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*Reggie Fils-Aime looks at DS sales, looks at PSP sales, looks back at DS sales, smirks as he reads news story, then goes back to swimming in his pool full of money*

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Getting promoted to Platinum felt really good.  I had been playing much better than normal the previous few weeks and went from playing silvers and golds to platinums.  When I got promoted to platinum it was my first ladder win against a diamond (I'd won against my diamond protoss practice partner many times, hence why I have a strong PvP).  When I watched the the replay things didn't feel as good.  The zerg I had played was BAD.  As in <40 workers 20 minutes in and fewer bases than a protoss (which should never occur).

Though that has summed up the vast majority of my games against low diamonds so far.  One trick ponies who die as soon as their gimmicky build fails because they have about gold-league level macro and I'm getting the sneaking suspicion many of them got into diamond all-ining or cheesing instead of solid play.  A lot of zergs seem to do burrowed roach stuff or two month old roach-hydra builds that die to the standard colossus ball, which is hilarious, but not as funny as the people who still 7 roach rush.  And the diamond level randoms are the cheesiest bastards I've ever played.  The stereotypical alternating-caps names, trolling while getting ready to cheese stereotype Bronze randoms I used to play is in full force here, but only with a lot more refinement.  It's quite sad.  The low diamond Terrans I've played 3rax all-in  Seriously, some of them pull all their SCVs and go towards my base BitByBit even though they already know I have sentries.  I'm serious when I say that most high platinum Terrans are better than low diamonds who've probably been there since August of last year and maintain their spots 3raxing and hoping it works.  And most diamond and platinum protosses I've played I can't comment on because either they die to my 4gate or I die to their 4gate.

In summary, getting promoted to platinum felt great but getting into diamond just feels dirty most of the time.  Hopefully I'll start playing macro players again so I can improve and win because I outplayed someone instead of them killing themselves doing insane all-ins.

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Same thing for me a few days back.  Saw a zerg go around 15-16 hatch (super greedy) before pool close positions on Metalopolis and then he had the balls to try to contain me.  So I went for a delayed 4gate with void rays thrown in and killed him in one shot.  He whined about protoss and left.  Zergs need to realize you can't hatch first on small maps like LT/ST or Metalopolis and expect to be left to get a huge advantage.

PvZ on Tal'Darim Altar I take option 2 of the "You see him fast expand" rules and 15 nexus then defend with cannons and a wall-off.  It is insanely effective.
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@babblinmule said:
" I just tried this tonight in 2v2 (silver but mostly seemed to play golds). I went korean 4gate (10gate, 12gas, 15 cyber, mass zealots), and my ally went mass marine. We won 9 games out of 9 (longest game was 13 minutes long). This build just tears people apart if they don't scout it or don't know the right response to it or arent working together in teamplay. But my god, I felt super, super dirty for using it. "
You don't feel dirty in PvP doing it.  Because if you don't they will.  Even if you scout it, you often cannot hold it off.  Or you will sit there cranking colossi, both players will attack move into the enemy, and whoever has more colossi and upgrades will win, and if you go for anything else you die.  I'll take a 7 minute win over dying 30 minutes in because I lacked 2 colossi.
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Was pondering doing the good old mothership rush into mass carrier/zealot.  I actually did it close air positions once, mass recall the zealots and proceed to kill the opponent.  Obviously it would have to be zerg as Terran has easier means to kill carriers and the mothership and I would be 4gated before the carrier was out.

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@eldiax said:
" I only did 4gate in PvP until I got to gold, then it just didn't work anymore and I had zero experience in using any other strategy. My mid and late-game PvP sucked and I couldn't win anything.
So my advice would be to mix it up a bit, find another strategy to use and 4gate only every other game.
If it isn't working in PvPyou need to revise it until it does.  I still 4gate every PvP.  PvP is too dumb of a matchup to actually try in.  I find my chances are much better if I am the aggressor, so I try to force that every time.  If it passes 4gate then I often quit because War of the Worlds is the most painful thing to play.

@Riddell said:
" @Turambar: Yes. I'm a new bronze league player who has been watching a lot of Day9 videos and has been practicing fundamentals. I go into 1v1 games with very little build strategy and win most of my games. Even though my build order is probably a bit dumb, because I'm constantly building probes and pylons I have way more units than my opponents. At my level of play I have realized that people get far too obsessed about the 'fancy stuff'; "should I build my gateway on 12 or 13" or "how do you forcefield like a pro?" and forget about the fundamentals and just having more stuff than the other guy. I'm sure that as I get better and begin to climb the ranks, the 'fancy stuff' will become more important, but at the moment it just isn't. P.S. Day9 is amazing. "
Believe it or not, many of the Platinums and Diamonds I play still have this problem, especially lower Diamond (Don't get me started on those cheesy bastards.  They are Gold league-skilled all-iners who have figured out how to be even more abusive).  I've played games against Diamond Zergs where their worker count doesn't pass 40 on 3-4 bases and they get rolled simply because I have more stuff.  Platinum and Diamond Terrans are the same way.  They only build around 45 workers then spam MULEs, which of course can infinitely supply their stupid bio armies.  Keep it up and you will be out of Bronze in no time.
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Dubstep or trance.  I listen to stuff without vocals when I need to do marathon study sessions because the music starts to blend together, where if it had vocals then I could tell individual songs apart.  It works quite well, especially if the album has good transitions between songs so you don't notice the song change as much.

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@Mysterion said:
" @Turambar:  Fixed a bug where Terran players were able to lose a game. its a good thing thats getting fixed "
This was my favourite.  Not that Terrans ever lost anyway... 
I need to fix my PvT.
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@audiosnag said:
" I've thought about cannon rushing...but it just makes me feel...dirty. And not in the good way. I'd probably just screw it up anyway. "
Haha that's like me.  When I used to do stuff like that when the game first came out I would overdo it, make things way to elaborate then end up losing to like 3 enemy units killing me.
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EG vs. ROOT team match with a few other people thrown in.  Should be good but too bad they couldn't get a few more players from other teams in.  Then again, anything with CatZ is bound to be awesome.