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And @fobwashed next to Kessler, GB representin' hard at the I4!

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Interesting to hear that Alvin could survive through the last ep. I wish I was able to see some more interaction with him even though it seems like in the end he doesn't make it.

Agreed that this episode was really great. I really liked this season so far but not as much as the first one. This episode may have changed that, or at least evened it out a bit. I mean damn I lost sleep after trying to go to bed right after playing this episode because I wasn't happy with all the decisions I made (mostly because I made Clem watch Carver get beaten to death =/ ).

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Here's a 48x48 Windjammer disc:

I think it looks a little funky but I touched it up some after moving up to a 48x48 image. It's straight out of a Windjammers screenshot so if you're not trying to use assets from other things then obviously it's not usable. Not sure if you had ideas for like usable items or powers/power-ups that last a short time after picking up but this could potentially be one.

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@bribo: When I started reading this I thought of Buckfast as a power up, glad someone else thought of it!

Another idea I had was a Windjammers themed power up. Not sure what it would do, perhaps a crazy explosion like one of the power-ups in Windjammers or perhaps it's a disc you pick up and throw? IDK man now you got me thinking of ideas.

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@fobwashed, I'll be there so I'd definitely like to pick up a shirt and meet up with you! I wear a large.

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Here's wishing you and your family the best Patrick. My subscription to GB just renewed and I remember that I first signed up after you joined the crew because it then became an even more amazing deal.

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@seanfoster: I would definitely agree, it shouldn't matter a whole lot, unless you don't have a great PC which means it might not run as well.

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I contemplated getting it on PC but then gave in and got the cheaper season pass on PS3 and it handled great. From what I had read the PC version seemed a bit iffy as in when you plugged in an Xbox controller it just controlled the same, if not better.

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As anyone should be able to, I can confirm this as I had also bought a frame and it was much too small for the poster.

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Oh man, wish I hadn't read that part about the Joker. All good though if it is as you say Brad, if the story is told well it could just be a small part of something much more interesting.

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