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Cancelled my Gold subscription a while ago. It just isn't worth it. It is ridiculous to have to pay money just to play multiplayer.

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Dark Souls, any racing games, Limbo, 3rd Person open world games.

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Run and hide in the med bay. You fight them while being healed so you can't really die. The passive healing on the Engi ship is usually enough for all non-Mantis enemies but otherwise yeah just b-line for the med bay and wait for them to come to you, leaving only essential staff on post (or if they are not in that area).

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  • All the GalCiv stuff
  • Endless Space
  • the Dawn of War pack that has everything
  • Far Cry 3
  • More Infinity Engine stuff
  • Medal of Honor: Allied Assault complete pack thingy (one of my all-time favourites. That game had the best maps for multiplayer)
  • Total Annihilation complete pack thingy
  • Theme Hospital
  • Neverwinter Nights (I own NWN2 on Mac but not on Windows)
I've been pretty reserved with spending this year. Most years I spend a few hundred but other than FC3, I think I only spent about $60 altogether. With FC3 I am just under $100. 
Edit: Forgot I actually bought Sleepy Dawgs a while ago.
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The GB and Tested staff, Ice T, MC Eiht, Ice Cube, Andrew WK, a metric ton of SC2 people, and a ton of other random people (I follow over 200 people). 
I have 2 followers, the coach for the now defunct SC2 team oGs, and MC Ren. Yes, MC Ren. I was one of the first people to follow him when he made an account. He follows most people that follow him.

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I couldn't find a Guitar Hero 2 guitar anywhere, and I even remember seeing them in the past at stores I checked at. They must have thrown them out or something. 
Edit: Looked an Canadian Ebay and only found 1 Xbox 360 GH2 Explorer (this came with the game and box and everything) other than a set with a BIN of over $130. On Amazon it is new for $490... 
It is so crazy because EB games used to just have a pile of them in the corner for like $15, now they have nothing yet they sell the games.

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Nope. Don't drink.

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Fujimi Kaido obviously. Only in Japanese drifters like Silvias, RX-7s, and Mitsubishis and other such cars. I would go with an Evo VI but I don't have XBL Gold anymore so I can't partake, plus I have other stuff on the go right now, like punching sharks.

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Forza 3/Forza 4. I think I am about 100 hours in on 4 and have roughly half the races left, along with all the Porsche DLC races, but that is because I do a ton of tuning.