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Sadly I don't think it will win game of the year even though it should have at least been nominated too many people just want fast paced action and don't care to think while playing a game. Was X-com perfect? no but it was different and took risks well beyond the same old crap that the new Halo, Call of duty, etc took.

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The Marathon is to help raise money for Child's Play charity. The Marathon starts on November 29th at 6:00 pm and goes to Sunday December 2nd until 9:00 pm so 75 hours.

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I've been playing a lot of the older Resident Evil games the past few months in preparation for a 75 hour marathon. While playing the Resident Evil outbreak games it hit me... I was having fun. Sure I died 3 times before completing one of the scenarios but I enjoyed each death, each trial, and each puzzle. Too often during Resident Evil 5 I felt it was a slog to the end. The action did not wow me and where was the challenge? Before people cry wolf yes I was playing on the highest difficulty yet at that point the enemies just took more hits to kill.

For me it boils down to what makes a Resident Evil game. Does putting the name "Resident Evil" on a title make it a RE? If the name of Resident Evil 5 was something like Zombies take over the world, or Sand infection would people have cared about it? To me a RE game has to have limited supplies and an evil corporation trying to create BOW's for profit. Zombies have to be a part of the game.... traditional ones not fast zombies, or zombies that shoot guns, but real honest to god zombies. Sure I'm jaded because I grew up with the classics, but why change the format? It seems like they changed it just to change it with no real basis other then profit. I guess the path to more video game sales is to abandon the format that got you there.

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I've always completed games %100 even before there where trophies, collectibles, etc were cool. I find its a good way to get my money's worth and keeps my video game budget manageable. By the time I finish one game the next game I want has usually had one or two price breaks. At this point I think its a test of wills between me and the game to go for %100 completion and has almost become a compulsion of mine.

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Best is too subjective a term to declare anything the "best". Everyone has their top 3 or 5 or 10 and depending on what console they grew up with its going to include Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft games. Even the business of reviewing games is subjective. To paraphrase Popeye "I like what I like".

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I think you do yourself a disservice if you don't start on normal. There is nothing wrong with easy I just think some of the charm of the game is lost when the game is not challenging. I would also suggest if you decide not to play on iron man mode you limit your reloads to only when you make a play mistake such as moving to the wrong area.

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I could go for another WW2 shooter... although I would like to maybe play as the Russians this time

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If your into the humor aspect of games Sam and Max has the same theme and has some good puzzles to it, but has a giant humor element to it. Its not for everyone but if its your cup of tea its a really good game.

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I want to help support games like this. I'm all for bringing back the tactical genre or anything from the past really. I see this game and the kickstarter revival of adventure games as a way for this to happen. I guess I'm just a sucker for things I played when I was a kid.

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When ever I go back to an old save I always have that moment where I look at the load out and realize what the hell was I thinking?!? I had to restart so many games because I made such bad decisions when I was younger.