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Why would anyone have a least favorite? Just don't read them...

Logically, one would have to read an author's work in order to form an opinion on them, no?

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@soldierg654342 said:

The only college advice that anyone really needs is go to class. Every day. Never skip. That is seriously 95% of college.

Other than that, it sounds like you already have your bases covered.

Yup. 100%. Skipping gets addicting so don't start doing it unless you have an incredibly good reason for it (99% of the time you won't have a good reason). I learned just how addicting it is the hard way. Your grade will suffer in a lot of cases, whether you feel like it will or not. Again, I learned this from experience.

Other than that, make sure to keep yourself organized, DO THE READINGS, and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. If you are going into a STEM field, accounting, medicine or any of the more taxing majors and you don't do the previous 3 things you will get buried and bomb out.

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The Mario Party Party is worth the price of a subscription alone. I've rewatched it three times because of how funny it is. It just never gets old. Vinny's few bits of premium content so far have been amazing too.

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That music. MAN.

Sick Giorgio Moroder sounding music, Ferrari Testarossa car, pastel colours. IT'S PERFECT

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Probably none, unless the new Stronghold is good, but given the track record of the Stronghold people over the last few iterations of it, I am more than a little skeptical. I don't have any of the new consoles, so that puts the kibosh on a lot of these titles.

Also probably the GTA V PC version, but I somehow doubt it will be out before 2015.

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Can't really go wrong with Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, AKG, or Audio-Technica. Most of the recommendations so far have been quite good. I have a set of Senn HD 555s and they are great (they are a step down from the HD 595 or the newer HD 598, which I imagine are also quite good. All of them would be great for general use). The Senn HD 5XX headphones are quite comfortable, nearly as comfy as the Premium Beyerdynamics (and much comfier than either Pro model Senns like the HD280 or any of the Pro designation Beyerdynamics). I also have Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pros that are quite nice for electronic music, but my absolute favourites are my Beyerdynamic DT-880 Premium 600 Ohms (you need a beefy amp to use these, or any of the other 600 Ohm Beyers, though. Unamped they are not super usable and a weak amp doesn't really benefit them too much. It needs to be a chunky amp like something from Schiit or other similar companies. Cheaper small amps don't cut it. I currently use a Fiio E12 Mont Blanc, one of the most powerful under $200 portable amps, with mine and have a Schiit Vali on the way in the mail as a more permanent desktop solution). I would recommend any of the above headphones except for I would say to go for lower impedance versions if you get Beyers, since they won't need an amp to be used in that case (Also, get them on sale. They go on sale fairly often and you can save $100+ if you wait).

Also, one thing to watch out for. If you don't want to buy an amp, make absolutely sure the headphones you are getting don't need one. Some headphones are fine unamped while others will sound incredibly weak if they are not amped. A fair number of AKG and Beyerdynamic models, along with the higher end Sennheiser models (HD 600 and on), need an amp. So keep that in mind.

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Report it if I can, ignore it otherwise. It's not worth my time to try and talk them out of being crazy.

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Given that he is talking about playing a game while his girlfriend watches, this game could either be a really fun, interesting choice or an incredibly dangerous choice, depending on what kind of personality his girlfriend has. Either way it would be hilarious.

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RIP Deep Silver. You gave us some good games in your day.