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Dude I add SC music to everything.  Because I associate the music with fast movement and efficiency from playing the game, I listen to it when I work on essays and stuff.  It works scarily well at making me work. 
Also, Terran 1 from SC1 is like the Guile theme, it is so badass you can add it to anything. 

When I play SC1 I play Terran only because of the music.  And because SC1 siege tanks are so much cooler than SC2 siege tanks.
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@Rayeth said:

" @raiz265 said:

" @Ben_H: ROFL! That game... I've always wondered what that was about. :D   Not really an IdrA hater, when he's on State of the Game and stuff he's actually pretty cool, but I couldn't stop laughing when Cruncher actually kicked his ass last weekend and finished it off with :) "
The Idra/Cruncher game 3 was lost when Idra made drones right as cruncher pushed out.  If cruncher thinks he "crushed" him in the 3rd game, he's delusional.  Idra beat himself by over-droning.  The battle certainly looked one sided, but the game was lost by Idra not won by cruncher. "
Apparently he was BMing Cruncher in between every game.
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The Poor IdrA video has been posted so all is well.
His stream is so funny to watch.  People wonder why he BMs people but that's because everyone BMs him.  He had to play Combat-Ex 5 times in a row and all it was was IdrA fending off Combat's increasingly hilarious BM.
He also seems to have changed his playstyle lately, he seems much more aggressive but still with his terrifying macro.
Also, this:

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Still in Platinum.  I demolished my placement person.  I did a nice techswitch from Colossi into HTs with mass 3/3 chargelots and absolutely destroyed his pure marauder/viking army (he had easily 30 vikings or more).  I finally am getting my style of PvT back.  I used to use robo only for observers and use double stargate phoenixes with templars and zealots.  Now if I can keep this up things might go better for me.
I'm going to bet there will be a lot of promotions for the near future as the higher leagues are being cleared out of inactive players.
I was worried my placement would be another stupid PvP like I was matched with all night last night and ruined my chances of getting placed in diamond.  SCREW PVP.

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You can be placed anywhere from Bronze to Masters.  From what I've heard, the vast majority of people just stay where they are unless their MMR has changed drastically in the last week or so.

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Age of Empires 2 
Quake Live 
Company of Heroes 
Burnout Paradise 
More Starcraft 2 
Fighting games in general make for good TNTs.

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Just an update.  The 1st season has already ended in the SEA region and Season 2 is underway.  You play one placement match and it puts you basically where your MMR is.  I have not heard of too many people being promoted or demoted but it is possible.  Normally you will just be placed in basically the same spot you are in now with no bonus pool. 
The season should be over for NA in a short amount of time and Europe probably soon after that. 
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So my MMR is way higher than my league. Will this be helpful for me in getting into a higher league next season? "
It depends if it has levelled out or not.  It is tough to say at this point.
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I tried. Believe me, I did.  But around 2 minutes in I started laughing maniacally.

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Just ignore people who rush and then proceed to trash talk you after they completely fall apart from it. They're more than likely mad at themselves for screwing up.
Keep in mind, if a 6pool fails you can do basically anything and win if you do not take any damage from it.  I usually go for a mothership and mass recall into their base or do something else goofy like that.  You may wonder how you can do that but typically if a zerg fails a 6pool a protoss can expand safely before the zerg and get so far ahead it isn't even close.  Another good option is to just send in a bunch of stalkers, zealots and sentries and kill their crippled economy.  They won't have nearly enough units to hold, so things can get ugly really fast.

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@Cataphract1014 said:
He did get into the GSL and make it quite far in qualifiers for most of them.  His Zerg was solid.  I haven't seem as much of his Protoss so I can't comment on it.