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Having spent a good amount of time with both, I feel like each game has its distinct strengths and weaknesses and anyone who says that either is objectively better is totally wrong. I don't really like it when people ding LoL for having a worse business model than Dota 2 because Riot, while they have money, has nowhere close to the amount of money Valve has to develop the game. The only thing that really bothers me is whenever League is brought up by the staff on this site, its always some derisive comment about it or Brad making a bold declaration about League that more often than not is completely false (like when he said definitively that LoL had no last hitting, and that wasn't even the first time he's done something like that). I feel like if he is going to talk about LoL, he should at least know something about it.

This. I'd rather he doesn't talk about LoL at all than spout complete nonsense or stuff Dota fanboys tell him as factual, when it's just an opinion. The thing is, there is no secret agenda for Giant Bomb to discredit League, it's just that Brad plays Dota2 and that's why he talks about it every now and then. When he played SC2, he'd talk about that one every week on the Bombcast too.

As for the business model, I'm actually enjoying the process of unlocking champions a lot, but I can understand new players complaining about a disadvantage. Then again, when I started, I played the same champion every single game for months before I decided I'd elevate my playstyle. Having access to all characters doesn't really help if you're proficient with none of them.

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I don't really get the feeling gaming journalists are covering either game all that much and we're just getting more exposure to Dota2 through Brad playing it. Ok, The International prize pool has been getting a lot of traction, but beyond that, there's really not that much to say about two games that have been out for a long time.

There are arguments people throw around that are kind of stupid in my opinion, but who cares. People will like the game they prefere and they will try to convince you of their opinion and you can either ignore them or engage in pointless forum wars.

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Looks like a fine build to me, especially on a budget. You'll certainly be able to play just about any game on its highest setting without problems. If you want to go over a last minute price/performance comparison, I always look at and before I decide on what to buy (although I can't say how reliable these are, it's just the first one I found when I looked for one.) It's, however, always a great reminder of how completely whacky cpu and gpu numbering and pricing is.

Anyway, I want to also thank you. Thanks in part to your post, I pulled the trigger 2 days ago on a new setup I had been thinking to get for the past half year. Enjoy your new pc, if you get it.

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Huh, crazy start.

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@shaka999: Hey, I just had another look at your list and it seems your intended RAM is clocked at 1866 MHz while your motherboard supports up to 1600 MHz. It should still work, but it'll run at your motherboard's maximum clock speed, so if you can find cheaper RAM at 1600, you could consider swapping those out.

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Because SSDs are pricey compared to regular harddrives, people usually reserve that space for applications like the operating system (Windows 8.1 in your case) and whatever they use often/benefits from faster loading. If you decide to get an SSD, you'll probably still need to buy a normal harddrive for music and video files or games you don't use often. It'll cut into your budget, so you might decide to upgrade to an SSD later on, but the speed increase is absolutely worth it.

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Did you consider an SSD for the OS and/or your favorite games? I honestly don't ever want to go back to regular harddrives.

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They released 10 champions total since the beginning of 2013, slowing down significantly. Their kit design also has greatly improved in recent years; and no, Lucian is not comparable to Miss Fortune, Yasuo is very different from Master Yi, etc.

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So... how was it?

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K, if your having problems getting into chat this is what I did.

Log out, Go into the livestream while still logged out. Chat was showing for me at this point. Log back in and go back to the livestream.

Don't know why but this seemed to do something...

Huh, that actually worked for me. Thanks.

Still, it's pretty stupid, especially when they keep telling you to not refresh the page and when you finally do because their crap doesn't work anyway, they tell you how you fucked everything up.