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@ben_h: I used to think the same as you, regarding screen size, but then I actually used a ~5inch screen and man, you really just don't notice it's so big. It's thin as fuck so you don't actually feel it in your pocket (this might be less so if you put it in a case), and the screen is absolutely beautiful to look at. I used to be fairly against phone's with screens larger than like 3.5, but man, I was a fool.

I went from a 4.7" screen Samsung phone to an iPhone. I don't miss it.

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Well, I attempted to post the new Avril Lavigne song, but the Internet Gods were merciful to everyone else and removed the video.

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How sick is the iPhone 6 going to be? The 5s is still faster than the Galaxy s5 so the 6 should be even faster.

Drops spoon and runs

I'm just worried they will make it too big like all the current Android phones are. I like the current form factor of the iPhone. It doesn't completely fill up your pocket like all the flagship Android phones do and the screen is still perfectly usable. If they do up the screen size, I hope it is to 4.3" to 4.5" max, or if they do go the near-5" route, they also offer a smaller, but just as powerful variant.

If that Ars Technica review is anything to go by, the slowness of the hardware compared to the competition is the least of the Galaxy S5's worries.

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The Define cases are dope. I have the mini one and it is amazing. They keep things nice and quiet and they aren't all flashy like so many other cases.

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You can also output your contacts from iCloud into a file that apparently makes sense across multiple services. The option is on the iCloud website somewhere.

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This poll has Vinny levels of one-sidedness in terms of votes. I approve.

Edit: You people are ruining my fun!

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Vinny was on vacation for the last week so it will probably show up this week. Everything I have heard, it was at the least recorded in audio form.

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@mb: Ah, so it might just be the videos GB videos being a performance hog when fullscreened (unless you have the model with the 750m discrete GPU). Doesn't explain the Twitch or other Flash issues though. What browser do you use? Is Flash up to date? Something funny has to be going on. I have two Macs and have none of the issues you are having with either, and one is a rather old one which I use mostly for streaming video in fullscreen while I work out. It's an old 2010 with a busted battery and I still get around 2.5 hours streaming video fullscreen on it.

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Ian looks like a proper backend developer, complete with neckbeard.