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As Sin City drowns in Chaos, three Men come to save the Day. 0

Ubisoft's latest entry in the Rainbow Six franchise puts you in the shoes of team leader Logan Keller whose teammates got kidnapped on a routine mission to capture the terrorist leader Irena Morales. Logan makes it out on his own, but has to leave his mates behind on order of the headquarter. It appears that an army of terrorists has invaded Sin City and Keller is to lead Bravo team to clear the situation and uncover the plot. It's too bad though that the story sounds like taken right out of a T...

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A Marvel in RPG History 2

Final Fantasy X is the tenth instalment of Square's highly regarded RPG series and it was the first to be released on the Playstation 2. As with every new game of the franchise, FFX features a completely new setting, story and cast of characters. Main protagonist of the game is Tidus, star player of the blitzball team Zanarkand Apes, who sees his world destroyed by a giant tidal wave that seems to swallow the whole city of Zanarkand. Trying to escape, he teams up with his mentor Auron, who has ...

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Tim Burton meets Alice in Wonderland 0

After the mediocre Genji: Days of the Blade, Japanese developer Game Republic tries again with their second PlayStation 3 title, Folklore. And while they still struggle with many issues in gameplay and presentation, the end result remains enjoyable for anyone interested in an engaging action-adventure with a story deep enough to question the very meaning of death. The game follows the young Ellen and journalist Keats who are both lured into the mysterious village of Doolin, said to be a bridge ...

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Ironically, what this game needed was simply more time. 0

TimeShift is a perfect example of publishers pushing an unfinished game onto the market in time for the holiday season. While the result is by no means disastrous, there's no doubt the game could have been significantly better. The story goes that at some point in the future, a secret science facility invents a suit that protects its wearer from the side-effects of time travel, i.e. being squished into a singularity by gravitational forces. Of course, one power-hungry jerk in your team can't re...

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An astonishing Adventure into Japanese Folklore 0

Okami could very well be the game that settles the debate whether or not video games should be considered art. It's hard to not be enthralled by its lush, flowing colours, breath-taking art design and highly stylized scenery and characters. It would be unfair to reduce the game to simply being "pretty" however, as the underlying gameplay, while very reminiscent of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series, is just as superb and the distinctly Japanese setting sets it apart from anything else out there. ...

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More than just the Goddess of War 1

Much has been said about Ninja Theory's action-adventure starring the fiery red-head Nariko. Called a shameless God of War clone with roots going back to the days of the original XBox and reviews both amazingly positive and crushingly mediocre, Heavenly Sword has had a hard stand leading up to its release.The title's namesake, a powerful blade once wielded by a celestial hero and now guarded by a warrior tribe awaiting the foretold rebirth of said hero is the object of King Bohan's desire. You p...

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