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I can get my RTS on (or continue to have it on since I am a daily Starcraft player) with the new SC2 expansion (which I am already in the beta for) and the new CoH game, which I am actually way more pumped for. 
Also, GTAV should be amazing.

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@MrPilkington said:

@lebkin: I think I've decided that I am going to go with the iPad 4, for a few reasons and one being that I just really would like that new high-res retina display. I also think I'm just gonna pony up the extra cash and get the iPad 4. As it does seem more future proof with that processor, but the real reason is that I upgraded to an iPhone 5 recent and I would be nice to have one cable to power both devices.

The screen on the iPad 3 (and 4) is amazingly good. Since you used the older iPad it will be even more noticeable. You won't regret it.
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They should sell this on iOS and Android. I swear they would probably make a ton of money on it because it is so awesome. It also would help reach the huge market of people who don't want Vitas but are totally down to be in the club. I would buy it.

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Go for it. I never read them anyway. I get far more out of a quick look than a review. You can tell by how interested they are if it is a good game. If they seem bored I probably will be too.

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@Blimble said:

This is just silly. It is this dam Rock and Roll that is causing violence and perversion. Someone needs to stop this Elvis Presley before he corrupts or children any further

And all that gosh darn jazz music too! The blues? That stuff causes violence!  Swing music is listened to by those inflicted with reefer madness from marijuana when they go into a frenzy and chop people up with axes! 
The US needs to stop lying to itself.  Guns are the problem. They've been the problem for a long time.
And yes that thing I wrote about swing music is true. I'm taking an elective class on the history of pharmaceutical and recreational drugs in the US and people back then actually believed that crap about swing music and marijuana turning people insane (one article we had to read even had a quote from a "expert" back then that claimed marijuana had more severe side effects than opiates like heroin or morphine such as psychosis, hence the term reefer madness).  Basically what I am saying is that the religious right in the US has always been delusional.
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It's just like on the Persona 4 Endurance Run. Except for there they used it as a joke because they always lost track of what day they were recording.

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@Ravenlight said: 
  • Teleported entire crew to enemy ship and forgot I had auto-fire turned on.
I didn't think of that when I was playing. I lost everyone but the person in the pilot seat of my ship.
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@alternate said:

You could get a full body bombcast tattoo. Make sure someone checks your spelling before you tell the tattooist what you want though.

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I saw a noticeable difference in black levels when I got my Ultrasharp. Dark colours are waaaay darker even though the monitor backlight is way brighter than my old one. 
 I don't notice any ghosting on my U2312HM at all. Heck, I think I am going to get a U2412HM to use for when I am doing work since I like more vertical space then just use the 2312 for games and whatnot as a secondary monitor.

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Just ignore it. There will always be the internet hivemind idiots who always have to have their way or they throw a tantrum.