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Holy crap Allied Assault, BF2, and BF1942. The end of an era. I have played thousands of hours of those three combined.

For those who don't know, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is a heavily influential game on the modern FPS. The guys who made that went on to form Infinity Ward and we all know what happened after that.

I still have a boxed copy kicking around somewhere.

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I am now good until the end of 2015.

Also, that was the impulsiest thing I've done in a while. I didn't even think and boom, it was bought.

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I think I might have to read these again. I never did read that last book. I own it, just never read it. It sat on my bedside table for around a year before I finally put it on the shelf.

I chose the first book. I read 1-5 many times over and over and I always found myself liking the first the best. The third book probably comes in second. Fifth book in third. I wasn't huge on the fourth book at all. I don't really remember the sixth at all.

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GB Pocket (a mint condition one I imported from Japan), GBA, DS, DSi, 3DS for handheld game devices. Two Android phones, and an Android tablet which were replaced with an iPhone and an iPad.

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GTA San Andreas, some game from the Tony Hawk franchise, and usually either Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, or Wind Waker.

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I have all the qualifications for that internship, but alas, I don't have the means to live in the US.

I'll just wait and apply for something full-time once I am done school next year.

Good luck to those who apply.

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@butano said:

I've been using a PC (Surface Pro 1) with Ubuntu installed on an external hard drive for coding majority of the time, and the only downfall I've had has been iOS development, since you can only develop iOS apps on a Mac. If your classes are based in studying C/C++ and using gcc/g++ as a compiler, you'll have an easier time just installing Ubuntu on your machine rather than trying to code natively in OSX due to Mavericks changing the way XCode compiles C/C++ code. It can be changed, sure, but it's a pain in the ass to get working right, according to my fellow OSX-bound classmates.

It's actually fairly trivial. They just have to get Homebrew from their website (which they are in CS so they should get anyway), which is a Mac package manager (which functions much like apt-get, yum, zypper, pacman, or the other Linux package managers) then get whatever flavour of GCC they want (or they can just use the default "brew install gcc" and get the newest stable version. Right now it is 4.8.2. You can get 4.9 experimental versions though), then set an alias in Terminal so that gcc and g++ go to whatever whatever version of GCC you want to use rather than the default clang 5.0 version used by OS X. Say "alias gcc="gcc-47"" or something like that. It takes a tiny amount of time. It is almost as easily on MacPorts too. They don't have to use Xcode for C/C++. Heck, I don't recommend it. Xcode has always been finicky for command line C/C++ development, even back in the day when they used GNU GCC 4.2. If they absolutely must use an IDE for C++, they can use Eclipse, which can be configured to use GNU GCC. They should be using a text editor and terminal anyway. We were forced to after first term. IDEs are only used for Java and are optional for certain other things. Becoming too reliant on IDEs can be very damaging in the long run.

Oh I guess for the OP, my answer is absolutely. I find them so much more pleasant to work on than either Windows or Linux (I can configure Linux so that it is almost as pleasant, but it still has a ways to go. Windows is awful. Just dreadful). I have access to Windows and Linux if I need in the form of VMs, but 99% of my work is done in OS X. Homebrew makes installing most major platforms one would use trivial. The Mac implementation of workspaces, called Spaces, is so much smoother to use than any other versions (just enable 4 finger swipe and you can hop between spaces crazy fast. I also hotkey each Space in the keyboard menu. Also, on Macs you can set a ton of keyboard shortcuts very easily).

They may appear expensive at first, but the up front cost is worth it. They last a long time, and are insanely dependable. I still use my first Mac on a daily basis, and it is over 4 years old now. It still feels as fast, if not faster than when I bought it.

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@tinodz said:

I came here just to make sure this was posted.

Thank you.

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@oldguy said:

For those of you squawking about "pies must have lids" I present to you the Pecan Pie:

Indeed. Likewise for Pumpkin pie. Seldom do pumpkin pies have lids.

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All of the above.

But in reality, maybe DriveClub.