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Yeah, like, cool, you discovered a glitch? But I think the term speedrunning even for all of it is a pretty poor term. I always figured it was just masterful play of a certain game, instead it's just finding exploits. Great, congrats; but it's nothing I'm at all interested in.

That's the most ignorant thing I read all day, congratulations. If only you had the slightest idea how much practice and mastery goes into a run like this and to have every one of these incredibly hard tricks work in a single live run.

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I've been watching Cosmo's stream for probably a good year now and been able to witness at least four personal bests live, including the two last week. His 18:10 especially was a thing of absolute beauty and the honesty in his reactions, from the humble "I take this as a sign of consistency" to the nerve-wrecking tension after he got the God-Hess was incredible. I'm not even a big Ocarina of Time guy, or deep into speedrunning, but seeing him reach this nigh-perfection of a run after months of practice was awe-inspiring. Congratulations again, Cosmo, you deserve it.

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A few days ago, I posted about speedrunner Cosmo Wright, after months of practice, finally beating his personal best for Ocarina of Time, getting a new world record. Today, a mere 20 minutes ago, he managed to get a nearly flawless run to finish the game in an amazing 18:10, a whooping 19 seconds faster. Unless a new glitch is found, this time seems nearly impossible to beat.

Watch the run HERE.

Congrats, Cosmo. Holy shit, man, you did it.

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That's because the size of a game is mostly determined by its assets such as sound files, textures and pre-rendered video (if you ignore potentially wasteful programming, bad compression, etc.) Imagine textures to be a bunch of high-res images, all the sound effects, music and voice acting are mp3s and any pre-rendered video is like a movie file. By comparison, things like the level architecture, scripts such as enemy behaviour or animations are like word documents, lines of code that are tiny in storage size.

In the case of Wind Waker (and Nintendo games in general), they don't really have voice acting, they have certain sounds like gasps that are played during text boxes and you only need to have that sound once and just play it at the appropriate time, whereas if you have something like Metal Gear Solid, you can't splice together a dialogue by stitching words together on the fly. Similarly, the game's cel-shading style is great, because you don't need high-detail textures or normal mapping effects.

In general, there is a concept of storage space versus calculation speed. There is a game called .kkrieger, which is a first-person shooter packed into a tiny 96KB file, but looks about as good as Quake 3 or Unreal 2 (roughly.) The key is that all the textures, the rendering engine, etc. are generated from the basic algorithms stored in that 96KB file, but to calculate and unpack it, it takes quite a while to start the game up.

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Ultimately, what I came for in Mass Effect and what I come for in Destiny (judging by the alpha) is entirely different. Mass Effect is a space opera in the style of Star Trek, it's about characters and their relationships. I can overlook the mediocre combat mechanics and typical cover-based shooter level design with hip-high boxes all over the place. What the Destiny alpha sold me on was the fact that it played incredibly well, a thing Jeff pointed out multiple times both in their alpha quick look and the recent "unfinished." It also hints at the underlying loot system, which is something I enjoy a lot. Finally, the dungeon/raid structure of co-op missions was interesting.

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I just got done watching Cosmo play Ocarina of Time on, where he, after many, many tries over the course of the past few months, managed to beat the current world record. You can watch the run, which is 18 minutes and 29 or 30 seconds long on his channel.

For those new to the game or speed running in general, he uses various glitches and techniques to skip a huge amount of the game such as most dungeons except for the Deku Tree and even the sword. I'm not super knowledgeable about that stuff, so don't ask me how it works, but it's still super impressive since it involves two especially hard skips (getting past Mido in Kokiri and clipping through the castle at the end.) Also, the device he uses is the iQue, a Chinese gaming system/controller, one of the reasons he uses it is that Chinese text is faster.

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Pretty sure Jeff brought Mugen to UPF at one point during the Salty Bet phase. Anyway, Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire is another obscure 2D fighting game they played. Do you have a time frame for your memory?

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Mugen (M.U.G.E.N.) maybe?

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Just gonna put this out there: Fuck Spelunky.

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"So it's troubling to think that a game like Mass Effect or Dragon Age gives young players the idea that nobody will ever treat them differently once they find out they're anything other than straight, rather than give them the tools with which they can start to understand and accept the discrimination they may end up facing in their lives."

This is one of those statements that sparks the "well, what the fuck do you WANT me to do?" reactions in me. Am I not supposed to tolerate and accept you the way you are and treat you as equal, regardless of gender, race, religious belief or sexual preference? I'm so sorry my lack of disdain didn't prepare you for facing disdain.

Do these games require a token homophobe character to remind players that society hasn't fully accepted them (yet?)

Maybe you should read the article, because he's not talking about you. He's talking about the portrayal of gay relationships in media Bioware produces. The romance is idealized, not realistic. The writer presents this idea to the lead writer of Dragon Age, and is given an answer that satisfies him, even if he doesn't agree.

You've misjudged the author's point, so I think a read is worth your time.

And you don't understand that I'm not talking for myself, but partially for the writers at Bioware and the fact that you just can't satisfy everyone with anything. For one thing, they are fictional universes and not some hard knock life preparation courses, having a world where homosexuality is widely accepted is not some insane fever dream, especially when I thought such a state is what society is striving for anyway.

Secondly, the author writes the gay relationships are romanticized, idealized without the hardships of a real relationship. Well, yes, but so are the heterosexual relationships in these games. They are, game-y in that all you do is increase a variable to a certain point to open a dialog choice to watch a cutscene.

Finally, what's the alternative? That after you're done Anderson intercoms you and says "get of my ship, you faggots" to show the kids what might happen when they decide to come out?