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Yay for password managers! Switching from one gibberish password to another takes like 2 seconds per site luckily. I'm switching everything just to be safe. After it is confirmed that the bug is fixed on a given site of course.

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I'm guessing if you use two stage authentication that would at least stop anyone using an account even if they have the password?

Yes, as long as they don't have access to the other form of authentication. For stuff like Blizzard's 2-factor, where you have a mobile phone app for the second factor, or Google, where they text you the information for the second factor, you are good. But for stuff like Steam, where they simply email you the second key, it is a bit less secure if your email is compromised. If your email is not compromised then you are fine.

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Hire the A-Team.

Unless I AM the A-Team of course.

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The circuit bent toys episode was on today. Man that episode was good.


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I get angry but not to that level. I usually just quit whatever I'm playing when I get mad and take a break. This basically exclusively happens when I play SC2.

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@alex said:

This is the most disappointing poll result in human history.

Agreed. I thought it would be flipped the other way.

I voted wrestling. I can't stand anime. I've tried watching it but I just cannot watch it for more than a few minutes. Wrestling is really bad, but at least it can be watchable at times.

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If you pick her up in an automobile, make sure you have a classy music playlist. Chicks love classy music. I recommend 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song". It's classy while showing you know how to have fun.

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That was a proper trainwreck.

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@grantheaslip said:

In hindsight it probably wasn't great, but I have fond memories of using GameSpy to play PC games in the early 2000s.

Mario Kart Wii apparently used GameSpy, which I had no idea about until I saw it mentioned offhand yesterday. (Nintendo announced in February that Mario Kart Wii's online servers are shutting down in May.)

A whole bunch of Nintendo online stuff used Gamespy apparently so a whole bunch of it is reportedly going offline in May. Like all the DS and Wii stuff. It was announced recently.

Edit: Basically, from my understanding, everything that uses this, not including the 3DS.

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April Fools!!!!!

Hopefully it just technical difficulties.

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It is odd that chat isn't up or anything.