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It makes me happy to see something actually worthwhile get Kickstarted. I loved Reading Rainbow as a kid.

Also, so everyone of a certain age range can go on a nostalgia trip, here's the main theme. I listened to it like 10 times in a row this morning:

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Battlefield 2 still has a ton of people playing it. Likewise for BF1942.

Servers go down in a month though because EA are cheap bastards and won't port a patch in different server stuff for games they continue to sell as multiplayer games. Luckily the community has found ways of fixing this.

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@jeff said:
@milkman said:

This is all going to look really stupid if it turns out that he's not the new editor.

*slow clap*

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Yeah, it probably is in the classic sense. Though with Vinny's new found freedom we may see it return in some form. It sounded like a huge amount of his day was devoured by meetings and email stuff so hopefully with his new location, the corporate stuff will become less prominent and allow him to actually do video stuff.

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*looks at huge pile of half finished 3DS and steam games*

Yeah, me too.

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Every FMV game ever played through to completion:

FMVindurance Run

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Now that Vinny has the freedom to do what he wants, we can finally get the ultimate content: the FMVindurance Run, where Vinny plays through every 90s FMV game.

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You aren't required to drink alcohol. I don't. I'm the same way, I just don't like any of the stuff I tried.

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Yes you should get PERSONA 4.