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That Daddy Longlegs thing is hilarious. When in doubt, just hide and let it KILL EVERYTHING.

If you haven't seen it, it acts similar to the Leg from the Mom boss, but is on your side.

Also, rubber cement is DOOOOOOPE. So goofy, especially when combined with high range and rate of fire

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@alexw00d said:

It seems either I got super lucky twice or this game is way easier than the original, but I've beat mom twice now in the 2 hours I've played, vs never in like 8 hours or something. Maybe I got better at it somehow?

I'm finding that up to and including the floor Mom is on is easier, while past that is about the same. I almost never don't get past Mom unless I get absolutely horrid items early.

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So close. Nearly beat Isaac. Cain runs are so insane. I got two luck upgrades super early so I was getting insane items (two damage reducers, multiple shot damage upgrades, poison everything). I was basically one-hitting most non-bosses by the end. Just got sloppy when I died.

Homing lasers are so broken. Walk into room, hold down shoot, watch everything instantly melt. They have one weakness (lots of rocks) but other than that they make things easy. Got to Mom's Heart on an otherwise bad run because of them.

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Cain run (I still haven't finished) in which you get a luck booster early. This in combination with Cain's inate luck bonus makes things kinda nuts.


edit: Yeah this one delivers. Just finished it off. Got through heaven to face Isaac and got him down to 1/4 health. Not bad for only 2 hearts remaining at the start of the fight. I won't delve into details but you do get an item that spawns spiders when you take damage. Use the blood banks to stock up on spiders before boss fights and you can beat most bosses insanely fast.

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Oh man I should have saved my broken run. I had rapid fire homing lasers. It was basically walk into a room, hold shoot and everything dies in a second or so. I only lost it because I got too cocky. It was really goofy.

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I unlocked the Tank when I unlocked Magdalene. So, when I got a bunch of heart containers.

Yes, I got it when I got 7 heart containers.

This game seems great. Getting to Mom seems easier but past that it seems about the same difficulty wise.

Though in reality, I just like that I can run it without it slowing down. The old game was so painful to run, even on PCs that were more than powerful enough to run it. I can run this new one on my laptop's integrated graphics, making it so my machine doesn't really ever heat up. With the old game it would have been running slow and my laptop would have been painfully hot by the end.

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@cronoman66 said:

Also he's edging closer to being some kind of performance art condemning American culture whether it's intentional or not.

Video games game JODY HiGHROLLER

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First person driving is really cool too.

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As a person who suffered through a dual GPU setup, I highly recommend a single card. It's just easier.

Very seldom is it worthwhile to take two weaker cards over a stronger card outside of certain situations. In my case, the two weaker GPUs I was using was a fair amount more powerful than the equally priced single GPU I could get at the time, but that is a rare thing to happen.

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Just mute everybody, then you won't have to hear from the "community". That's what I do in Dota and I've never had a problem.

I stand in awe, mighty thread necromancer.

Hmm, I didn't necro this thread it was on the front page when I posted. Either someone posted before me and deleted their post or there was some Giant Bomb bug...

There was a spam post above yours that got deleted. So no, it wasn't you. Don't worry.