell with a dead dude on the ground. This game's pretty great. The riots are awesome. My last riot I had 4 guards die to prisoners wielding drills and stolen clubs that they picked up from knocked out prison guards (they also stormed the lunch room and killed two cooks. Those bastards). After I handled that riot I did a search of every cell and found around 50 weapons and a whole bunch of drugs. I guess I should do those more often. I'm not quite at the point where I'm executing people yet. That will be soon. I'm just about done Cell Block D.

The game is pretty lacking in initial explanation though. The first tutorial doesn't cover much. I had to restart 5-6 times because I kept doing things wrong. Right now (it's still in alpha and they change stuff weekly) it feels like a late 90's micromanagement game, in that there is a tiny tutorial but after that you're on your own to figure things out. It reminds me of a gory Rollercoaster Tycoon. That's probably why I like it so much.

Also, RCT1 and 2 are on sale. I bought both already. RCT1 is like $3, which is pretty hard to argue with. I've just done Forest Frontiers so far. I actually want to finish the expansions for RCT1. I've never done that despite sinking thousands of hours into the game. I've beat the original set of maps so many times I have a memorized strategy for most of them now.

@peterdotorg said:

All I want for Christmas is 50% off Crypt of the Necrodancer...

I paid full price for that game. It's worth twice that. It's an amazing game. So much fun.