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Doesn't the Giant Bomb age gate tell you to go to church or something goofy like that if you enter that you are too young?

And yeah, age gates are a pointless waste of times and resources. Anyone with half a brain can trick them into showing the content they are supposed to be blocking off.

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I went back and played this recently after not playing since June (got a new Mac, wanted to see how it ran games. It ran this on all high very well. Going from a Core2Duo with integrated graphics to an quadcore i7 and 650M is a big step), and yeah it is crazy how much everything has changed. I was just at the end of Hell difficulty when I quit so jumping in now seems perfect. I don't know about using the Auction House though I may have to because I am kinda stuck at this one boss on Hell and it seems like it will be a challenge to beat without beefing up my gear a bit.

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I imagine many Steam users (myself included), experience this all the time. I have 120 games on Steam, and have only played around 50 of them, and when I actually get free time (which is almost never), I look at them all, go "meh" and then just play more Burnout Paradise, SC2, Forza on my Xbox or some random game on my iPad.

Now up to 255, same deal. Except now it is like 60 played instead of 50.

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Yeah I was in playing within 10 minutes of the NA server unlocking.

Though things seem borked now though. Keeps telling me achievements are offline then crashing with a fatal error message. A lot of people are getting it. It is too bad because I played all afternoon no problem then like a half hour ago this happened and it has been crashing ever since.

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Technically, they both run from the same client (It is just called Starcraft II). You can switch between expansions in the "Gameplay" settings in the options menu in the upper left corner of that area of the menu.

You don't want to install using your WoL disc, it will take like 8 hours to patch because it starts at 1.0 and then does a bunch of patches. It is much faster to use the HOTS disc or install the client from Battlenet.

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Oh jeez 5 years? Really? I feel old.

Also, Silky the Fairy and the Saucepan Man is still one of my favourite things.

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It will be just fine. The infrastructure is already built and has been used for almost 3 years. They probably added more servers than what they have had for the last year since there will be an influx of players.

I am quite excited. I had a blast playing the beta and played probably 300-400 games of it, which is a lot for me since I usually average 100 games per season. Though going back to Wings of Liberty for the last week has been tough. It feels so crappy in comparison though immortal/sentry still works so I can still have an unfairly high PvZ winrate while having fun.

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@sooty: Agreed, MacBook keyboards are godlike. After 3 years I almost prefer the keyboard on my Mac to my full-sized mechanical keyboard that I use with my desktop.

And I guess my above response subtly answers the question posed in the OP, use a desktop for games, and buy a laptop that is good at everything else. Gaming laptops are notorious for having heating problems down the line, being kinda questionable quality-wise, and being basically useless as a laptop (as in, you will never be able to take it to school and use it in multiple classes without plugging it in). They are much worse than the equally priced desktop, a budget laptop can do a better job at being a laptop than them, and they are completely impractical for anything other than games because of their sheer size and power consumption. Outside of extreme special cases, I see no reason why someone would ever get a gaming laptop.

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Traditional. Though I am one of those insane people who dry-shaves because I hate shaving cream. I make up for the lack of moisture by using lotion on my face daily. My skin is so used to dry shaving at this point that I don't even get any irritation.

Also, unkept beards are disgusting. I can't stand people who just let them grow and don't even trim them (I don't mean old guys with santa beards, I mean lazy university students). My comp sci classes have lots of people who have these beards and they looks so sloppy. If you are going to have it at least take the time to take care of it and make yourself look at least somewhat presentable and not like a lazy slob.

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Coffee. That is usually it.

I try and eat something for breakfast but I don't really get an appetite until I am awake for a few hours so usually just a piece of fruit or some yogurt or something if I eat anything at all. Never anything big.