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@endless_void said:

" Jinro got beat by two baneling busts....  Morrow can't play a macro game can he? "

Not really no.  From everything I've seen of him he relies more on gimmicks than actually playing out games.  It's sad because he gets really far with it too.  He's never been very good with Zerg compared to his Terran and it seems like he does way more crap like that than actually playing well.
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Ciara should have known MC does tons of early pressure and perhaps done a lot of early pressure in attempt to damage MC's economy.  He had no chance against MC otherwise.  Jinro said on TL that MC's lategame is even scarier than his early game but his games seldom get that far.

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@imsh_pl said:

" @mrv321: Remember, you have until Tuesday to get promoted! "

Or even if you don't get promoted, keep playing then when you do your one placement match at the start of season 2 you will probably be placed in silver.
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@audiosnag said:
" @Ben_H said:
" I played 8 PvPs in a row one day. All 4gates or counter 4gates.  I lost all faith in humanity that day. "
Oh god PvP is the worst. The WORST. I'd wanna burn my house down after that. I don't think that's an overreaction. "
I just had 3 PvPs in a row, all cannon rushes or proxy gates.  I atleast can win 4gate stuff some of the time.  I usually just auto quit cannon rushes or zealot rushes.  I would rather not waste my already limited amount of time I have to play.
Also, I don't know why I keep trying to play on weekends.  I always feel like I get more cheese games during one weekend than a whole month of weekdays.  Different players I guess.  I never have any good games, only people with garbage macro who use gimmicks to win (I just had a zerg who tried to nydus the corner of my main in the same spot 3 times in a row, and the third time there was a zealot there.  Then the bastard proceeded to built about 15 spinecrawlers after he had already died).  It ends up annoying me more than anything.
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I played 8 PvPs in a row one day. All 4gates or counter 4gates. 
I lost all faith in humanity that day.

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Very soon. 
Dammit Korea, for a pop song this song is legitimately not bad.  I would take this over Beiber or any of that other crap

Also, Chun-Li song in starting video?  What? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON BUT THIS IS AWESOME
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This pop music is amazing.  Well, it's not good, but it is less eye-gougingly terrible than the stuff in North America.

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Yay!  The one placement match doesn't really make much of a difference unless your MMR is significantly higher or lower than where you are placed.  If you are winning evenly right now then you will probably stay where you are though it may be in a different division.  When I had my one placement match on one of my PTR accounts it boosted me up to gold (which is hilarious because I had only been playing zerg on that account and was steamrolled almost every game), so I guess some changes can occur.  I'm gonna try to play a lot before the system locks, though I doubt i can get into diamond that fast. 
@Buccura said:

" Hey that means I can go back to Bronze and build up my skill again, rather than trying to stand a chance in Silver after months of not playing! "
Just throw a ton of games and it should work itself out if you just barely in silver. 
Here's hoping they remove Slag Pits and put a fixed up Shakuras in. (cross spawns only)  Or add GSL maps, that would be good.
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@imsh_pl said:
" @StarvingGamer said:
" I will miss Scrap /sadface "
I won't.  "Oh, he's going 10 pool into speedlings? Well I'll just wall off with my cyber core and gateway and I'll...   ...shit." "
Exactly.  I hate that map.  I've never had a macro game on it.  It's 4gate heaven for PvP, 3 barracks allins are incredibly easy as you can't forcefield well, and zergling rushes are quite powerful if you don't go forge first and block off at the natural.  I've had it ticked on my map preferences ever since they got rid of Jungle Basin.
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This is quite funny.  A good Protoss can get anti-bio units out before the average barracks all-in occurs.  You can get "T3" Units out before a push happens.  Personally if I see a Terran all-ining with bio I simply go for  a safe 1base colossi into expanding (or double expanding, depending how safe I feel) after their army dies.  Heck, if you keep your macro up you don't even need a colossus to hold off a 3rax. Get 3 or 4 sentries and you can segment their army up and kill it quite easily.  Yes, a Terran's micro will be improving in higher leagues, but so will the Protoss defending. 
Lategame against a Terran army that is primarily bio is laughable.  With either colossi or high templars, the Terran doesn't stand much of a chance if they stay with bio in the lategame.  Even with vikings it is managable if you simply build some phoenixes to tank viking damage and kill vikings quite quickly.  The bonus with adding phoenixes is that they also kill medivacs incredibly fast.
Also, the lack of Protoss in GSL at the end? In this season there were 3 Protoss and a Zerg in the top 4, and 2 Terrans in the top 8.