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I bought this on sale for $3. No DRM, takes up 50 MB, bigger cities, has Cheetah Speed, has a Mac version.

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This sounds worse than Diablo 3. I certainly didn't have the issues people are talking about here when I was playing D3. The first couple days were messed up but after that it was smooth sailing other than the odd glitch (certainly not a month or any of the other crazy times people are claiming. A few days at worst for instability and around patches, which also happens in SC2). This case sounds like it is getting worse each day, not better.

Good thing I waited. If I get this game I will get it in like a month. I may not even bother because I will be so wrapped up in the new SC2 expansion.

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Far Cry 3 because you can punch sharks and engage in combat with various other animals. I had a blast playing that game.

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Simcity 4 is still a good game and doesn't actually look that terrible for its age. I would say Simcity 2000 but that might be a bit tough for someone just starting. They tell you very little about what to do.

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I doubt it.

Your best bet would to be to buy the Windows version on GOG and then run it with WINE. GOG's Windows installer plays really nicely with the few different WINE setups I've used, much better than downloading an actual old copy of the game.

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Glad I am waiting for more reviews. EA has fooled me enough. I would be breaking a 2 year "Don't buy EA stuff" rule to play this and it sounds like I may not have to do that.

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I was actually going to preorder this but I also got a bad feeling and thought maybe I should wait for reviews. In the mean time I am playing Simcity 2000 on my Mac thanks to GOG and wow is this game amazing. I loved it as a kid.

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@jams said:

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I don't think there's much point in speculating about anything related to the next Half-Life game. Valve is going to do whatever they want to do.

That seems like the point they've really wanted to drive home to people. Even to the point of teasing them with pictures of Valve staff members walking around with Half-life 3 shirts.

Having said that, I think that once they start talking about source engine 2; they'll start showing engine demos featuring the next Half-life. Or they'll give up on the franchise.

And if you add 10 to 3 you get 13, so on March 13, 2013, Tupac will come out of hiding and perform "Hail Mary" and the US government will admit 9/11 was an inside job.

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I'll just play Simcity 4 until there is more concrete info on this game. Maybe even some Simcity 2000.

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Very, very, large. It is a family trait from my mom's side of the family. My uncle has to get custom motorcycle helmets made and everyone else has to use the largest size for hats, helmets, etc. available. When he was alive, my grandpa also had to get custom hats as he had the largest noggin of all of us.

It is a bit of an issue sometimes. Like at work we have to wear hats and I had to get my boss to order me a hat larger than the "one size fits all" hats because that size did in fact not fit all. I also have been working out and lost a ton of weight and now my head is disproportionately large compared to the rest of my body. And my head isn't even that big compared to some of my cousins.