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Will Jeff still have a beard? All bets are on!

I thought he couldn't grow one....

He is using a very loose definition of the word beard. I've seen Jeff's beards. They are more of a cross between a pedo stache and those greasy, kinda patchy beards teenagers try and grow.
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I just bought Guitar Hero through Guitar Hero 3 for PS2 recently. I still use mine a bit. I was late to the party when it comes to the PS2 so I still am slowly catching up on games for it. I still want to get the Sly Cooper games.

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Because they seem to run low on supply quickly compared to demand soon after they stop print. For example, I could sell the mint copy of Pikmin 2 I have for Gamecube for more than I bought it for. The only ones I ever see cheap are pack-ins like Super Mario Sunshine or the Wii Mario Kart game.

Fun side note: late era N64 games are crazy expensive at times. Conker's Bad Fur is like $80 on Ebay. Paper Mario with a box and manual goes for $50 to $60.

Then again, I was enough of a Nintendo nerd to drop like $300 on harder to find SNES games.

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It varies. Usually the new versions of the AMD and Nvidia cards are released earlier in the year like around March. At least that is what it was in the past.

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Viva Pinata!

This is all you need. 
Also Dead Rising is pretty good and can be found for super duper cheap now.
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But I thought my opinion was supreme law that overrules everyone elses' opinions.

No Bob Ross my opinion is LAW. We have established this. 
No wait, we haven't. Move along.
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Garbage like The Big Bang Theory has made it so I feel like a complete asshole if I wear anything related to games or tech. The closest thing I have to that is my zerg shirt, but it isn't an immediately obvious reference unless you already know Starcraft. 
For how I actually dress, quite plain. Usually just jeans, a plain or simple logo t-shirt and a bunnyhug or track jacket, along with my large assortment of Adidas shoes (I've kinda started collecting all the crazy pairs. I have the fluorescent yellow ones from the Gangnam Style video but I can't wear those out anymore because I feel like a tool, so instead I wear my red pair of the same style shoes or my black/white or white/black Sambas). Also, lots of 80s metal and power metal t-shirts because they're awesome. My Painkiller shirt is by far my favourite.

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Ugh, hurry up and finish degree I am working toward, I want to start doing this kind of stuff!!!

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 80s action movie soundtracks or 80s metal. A lot of Yngwie Malmsteen, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, and the like. Also a lot of 80s thrash metal like Testament, Exodus, Kreator and the like.

  Or if I feel like it, crazy Scandinavian black metal or melodic death metal. 
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Cancelled my Gold subscription a while ago. It just isn't worth it. It is ridiculous to have to pay money just to play multiplayer.