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@tunaburn said:

yes but this is video!

It should have been posted in the HOTS forum with everything else. Heck, you could have posted that exact link in the thread that discusses the new units.

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I just pre-ordered it so no email yet. Hopefully I can get start pre-loading soon.

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Oh wow that Binding of Isaac game looks neat.  I'm so getting that.   You can already get Braid.  Also, Machinarium
I run Super Meat Boy using a WINE program that emulates Windows Steam, then I install the Windows versions of games on my Mac.  It only works for some things and is kinda shaky though.  The maps with fire on SMB sometimes mess up and crash the game.

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Total games: 153 
Played games: 71 (46.41%)
Unplayed games: 82 (53.59%) 
Total hours: 335.9 
The hours played is waaaaaay off though. It seems it reset my times for a number of my games.  I had around 75 hours of TF2 and now it says 4 hours. I beat Half-Life 2 a long time ago, 98 minutes played. I beat HL2:Episode 2 and even have the achievements for it, 0 time played.  I'm on the third city of the original AC, 2 hours played.  7 hours of BC2, is about an eighth of what I've played of BC2:Vietnam alone. CS:S had 12 hours on it a while back, now its 3. Fallout 3 with all the DLC shows 21 hours on Steam but more than double that in game, same with New Vegas. Peggle Nights shows a last played date yet says I have no time logged. 
CivIV is off by a ton but I play that primarily when I'm in offline mode at the lake, so it would have like 150 hours played. Same with Plants Vs. Zombies, I've beaten it 3 or 4 times but have no achievements because it is always in offline mode.
Also, I own the Sims 3? I was unaware of that. Same with Sid Meier's Pirates!  I'm so going to play that, so much fun.  This has also reminded me that I need to play Dead Rising 2, Empire: Total War (it didn't work when I bought it because that game is busted when ran with multi-GPU setups, which I have a single 6950 now), Mass Effect (yep, I'm one of those people that never played it), Supreme Commander 2 (RTS WOOOOOOOOO), Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Double Agent an Conviction, Majesty 2 (awesome game, I've only played the first few missions), The Maw, Bioshock 1 and 2, and when I eventually get time, Hearts of Iron III.  I have way too much to play and no time. And BF3 and Skyrim come out soon so it will be a while before this backlog goes away.  I don't have work anymore so I can work on my backlog for Christmas break now. More likely I'll just play SC2 all day like always.

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Agar is the yellow jelly stuff right?

I'm a math major, I don't need to know this stuff.

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48 hours. I once lost track of time playing Persona 3. I thought it was midnight but then I noticed the sun rising so I just stayed up and told my parents I woke up early. I frequently stay up more than 24 hours now though because if I can't fall asleep until 3 or 4AM it throws off my sleep pattern so much that I would rather just be tired for the next day than be exhausted feeling for a week trying to fix it (That's me right now. Couldn't fall asleep early on Saturday, still feeling it on Wednesday). The added bonus is I'm way more productive at night. I can focus way more, I absorb more when I study because there isn't any real time constraint, and I don't get nearly as distracted. I'm probably going to stay up all tomorrow night to do an essay that's due next week because I will procrastinate otherwise. Next week I probably will be up Thursday night because I have a lecture Thursday at 10AM, a lab 2:30-5:30, then a midterm 7:00PM-9:00PM, all for the same class. Then I have 2 midterms and the previously mentioned essay the next day. Fun fun.

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Here's a pro SC2 player's puppy. It is sooooooooooo cute.

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Yes, the puppy gets a high five.

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After trying to 100% Wind Waker, I wouldn't be shocked at 50 hours. But 100?

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The 70s produced tons of the best driving songs. Also, any song from Judas Priest prior to the album Turbo (though a couple songs off Turbo could be included) basically qualifies, especially from the late 70s. I'll limit myself, I could list a couple of days worth of songs. A fast, steady beat with a catchy chorus makes the ultimate driving song for me, which you can see in all these examples. All are from my old playlist from Forza 3.

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I really wanted to partake in this...

Come on Friday! Hurry up and get here so I can play this! I could have got it today but I forgot my debit card... :(