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@Counterclockwork87 said:

You say, "as an adult," but you write like a little kid.

I am looking forward to it. Pokemon is still one of my favourite franchises. I really should finish Pokemon Black.
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For Steam and whatnot, not too bad actually. Probably like $65 in total, $40 of which was Far Cry 3 so not nearly as bad as other years when I went whole hog and spent like $400. But I also am kinda running out of stuff to buy. I just bought the DoW2 pack, GalCiv pack, and Endless Space. All of which are long games that I don't have time to play but I bought them anyway. I really want to dig into Endless Space, as I haven't played a huge scale turn-based strategy game in a very long time.
I did buy some 3DS stuff at a local Boxing Day sale where it was buy 1 get 1 half off so I ended up spending about $50 on NSMB2 and Mario Kart 7. I am quite enjoying the 3DS so far. 

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3D actually doesn't work well for me, even glasses-less like on the 3DS, so I don't really mind that this fad is going away. I am very excited, however, for super high res.

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He looks way better with a beard. 
Also, it is good that they are going hard on supporting Linux (they will have to if this box is to be Linux based). Maybe I can finally get rid of the steaming pile of poo that is Windows once and for all. If it weren't for games I would already be fully moved to Linux and Mac OS.

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Yeah, the only time I've heard "toon" for an MMO character is when people I knew were playing Toontown.

I heard people using it for Diablo III. It drove me nuts.
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@WildGoose said:

Yes. Is there anywhere to play online anymore????

There are actually quite a few people still playing AoE2. I briefly tried it out in summer before getting busy with school.
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"Real Game". Everytime I see people post this term (often in relation to discussions of mobile/indie gaming and usually claiming that mobile platforms don't have said "real games") I ask them what it means. I have never received a response.

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$73 for unlimited texting (which I never used to use but now use probably 100 times a day or more), unlimited data, unlimited local calls, unlimited national calls to other people on the same network, unlimited picture messaging, caller ID (A big one for me) and $8 insurance for my iPhone 5 I got a month ago. That is around the average plan you can get here if you have a smart phone. 
I used to have a cheaper plan but now that I work during the school year I can afford a better one. I also use my iPhone significantly more than I used my old Nexus phone.

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@mnzy said:

Will Jeff still have a beard? All bets are on!

I thought he couldn't grow one....

He is using a very loose definition of the word beard. I've seen Jeff's beards. They are more of a cross between a pedo stache and those greasy, kinda patchy beards teenagers try and grow.
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I just bought Guitar Hero through Guitar Hero 3 for PS2 recently. I still use mine a bit. I was late to the party when it comes to the PS2 so I still am slowly catching up on games for it. I still want to get the Sly Cooper games.