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I hope we get some back story, maybe some more of Big Boss or another Solid Snake mission on that was supper off the books.

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Instead of heavenly sword I would go with God of war 3 and the God of War collection. Its basically the same game. Heavy Rain is a must one of the best games for the PS3.

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1) Run for 45 min 4 days a week

2) Weight train my upper body (arms, chest, back, etc) one day a week

3) Rest the other two days

Of course this is me being in training mode for the Zombie 5k this year, once that's over I will probably switch a run day for a weight day

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Alphabetically by game system, and if there is a series by release order. I worked too many years in a video store to do it any other way.

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I'm all for more good superhero games, and I am for anything that can give it to us.If it takes a more campy batman game then I say bring it on.

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A chainsaw, in any game that has them. Either used against me or as a weapon against the foe's that come at me. There is just something visceral about a chainsaw and they make the coolest noises when used on body parts.

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I'm going to go with the Aliens from the "Alien" series of movies. If you go into the science of them they are one of the most perfect killing species in the cosmos. Acid for blood, sneaky as hell, and vicious!

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I have always loved Star Wars since I've been a little kid. The universe has had its low points (the most recent movies being a very low point). But through it all I can still find the magic and wonderment every time I watch or read Star Wars.

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I'm glad to see this trend of giving us (the players) consequences for our actions. I'm a huge Monkey Island fan but it was always weird to me that you couldn't die. Being a fan of sierra games where you could it was sometimes a difficult transition. Over all having our choices matter makes for better players and imho people. Maybe its the old school gamer in me, but not having a fear of dying, in games, makes them boring.

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I have medium hopes lol for this game. I like the direction they are going in and thank the heavens for bring back zombies!