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As far as names go, that one is pretty great. The tribute makes it even better.

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Xbox because that is all I have. I'll get it for PC when it is on sale sometime.

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@rhaknar said:

@metzo_paino said:

They're updating the iPad line in October, (probably late October). So you could either get a better device, or the same one but cheaper. Current rumours are that the new update won't have retina though.

I didnt follow the previous years, are they usually that fast between announcement and releasing products? I know there is a apple event on the 10th, but all I heard was it was iphone related, not ipad

Usually they are either available the day of the announcement or within a few days, unless it is the Mac Pro. They still haven't released those. I ordered my iPad the day it was announced and got it a week later.

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I think Battlefield 2 had pretty decent shooting (All the pre-Bad Company BF games had solid shooting. The BC games were good too, though the guns felt a bit too accurate at times. BF3's shooting sucks, way too easy. Everything is super accurate so it takes the skill out). It striked a balance of being harder than modern COD-style everything-is-super-accurate and old school Ghost Recon-style crazy bullet spread (I'm talking original Ghost Recon, not the newer ones). Full automatic was basically useless in it other than at close distances because of how crazy bullet spread was, and the game encouraged you to use single shot or short bursts. Sniping in it was a ton of fun even though it wasn't realistic in any way (It felt like there was a lot of power to your shots, especially with the Barrett).

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Every time I play a Civ game I always feel like I am playing it incorrectly. I find myself listening to the game's suggestions on what to do 90% of the time, thus it feels like I'm not doing anything besides following directions. I love strategy games too, but Civ keeps TELLING ME WHAT TO DO GOSH SHUT UP CIV I AM AN ADULT!

You can turn that off.

As for the OP, if you didn't like Civ V having a lot of reading (which it doesn't actually. You can usually figure most of the stuff out by just playing the game.), then you definitely won't like Medieval 2. There is way more reading in that than in Civ games.

Also, Civ is really easy until you get to the really high difficulties. Playing on a low difficulty and just figuring it out as you go is totally viable in most cases.

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@d0m3l said:

@planetfunksquad said:

@d0m3l: As a musical guy, the fact that you think Jazz has no tempo ENRAGES ME. I DON'T EVEN THINK YOU KNOW WHAT TEMPO IS.

I might have expressed myself wrong... I meant metre

From what I understand best Jazz is about improvisation and free flow of music. And that very often involves changing metre. Jazz is great... until i hear improvised solo. It just makes me fee uneasy and uncomfortable. As if someone stabbed my spine with ice pick. Some types of music pull my happiness strings (Phil Collins or Queen), sadness (Ray Charles and all good blues) or even fun (disco or even come country). But unfortunately Jazz pulls my anxiety strings.

PS. I also don't like the fact, that I don't like something ;)

That only happens when the person improvising is either not that comfortable with improvising or lose tempo and start playing off-time compared to everyone else. A well done improvised solo is indistinguishable from a structured solo. If a soloist can't hammer down the feel of the song or screws up badly, then improvised solos can get bad too. Check out some old live videos of the Dave Brubeck Quartet and you will see a group that can do improvisation properly. No awkwardness at all, all smooth.

On topic:

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Also, you can listen to Grant Kirkhope music and consider it classical now. He is played on classical channels once in a while.

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"Oven-Fresh Day" is the bee's knees.

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@rm082e said:

As far as the case, anything with a good rating from a reputable company will work fine. I chose the Fractal Design Define R4 last time around and I've been very happy with it, though I caught it on sale for $75.

I have the mini version of the Define and it is an amazing case (mine is designed for mATX rather than full sized ATX). Incredibly good build quality. Not a single sharp edge or out of place piece. Also at least some of the filters are removable for cleaning (I haven't tried them all but for sure the bottom filter does).

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@chiablo said:

How to play the Total War series:

  1. Wait for the newest Total War game.
  2. Buy last year's Total War that has expansions and user-made fixes and content.
  3. Enjoy a great, stable game.

Or just play the original Rome or Medieval 2 and have a good experience no matter what.

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I guess I'll just keep playing BF2 on the few servers that remain, like I have been doing a bit lately. I was incredibly disappointed in BF3 and this sounds even worse from what I have seen and heard so far. It is such a shame what EA has done to this franchise.

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@colourful_hippie said:

I see no reason to pass on this

Because, by the time I get around to it, it will probably be available for $5

This argument rings true for me, especially saying that I still have to play the first.