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@colossalghost I don't, but that's something I'll have to look into soon.

@crusader8463 Company of Heroes used Quazal for Relic Online, but I believe that has now been migrated to Steamworks. Dawn of War and Battlefront both used GameSpy, but they can still be played on GameRanger.

Do you have any information for the pre-BF3 Battlefield games? I would guess EA will be moving them away from Gamespy if they haven't already since they still sell those games on their Origin service and on Steam.

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@vuud said:

@scott_kevill: it was on Reddit so of course it was not correct. Boy do I feel dumb for reading something on Reddit.

Was gonna say the same thing. Never trust Reddit.

Sad to hear about the old Battlefield games. I still play BF2 from time to time. The new games just aren't the same. Hopefully EA will throw the people who still play those games a bone and move the server stuff over to be done through Origin and their own servers. They still sell those games and selling a multiplayer without the ability to play multiplayer would be quite questionable. A lot of people still play BF2 and BF1942.

Sad to see Gamespy go. I used that service a ton back in the day to play Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, BF1942 and BF2. Yeah it was kinda sketchy at times but it worked and it was the only thing we had, other than Microsoft's Zone stuff.

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The hard difficulty is messed up. I've made it at most through 2 sectors before dying. There's a new weapon that is a giant ion blast that shuts like half the system down. There's another that does what appears to launch a bunch of debris at you and can hit multiple areas. It's crazy.

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It is officially out now. I've played the iPad version for about 4 hours. It's great. I was quite concerned about how the controls would work but they did an amazing job with them. The tablet is the perfect platform for this game.

Also, it seems like Easy has been toned down a little now that there is a Hard mode. The final boss also seemed easier though I still managed to lose because 3/4 of my ship lit on fire in the span of about 2 turns.

I have only seen two new pieces of content (one being a drone that is called the "Infiltrator" or something like that. It runs around the enemy ship and ion-blasts systems. The other being a clone machine that clones crew when they die so you don't lose them. They take a stat penalty but that still sounds really cool) but that is because I just turned on the Advanced Edition stuff (there's a toggle) because I wanted to get my sea legs with how the game played on iPad first.

So far it definitely is amazing.

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Depends entirely on the joke and context. For Colbert, the entire uproar about his joke was due to it being taken out of context, which was hugely important. In context to what he was discussing, his joke made sense. He was using his joke as satire to lambast a person running an organization with a racist name trying to make up for it by creating an organization with an equally sketchy name.

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Buy a house, a dope car, and a cheaper supercomputer and create the new hotness in the world of cryptocurrency, the Brad Bux. I would then work to overthrow Bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency.

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That's actually a neat idea, I must say.

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@trafalgarlaw said:

I'm really curious how they're going to measure Oxygen Saturation, gotta be a peripheral.

"You're below 96%! Calling 911 now!"

This is a very slippery slope when company's like apple are going to venture in health related products, absolutely no one will be able to control or correct medical data and recommendations apple will put out on these 'books'. They even got a tab for full blood work up. That's scary.

To me, the app looks like it is more of a tracker. We can see from the screenshots that there are different tab-thingies that can you can set to be on the front screen or not. I would guess for stuff like blood sugar, it simply acts as a log book of sorts so that a diabetic could keep track of their blood sugar readings (or maybe there would be a blood sugar tester that actively syncs to the app). Likewise with most of the other stuff like the Nutrition tab and weight tab.

I would guess there would be some sort of wearable device they will have in conjunction with this application that can check heartrate and count steps. Theoretically, a watch/bracelet could have a sensor in the strap for counting heartrate (we often see people get their heartrate taken from just above their wrist after all).

As a person who uses a Fitbit, I would probably get in on this if it wasn't too expensive. I quite like this kind of stuff.

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I just saw that response to my post. Man that guy was angry. It's pretty satisfying.

All I was saying was that if a person found the racing boring they should try turning off some of the assists because it becomes a completely different game than with all the assists on. And that if you do every race in the career mode you should end up with enough money to buy almost any car you want. That in combination with the career modes in Forza games taking a really long time means it takes a while to finish the game, but once you do you are rolling in money.

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Nope. We've never done anything religious other than use Christmas and Easter as an excuse to eat way too much food. I only ever go to churches for funerals, weddings, and flea markets.

All of the non-city-living people in my dad's side of the family are hardcore Christians (they all live in the Bible-Belty area in the south of the province and are all farmers or have jobs associated with farming) so it can get kinda awkward at times when we go to family things because they're all really close and don't really know us well.

Everyone but my grandma on my mom's side of the family actively makes fun of religion so we fit in perfectly there.

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