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Yes on both Mac browsers. Will check Linux and Windoze later.

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There's still a fair number of people playing, somewhere around 100,000 for ranked multiplayer 1v1 or so, and a whole bunch doing unranked (which is what I do now). Starting to play 1v1 multiplayer right now past the lowest level would probably be tough because there are very few new people left and most of the community has been playing for years. When doing matchmaking 1v1, I usually get a game within about 30 seconds, which is good. There's tons of people still playing team games and UMS stuff.

Balance at the pro level is kinda messed up right now (thanks to a few incredibly questionable balance changes that the community protested a great deal), but for the average person this doesn't really factor in as much because they suck too much for it to matter. Let's just say that if you are Protoss or Terran and are playing against Zerg, be prepared for some frustrating losses against mass mutalisks or muta/corruptor (this is an issue at the pro level. Weird muta switches that can't really be prepared for. Or against Terran, massing mutas and starving Terran since they they have trouble outright killing mutas anymore because of mutas getting buffed health regeneration that makes them heal completely quite fast). If you're Terran or Protoss, be prepared to lose to Protoss Oracles because the balance team decided that Oracles needed to go so fast that no ground unit can catch them. One of the largest issues with the game right now is the Swarm Host, which was added in HOTS. The design of it allows for some incredibly stupid situations to happen. 2+ hour PvZs that Protoss seldom can win because they have to fight an army that is free and auto-replenishes (IE Zerg parks 16-20 Swarm Hosts in a huge thing of static defence with Queens and Vipers then chips away at Protoss until Protoss starves). ZvZs that turn into mass Swarm Hosts versus mass Swarm Host that could theoretically never end because it is free units versus free units. TvZs that go on forever that end up with Terran either losing with mech against swarm hosts and mutas or massing enough ravens that Zerg can't win the game anymore because nothing can kill a critical mass of ravens if controlled right. Luckily, these crazy situations seldom happen anymore. There's a few European Zergs that still try and force them though, and it has allowed them to get a lot further in tournaments than they should have.

Also, if you play Brood War, you will get dominated even harder than you will in SC2. I'm alright at SC2, I've never won a game on iCCup for Brood War. The people playing 1v1 Brood War are zoo good.

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Still having this issue on Safari on OS X (newest update of both), Chrome on OS X, Chrome on Windows, and Chrome on Linux (both Mint 17 and the new Fedora).

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Listen to 80s pop/questionable rap/RiFF RAFF and swear at people. It's quite fun actually. I drive by the way. 8 minutes in the morning. 30 going home. Stupid traffic.

During school when I walk to and from school, usually podcasts, or music of some type. Those walks are 30 minutes each way. I could take the bus and spend less time commuting but that's no fun.

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Videos on console repairs sounds neat. I imagine a place like that would get lots of neat specialty repairs too.

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The MacBook (either will do. I would go with the Pro because those Retina screens are dope and it is only a bit more money) and wait until later for the PC. Chances are you won't have a ton of time to play games anyway (according to Steam I played about 10 hours of games between January and April this year, which was third year for me in CS. I used to average twice that in a week), but the ability to work on assignments on the go (while at school during breaks and things like that, not to mention taking notes in class) far outweighs any benefit the power of the desktop would have (power which you won't really need for the extreme majority of undergrad CS courses. Any time you will need a serious amount of power, you will likely be expected to use school hardware anyway).

And definitely get the Mac. Despite what others will try and tell you, there isn't really anything on the market that comes close to them right now, hardware-wise (specs are irrelevant for CS. Any modern, moderately fast processor will be just fine. Something like a gaming laptop would be complete overkill, and you would massively sacrifice usability for power, which you don't want to do). They have the best keyboard, trackpad, and battery life on the market, if you need you can triple boot them (OS X, Linux, Windows. You have to do some EFI magic for Linux but it isn't hard. This probably won't be required as a VM will cover most cases you would need in undergrad. Also, Linux on Mac hardware is godlike. Since there are only a comparatively small number different hardware configurations, drivers are really easy to deal with, the Linux dev people, at least on Fedora, have it set up so that all the keyboard shortcuts stay like OS X, and the media keys work the same as in OS X), all the major programming related packages you would use on Linux are available on one of the three major Mac package management systems (I'm a HomeBrew guy myself. MacPorts is fine too. I've never messed with Fink before but it is apparently kinda cryptic to use. HomeBrew covers all my needs), which you will need to learn at some point (probably for GCC at minimum since most CS schools I've seen want your C/C++ code compiled with GCC and not clang. I prefer clang myself but alas), and so on.

Also, like others have said, a laptop paired with a mouse, keyboard, and monitor is a great setup that easily replaces a desktop while still allowing the portability of a laptop. That is what I use during school too. A lot of programming shops are moving to using this type of system too since it makes working with others easy since you aren't tied down and allows you to take your laptop home if you want to work from there for a day or something.

Another thing, a warning of sorts. This only happens to some people but it definitely happened to me and a few people I know. Programming may partly kill your desire to play games. I very seldom play anything anymore because, since I spend so much time looking at computer screens doing my work, I try and do non-computer stuff when I have free time to save my eyes from getting worse. Programming, at least for me, also happens to scratch the same itch playing games does. I find them equally fun in most cases (except Assembly. I would rather get punched in the face than write Assembly) but I prefer programming because I feel like I am accomplishing more with my time.

Oh, and there's another thing. Whatever setup you end up with, make sure to install Flux or something similar (on Linux there is Redshift, though there is a Flux beta too that I use). Since you will be looking at computer screens a lot and probably working at night a lot, reducing eye strain is quite important.

One last thing. Get a Dropbox (or something like that) account and save all assignments to it. Not only does this save you from system failure causing you to lose work, but it allows you to work basically anywhere since all you need is the internet to fetch your stuff.

Okay, actual last thing, that dude that is slamming Vi/Vim above is nuts, Vi/Vim is godlike once you learn it.

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Gas. If it was lifetime Reebok Pumps my answer might be different.

We know Riff Raff's answer though:

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I still don't actually have any idea what Reddit is?

I consider this to be a good thing.

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I mostly play Threes, Ascension, and Star Command these days. Record Run and Device 6 are pretty good too.

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I'm getting to the point of not even reading the internet anymore because of how negative it is now. The chat during the E3 streams has been downright awful. GB is slowly becoming more negative and it is one of the last bastions of video game forums not completely full of assholes left. All the forums I used to go to are just awful now. Team Liquid went from being great (thanks to strict moderation) to being taken over by overly negative jerks from the Starcraft Reddit. All the good people seldom post because the negative people will rip them apart at a moment's notice over the tiniest trivia. This type of stuff is happening at other forums too.

I'm slowly gravitating toward forums where the average age of the community is much older than me. I feel like I fit in far better there. Usually the communities are much more mature. Proper discussions can be had and I can actually learn stuff. Usually that ends up being programming or technology forum type places for people out of school and already in the business but that is fine with me (I get a lot of great pointers as a result).