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I kinda anticipated this would happen. We've been seeing more and more games sacrifice the quality of the main storyline at the expense of a bunch of side missions. I've been of the opinion that side missions that add to the story or add in a good way to understanding the game world are a good thing. However, side missions for the sake of having side missions (like we are seeing more and more often. Almost as if they are a check mark on a feature list) are a bad thing, as they usually don't contribute to the game but simply act as a way of artificially extending a game. The newer Assassin's Creed games are filled with the latter. Far Cry 3 was an example of the former. There weren't a ton of side missions, but most of them contributed to understanding the game world.

A perfect case study in a game that does open world well without artificially extending the game too much with pointless side missions is the 2002 game Mafia (I'm only going to talk about the PC version. The console version was actually quite different than the PC version. The console version removed a lot of the complexity of the PC version and instead turned it into a poor quality GTA3 clone). That game, despite being in an open world, was a linear action game. The open world was just there. There were a few small side missions that were entirely optional, though they did have benefits to the main story missions and allowed you to explore parts of the world you would otherwise likely miss. However, since there were so few side missions, those side missions were all actually quite good. They all involved stealing rare cars but in most cases they were quite different than the others. Outside of that there was only one or two small activities, like driving a taxi, that you could do. The focus was always on the main storyline and this benefited the game a great deal. Hopefully we will start seeing more games like this. It's pretty sad that this 2002 game still does a better job of many aspects of storytelling and open world than a lot of new games.

edit: holy crap someone else talked about Mafia too. At least I know I'm not that crazy then.

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I am wondering also. I've gone through 5 pairs in the last 3 months. I am now down to the stock Apple ones that came with my iPhone 6. Admittedly they are actually not too bad, but if they die I'm screwed so I have to get more.

I used to buy Hisoundaudio branded ones off ebay because they were cheap and durable (I had one pair that lasted me over a year and a half of daily use before I accidentally dunked it in water) but they "redesigned" them and now they break really easy. I've gone through 5 pairs in 3 months, all of which I ordered at the same time (they used to be $15 a pair so I bought them in bulk).

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Yeah I agree with MB. It would be useful for cases where you are looking up information about a game and see that it is basically discontinued. For example, something like Dirt 2 where they didn't fix the GFWL stuff and stopped selling it on Steam.

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I don't play League at all, but I do play Dota 2 once in a while. I'm very trigger happy with the mute button. I just don't have the patience for jerks. Some people may say that "oh but you need to communicate with your team so muting some of them ruins teamwork" but that just seems blatantly wrong. Watch streams of the top pros, they mute people all the time. Wagamama said on his stream one day after someone asked about why he was muting people that nearly all needed communication can be done with pings or with the quick chat wheel.

And yeah, find people to play with. It makes things so much better. I found one person who invited me to play with them and now as a result I've found a whole bunch of others (basically friends of friends) that I can play with if I want.

On the topic of the twitch chat thing from above, yeah, unless you have a bunch of strict mods, once you surpass around 1000 things become unusable. In lower viewer channels the chat is actually useful and kinda nice. I used to watch an SC2 streamer who usually got around 3-500 people watching. In the chat there was always the same people and we actually got to know each other a bit. We would talk about school or work and how things were going. It was a sad day when he announced he was no longer streaming.

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Ludovico Technique + Azazel is even more messed up than orbiting tears + Azazel. It basically reduces all rooms to sit in the corner and melt everything with one gigantic never-ending brimstone.

I always hoped for that combo, but I never got it :(

I can see why.

It's so messed up. I really regret not recording my run through the Chest with it. It was absolutely hilarious.

And yeah I agree about the Haunt. That and Dingle are the only bosses in the game that annoy me. The Haunt because it is so hard to predict and takes forever to kill because of having to kill 3 ghosts along with him, and he is usually hit in Cellar 1 or 2. Dingle because you typically hit this boss early on and it takes forever to kill unless you have some type of damage upgrade. With Azazel or Samson he's pretty easy, but with Isaac or Magdalene and a crappy first gold chest, Dingle becomes annoying.

I just got the Haunt as the first boss doing the Solar System challenge. That's rough business.

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Ludovico Technique + Azazel is even more messed up than orbiting tears + Azazel. It basically reduces all rooms to sit in the corner and melt everything with one gigantic never-ending circular brimstone.

edit: Okay the above run gets absolutely insane. Every level is a techno rave by the end (you start with the unicorn horn effect in every new room). You get Ludovico Technique really early on in it.


double edit: cleared the entirety of the Chest minus ??? losing only half a heart with this. Killed ??? (my first try ever) taking 1 heart of damage.

This + gnawed leaf would be literally unbeatable.

This kind of thing is why I like this game. It's just insane the different kinds of combinations you can have.

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Azazel + moon looking thing that normally makes orbiting tears. You get the normal shot + full circle of brimstone shot around you. I couldn't believe this was actually a thing. It's so broken hahaha

I have a screenshot of it but the site won't let me upload for some reason.

Edit: welp, got that and dead cat from a devil room, which, given I only had one real heart, didn't actually impact me at all because I have the same health now and 9 lives. But yeah, orbit + Azazel is insane. You just shot and fly near things and they die.

double edit: and now bent spoon so the circle of brimstone aims itself at enemies. 0 aim required and everything dies in one shot.

Here's the code: PW4B OGKD

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@fredchuckdave said:

@ben_h: If you're talking about UI damage the only thing that "maxes out" are specific + damage items. Money = Power follows a different ruleset and stacks on top of those I believe, as do various multipliers (Book of Belial, Whore of Babylon, Cricket's Head, various tear effects).

You are correct. I should have added to my post that after this point in the picture I got the lucky rock and stompy (so despite flying, I still smashed rocks) and ended up with 99 coins. I basically one-shotted all bosses after that. It was silly.

Also, I did a few more Azazel runs. Azazel with mega tears is just as broken as you would think. I did the post-Mom giant boss room that has like all the bosses, and could one-shot all of them.

I've only not killed Mom's heart with Azazel a couple times. If you are careful, it's very hard to die with Azazel.

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It's a lot of fun for a couple minutes at a time, which about perfect since it's a phone game.

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Azazel runs are weird man. This is only on I think Catacombs 2. 10 coins appears to max out his damage.