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I saw a noticeable difference in black levels when I got my Ultrasharp. Dark colours are waaaay darker even though the monitor backlight is way brighter than my old one. 
 I don't notice any ghosting on my U2312HM at all. Heck, I think I am going to get a U2412HM to use for when I am doing work since I like more vertical space then just use the 2312 for games and whatnot as a secondary monitor.

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Just ignore it. There will always be the internet hivemind idiots who always have to have their way or they throw a tantrum.

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It got me used to using the keyboard more, which is weird because I've played PC games since I was 3, but not like Starcraft. I never used to use keyboard shortcuts ever or be able to touch type but now that I am used to where all the keys are I can quite easily. On Mac I navigate absolutely everything with the keyboard now.

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Finally a use for this video I saw!!!

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@mattdragn said:

I hear 1000000 is really good, shame it's iPhone only... May well have to get an iPhone 5 when my contract ends.

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Flow and beat are most important to me. Though it is more about the flow. If a song flows well I can listen to it over and over again. 

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The Daedric stuff was a lot of fun. A Night to Renember was hilarious and the one involving Sheogorath was also pretty funny.

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Season 2, episode 14 of Twin Peaks, one of the weirdest pieces of television I have watched.

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Because the comments section here is now a collation of Slam remixes.

I've listened to that one so many times. It is easily among the best. I have no idea what it is from but it is still amazing.
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One of my favourite Youtube trends started because of that Barkley game theme track.  I know  100s of these things but these 3 are among my favourites.