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Well, at least they have the perfect engine to make bad-looking games.

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Nothing can replace the Ryan-shaped hole in my heart and the absence of Vinny is sorely felt, but Dan (and also Jason, hats off to the guy, he doesn't get enough credit) have been fantastic additions to the team.

The number of features Dan sparked in just a couple of months is astounding (we need another Mario Party before Xmas) and while he has some very strange ideas and ideals, as well as an unhealthy obsession with wrestling, I can't help but love his tireless enthusiasm.

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I should clarify that the main offense of the combat for me is the way characters (both the player and the enemies) can dorkily whiff their combos if the game deems that they're not lined up just right, so while the hits feel visceral, missing them and seeing characters slide past each other like two magnets facing the same charge takes you out of the experience.

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Yakuza is like if Hideo Kojima made Shenmue, and I mean it as a compliment. The characters are great and it's a fantastic depiction of the Japanese crime world in a sort of soap opera style. I do think while the combat is brutal and satisfying, it's mechanically a bit clunky and hasn't aged particularly well. Someone should hand the devs a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum as a reference for how they could improve their melee combat.

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The amount of time and setup this announcement was given was definitely out of place, but Sony probably feels they have to give Square some extra attention. One must assume someone told them they'd get made fun off for this.

That said, people these days are so quickly to pass FFVII up as this overhyped nostalgia legend. The game was fantastic at the time and the story is such a wild, enjoyable and, yes, emotional ride. LIke, blowing up a reactor, highway chases, infiltrating a military base, the golden saucer, the rocket, the submarine, etc.

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As long as I get videos of Vinny being Vinny, I'd be happy. That said, I don't understand why he's not part of Bombin' the A.M. yet, given how sorely he's missed on the bombcast (not that the bombcast is bad now, but Vinny just made it special every week.)

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Much of the essential stuff has already been mentioned, so I just wanna remark that the Wii U also plays Wii games. If you didn't have a Wii, I reckon the two Mario Galaxy games still hold up (at least the first one does from what I've played) and there are probably a few other gems. Although you'd have to get a Wiimote with nunchuck to play these games.

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It took me the better part of my childhood to figure out that Daisy and Peach were two different characters and they didn't just rename her at some point.

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I remember two things about playing Golden Eye (multiplayer) for the first and only time:

1) "Hold on, what do you mean I can't jump?"

2) "Wait, there's an invisible wall blocking this hole in the floor?"

As someone who was used to playing shooters on a PC, the limitations in movement, the narrow level design, etc. in combination with playing 3 player split-screen on a shitty ass tv left me utterly baffled over the hype this game got.

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@zevvion do you even read the nonsensical things you write that contradict each other?

"the vast majority of consumers read reviews on day of release or a day prior; even if the review is up a week in advance"
contrasted by
"Because people may forget it in a couple of weeks, not to mention spend their money on games that are actually out"

If these people you create read the reviews the day the game is released, they can't have read it weeks prior and forgotten about it.

You even say yourself you want to play Dragon Age, but you have to wait. You didn't say "fuck it, if I can't have it now, I'm not gonna get it in two weeks, despite the glowing reviews"