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Holy murphy a serious Biff post and it is just as awesome as his funny posts. Dude knows his stuff.

Yeah this sounds like a scam. Do not pay them a penny without proof. And be as safe as possible.

And yeah people, don't screw around with credit ever. My brother did and completely bombed his rating. He and his girlfriend had a lot of trouble finding a house because of it and my dad ended up having to cosign. Pay off debts as fast as possible

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Processor and RAM. Video card is plenty powerful for most games but slow DDR2 RAM and a rather antiquated processor will be holding you back at this point.

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This just in: EA is scum.

In other news, grass is green, cinnamon buns are delicious, and pigs continue to not fly.

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Depends if permadeath is on or not. I am just on Normal to start but I have permadeath on and refuse to let anyone die so I end up restarting a lot.

Other than that it isn't too hard but I was pretty good at Advance Wars and other TBS stuff so this kind of game is pretty easy for me.

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@mcghee said:

The best way to improve the podcast at this point would be to drop the videogame talk all together.

YEAH what he said. Screw video games, more Vinny dad stories and Jeff messed up old roommate stories. The more I hear about Chris with the white car the happier I am.

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Yeah, I walk home for 3 hours a week and if I finished the week's Bombcast early (as in if I finish it the evening it comes out) then I listen to old ones. I really like the 2008 ones. They were pretty goofy.

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I definitely agree. Of course my March is jam-packed with school stuff but I will find time. The HOTS beta has been amazing so far, so much fun. I am super excited for the new SimCity game. I have been playing SimCity 2000 a ton on my Mac in anticipation.

Also, new Luigi's Mansion is coming out too! I am so pumped!

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@marmalade said:

Out of curiosity, what is the reason that people seem to prefer hunting down a physical copy of this game? Wouldn't it be infinitely easier to just stay in your pajamas and download it from the e-shop?

People have issues with how e-shop works since it doesn't tie purchases to an account, just the device.

I looked for a physical copy on sites daily for over 2 weeks before giving up and just getting it on e-shop. Some clown is still trying to sell it for $90 on Amazon.

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The old Black Widow Ultimate had blue backlights. You could always look for one of those. But yeah, the quality is hit or miss with Razer stuff. Some of it is great and lasts forever and some of it dies just outside of warranty.

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I agree with the OP's sentiments. That flaw in the Origin survey thing a while back so you could basically get unlimited free games comes to mind. EA was kind and let everyone keep that stuff but it did seem like most people were more than happy to abuse the exploit. I guess I just have a problem with dishonesty.