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The only mustard I like is DJ Mustard.

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Since I start about an hour before rush hour, driving to work takes about 8 minutes (since where I live, when it isn't rush hour, you can get practically anywhere in the city in 15-20 minutes). When I drive home, there is a lot more traffic so it takes about 20-25, depending on if I hit a lot of red lights or not.

If I took public transit, it would take on the order of 2 hours. I don't use this option obviously.

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I've heard that one goes over really well with couples.

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Thanks for the suggestions, but the Dells are out...$150-$300 more in Canada. Would be cheaper to buy a 40"-50" TV.

Watch their site. They have tons of sales. I got my U2713 for 40% off and my U24 for around there also. Paying full price for Dell is something you should never do. They always will put something on sale eventually.

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Currently with RBC. Will be switching to a credit union once I am done school and get a real boy job. I've had enough of RBC calling me and trying to get me/trick me into doing stuff I don't want/need. They will call, talk for ~4-5 minutes about some thing, and then use misleading phrasing to try to make me say I will sign up for something. I have yet to fall for it but often when I say no they try and use "what if" situations or guilt me into it. It's really disgusting.

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I refuse to buy anything but Dell UltraSharps at this point. I would highly recommend the U2713HM if you want to go past 1920x1080 and don't want to break the bank. I have one. It's a wonderful monitor. I also have a U2412M and a U2312HM (the latter is discontinued now) and both are also amazing. We've never had issues with any of our Dells. We have a 9 year old Dell 19" 5:4 LCD that is still working perfectly fine (I use it daily still).

My dad buys hardware for his work and he also will only buy Dell. They tried Samsung and had a ton of failures within 2 years. I've had a Samsung fail. I've also had an Acer fail on me as well.

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As a person who had to do just this when I had a family member get super sick, I highly recommend Skyrim.

Or Forza or something. Forza is super tranquil for me.

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Only Riff Raff's "Neon Icon" and that new Perturbator album. Nothing else this year has interested me in any way. There's no new metal I like. No new crappy rap for me to ironically like (my appreciation for Riff Raff is genuine thank you very much). No electronic stuff (because all the stuff I like has just been replaced with actual 80s music when I go to listen to music)

Right now I am far down a "listen to all this dope music from Miami Vice" hole and I kinda don't want to come out.

To make up for this year having garbage music, here's this dope Tommy Shaw song from S1E9 of Miami Vice "Glades". This video is sweet because it is one super long shot. RAW ENERGY

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on my laptop, yeah, because I have it set to lock so it goes to screensaver and locks. My desktop, it just sleeps the monitors.

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Welp that game ended in a draw. Violet was up 100 supply over Major but could not attack because of under 10 ravens having enough Point Defense Drones to nullify any attacks and 4-6 vikings slowly killed all of Violet's air, which meant he could not kill Major's floating buildings anymore.

Painful to watch.