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BTW, Patrick. Great job. Keep it up.

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Regretting someone was offended is not the same as actually regretting that you have become a bigoted, disgustingly ignorant person.

As an incident that happened in the community, the community has the right to speak out against this kind of bullshit until it's stamped into the ground.

And if this asshole doesn't have any parents or peers -or sliver of intelligence- to help him see how his "opinion" is objectively wrong, then may he be stamped away as well.

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I was wondering where the heck Mak went.

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I'm a little puzzled on how this is going to work.

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My first thought was "maybe they are lying to trick and surprise us!"
Then I realized how silly I sounded.
This is the kind of sick relationship they have developed with their fans!
Oh, the mind games! Valve you brilliant, sick SOB.

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I think Posts like these are great. (though to be honest I not reading the whole thing right now).
Just wanted to say that I think  we are at the point were Giant Bomb would benefit from little "news", "Reviews", and "opinion" or "editorial" Tags on their front page posts.
Seems like an appropriate evolution for the site, especially since Patrick and others are bringing such cool new varied content.

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@MrKlorox: Yes! Don;t know what they where thinking turning it into the shooter that is is now. Hopefully they can turn it around.
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Really looking forward to Armored Core 5. People just write off that series all too often.

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Hate the camera effect idea. I'm a guy in a grass field, not a shitty webcam with a gun.

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