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Azazel + moon looking thing that normally makes orbiting tears. You get the normal shot + full circle of brimstone shot around you. I couldn't believe this was actually a thing. It's so broken hahaha

I have a screenshot of it but the site won't let me upload for some reason.

Edit: welp, got that and dead cat from a devil room, which, given I only had one real heart, didn't actually impact me at all because I have the same health now and 9 lives. But yeah, orbit + Azazel is insane. You just shot and fly near things and they die.

double edit: and now bent spoon so the circle of brimstone aims itself at enemies. 0 aim required and everything dies in one shot.

Here's the code: PW4B OGKD

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@fredchuckdave said:

@ben_h: If you're talking about UI damage the only thing that "maxes out" are specific + damage items. Money = Power follows a different ruleset and stacks on top of those I believe, as do various multipliers (Book of Belial, Whore of Babylon, Cricket's Head, various tear effects).

You are correct. I should have added to my post that after this point in the picture I got the lucky rock and stompy (so despite flying, I still smashed rocks) and ended up with 99 coins. I basically one-shotted all bosses after that. It was silly.

Also, I did a few more Azazel runs. Azazel with mega tears is just as broken as you would think. I did the post-Mom giant boss room that has like all the bosses, and could one-shot all of them.

I've only not killed Mom's heart with Azazel a couple times. If you are careful, it's very hard to die with Azazel.

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It's a lot of fun for a couple minutes at a time, which about perfect since it's a phone game.

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Azazel runs are weird man. This is only on I think Catacombs 2. 10 coins appears to max out his damage.


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Dead Island, and I say that as a person who very much enjoyed the first Dead Island game.

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Oh man do I need to listen to these.

Also, friendly reminder of the Dave Lang TNT where they went through old games he made and Jeff made fun of them. It's really interesting and pretty funny. Lang had lots of really cool stories about some of the games. It requires a premium account to watch on the site but I think it's on Youtube too.

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@fr0br0: It all depends on where you work. Please note I'm not talking about in general in my previous posts, I specifically noted that it was just two weeks in. If you've been at a place for a year and you suddenly quit without notice, yeah that's a really crappy thing to do. But people leaving jobs within a few weeks of starting is a totally normal thing to do.Where I work, you have a 90 day period upon hiring in which you can leave at any time without notice (and also can be fired without reason). People quit within a month all the time and we just shrug it off usually. If the place is so severely understaffed that losing a fresh new hire is going to sink the ship, you've got bigger issues. I've been in that situation, where the place was too cheap to properly staff themselves, so it would get to the point where they would try and refuse sick calls and would put way too much responsibility on new people, which would usually make them quit, causing a vicious circle of unhappy people and too much stress.

@zevvion: Well said. My current boss has that exact mentality you are describing and he is regarded quite highly because of it. He puts employee happiness before all else (because happy employees work harder). He hires students knowing they will be leaving at some point (he refers to the job as a stepping stone for students, not and end goal). He also knows that we have a lot to deal with for school so we can choose our schedules. In general, he's very flexible. He schedules assuming there will be at least a few sick calls each week, which makes it so that if something comes up and you can only work half a day, he'll let you. I had a huge assignment sprung on me last year with a very short time before it was due and emailed him with two days notice so I asked for half days and he, without question, said I could have the weekend off and wished me luck with my assignment. I also typically prefer to work 4 days during summer but once he accidentally scheduled me for 5, so he said I could choose a day and take it off (about half the staff does 4 days a week. I've never been pressured to do 5 days in the 3 years I've been here). He's one of the few managers I've found that puts employee's lives above work and it's why most of the people working at the place have been there for at least a few years (the average is somewhere around 4-5). If a person calls in sick he simply wishes that they get better and that he'll see them when they feel better.

Unfortunately, it sounds like many of the people in this thread manage/get managed in a way opposite to this. The way my old work was. Awful MBA-ized retail where everything is run by people who only see numbers. Where every person is just a number of hours filled into a schedule, and perhaps they are deliberately understaffed to save money, causing extra stress on employees (and making it hard to hire people since they will immediately see what is happening and then bail out), or talking about money or stupid MBA bullshit statistics (how many credit card applications people got, sales percentages, that crap) with people who should not have to worry about it. Where they would "lose" time off requests and try and refuse sick calls for people in understaffed departments by always requiring a doctor's note (I can't even see how this is legal). I've had to do no-shows because they've refused to give me a day off when I have finals that day. I felt awful for doing it but it had become abundantly clear they didn't actually care about me or my education so I decided finally to do the same and stop caring about them. I will never work at a place where that type of mentality is present again. It's not worth it. At some point you just have to stop worrying about others (outside of family and friends of course) and worry only about yourself. These retail places described in this thread do not care about you past if you show up for work and do your work, so it isn't worth it to care about them either.

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@fr0br0 said:

Quitting without notice is kinda a dick move. I do give you credit for realizing you are in over your head, though. Use this as a life lesson.

It depends on the situation usually. If you'v been at a place for a while, abruptly quitting is usually frowned upon. But at some jobs, especially retail, quitting within a month is not usually a big deal.

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It's two weeks, in most cases you can quit with no questions asked since you will likely be under probation anyway. I say go for it. If they won't respect your scheduling requirements, it is their loss. I had to do the same thing when a place I worked at started requiring me to work more hours while I was in university.

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I hook my laptop up to my TV to watch Netflix quite frequently. Once in a blue moon I'll hook my desktop up to it so I can play games that are better on a controller.