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Not gonna lie, I would totally buy them just to do the single player. I played through the first halo tons but never played any of the other ones.

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Play some bot games to get used to how the characters control, because it feels really slow at first if you come from an RTS or League of Legends. Also, you are going to have to do lots of reading (the guides have already been mentioned) if you are going to improve in the game. 
I am the opposite crappy player of most  crappy players. Most crappy players are those guys who know a ton about the game but can't control to save their life but I am the opposite. I can very consistently get last hits and denies and cast my spells at the right time and in quick succession, but I have absolutely no idea what is going on ever.

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I've almost done this a number of times (I kinda quit playing games during the school year because I have too much to do. I play a few hours a week at the most) but then came to the realization that it wasn't that I was bored with gaming in general, but just bored with what was recently released and what was coming out. Modern games just don't work for me anymore. The number of 2012 titles I bought can be counted on one hand and only 2 of them I actually played a lot. So I bought older consoles and games. I bought a SNES and all the staple games, I bought a ton of N64 games that I remember enjoying when I rented them as a kid, I started playing old PC games, older DS and GBA games (I bought all the Ace Attorneys and those are the most fun I have had with games in years), I dug out my Genesis and played a few games of Barkley's Shut Up and Jam, and so on. I found I had way more fun.  
The typical modern console game is too serious and the focus on story (stories in games are still garbage) has really killed it for me. The only new games the last few years I have enjoyed have been games with either an inconsequential story (like Forza: Horizon, FTL) or games where the story is just a tiny part of the game (like Skyrim. I don't even know/care what the story is but I've played over 150 hours of it). Basically, what I am saying is that the focus on being "gritty", and "visceral" and all those other bullshit descriptors has kinda ruined games for me and I fix that by going back to a time when games were more about fun. Basically what I am saying is Yoshi's Island is superior to every modern game.

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An hour a day is dedicated to listening to music other than when I have major stuff for school. In that case I listen to music while I work. I am always listening to music. 
My Rdio subscription pays itself off in like 1 day.

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SNES and a CRT television. Everything feels off on an LCD and some games look funny. I was mysteriously missing tons of bonus damage timed button presses on Super Mario RPG. As soon as I got out an old tube TV it all went away. Check Ebay auctions, you can get SNESs quite cheap. I got mine for $40 with a copy of Super Mario World and mine is in perfect shape. Using an emulator just doesn't cut it. You can't see the framerate drops in Super Mario World (they are there. I was shocked when I saw them. Mostly in Donut Plains levels).
Edit: Just watch for prices on games. Some places charge a lot more than others. A lot of the pricing is based on condition. I paid $5 more for a copy of Super Mario RPG that was mint over one with a nick in the label, but that is worth it for me because I collect old games and want them in good shape. You can get most of the staple games for $20-30. LTTP sometimes goes for $35 and Yoshi's Island varies because it isn't as common. Once you get into the more rare stuff it goes up fast. It will be nigh impossible to get Super Mario RPG for less than at least $60 (I got mine for $70 but mine is mint. There were cheaper copies available). 
And yeah, bust out rubbing alcohol for the connector thingies. My copy of Zelda: A Link to the Past straight up didn't work before I took a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to it. Now it works perfectly.

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I heard this on the radio one time and it's been stuck in my head for days. Someone help me.

I had this version stuck in my head for an entire weekend. I didn't actually mind: 
  And here is my contribution. I had this song stuck in my head a whole week. I actually like it but it was too much 
  I don't think this song would fly in modern times. He yells at girls to get into his car. If that happened now he would get arrested.
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Do you want something that actually hooks to the iPad or something to just store it in so you can take the iPad out and use it without anything hanging off it? I don't like having stuff attached to my phones or tablets so I just got a sleeve to store my iPad. It is from Rickshaw Bagworks and it is really nice and quite padded. You order them custom, though they do have some premade ones in certain colours already.
Here's the link:

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That will allow me to get rid of most of my backlog. I stopped buying games until it is gone.

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It's unfortunate about all of the in-app purchases and DLC and nickle and dime bullshit, though. It really puts me off of games like Kingdom Rush. Instead of sucking coins out of me as the game goes, I'd rather they just charge me $3 or $5 and let me have the experience of an actual regular game.

I definitely agree with this though I will say that this isn't exclusive to mobile games anymore. There's a lot of really scummy DLC for full priced console games coming out now too. I tend to avoid all of it. The only in-app purchase I ever bought was more maps for Sentinel 3 because I really enjoyed that game and it was basically a whole second game worth of material for $0.99 with new weapons, maps, and enemy types. Doesn't sound too far off from most DLC to me. 
It is a real shame about Kingdom Rush being scummy with the microtransactions because that game used to not have any of that stuff and was AWESOME.