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Since Gamespot actively pulls Quick Looks into their feed, I've started wondering.. Gamespot and Giant Bomb both has editorial, both has video content, Giant Bomb has wiki pages and GameFaqs has guides and cheats.. some data crosses over between sites but not others. For instance, Gamespot queries for the guides / cheats on GameFaqs while Giant Bomb has their own wiki-based guides.

Since CBSi owns GameFaqs, Gamespot, Giant Bomb and some other sites, what data is getting cross site-bounderies?
It feels stupid that some data crosses over, but not other.

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I should be clear, I'm talking about the "Premium Podcasts" feed, not the Bombcast Premium feed. I felt as if the "Bombcast" forum category was the right place to post a podcast-related thing.

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Using Pocket Casts, it always grabs the cover for "Whiskey Media: Radio Show" as the art for the entire feed. This seems like something way low-priority to fix, but since Whiskey Media is long gone I'd wonder how good idea it is to keep it, even though I have some amount of nostalgia for those days. I'm sure there are community members that'd be up for making some new artwork.

Feel free to trash this thread if I've missed the answer easily.

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Hopefully the next step becomes some sort of online store where folks can buy Nintendo merch globally. With the (presumed) success of Amiibo, I'm presuming people are up for buying Nintendo junk, be it posters or CDs or whatever else. I wouldn't mind if they charged a little extra to cover costs.

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I can't see an end to this and Gamergate, a movement which is the summation of years of cynical people that have been mad/disapointed in how modern games didn't turn out exactly like they wanted, and how people in a privilaged seat of influence didn't share their interest in videogames.

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I've been thinking recently about internet and the various places within. I've mapped out the path I've taken via the internet communities I've associated myself with and how they relate to my interests. As I've grown older and have had to focus on my careers development, I've distance myself from most of them.

Here's the conundrum. I can't really go back to how I used to hang-out online, but I've been feeling an urge to think/chat/listen about certain interests with no place to do so.

So question of the thread is essentitally this: Where do you hang out on the internet?

To answer myself, outside the community that spun out of a netlabel (Breakbit Music) and a group of Soundcloud artists that went wild on mashups for a while, I can't find any websites about music/software where I don't need to be wary of kooky people.

Sorry if this thread appears ranty or anything. A bit tired at the moment, and will likely rephrase myself in the morning.

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Hah, "click bait". What a cynical phrase to discredit Patrick's attempt to spread awareness. Annoyed that he's posted about this subject two times in a row? I guess that's what actual victims feel, being forced to remember that sexism is still an issue.

The sentiment that Patrick should go beyond and try and make actual change is something I can get behind, and I hope it's something he considers for the following weeks. It's not something that can get arranged over night, probably. Talking about the subject helps, but actively trying to change it in anyway would help out the cause even more.

And wow, some people still can't seem to handle that their escapism isn't without reflection or discussions that can be have. If you're apathetic about the subject, fair enough, but I don't understand why there has to be such a negativity attached to that supposed apathy. Is it really a problem that Patrick, a person that has worked his way to this position, has some sort of soapbox on a subject he cares about?

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If you use the word "clickbait" in your post, you're wrong.

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@Willtron and @heatDrive88: I didn't actually quote anyone, but it's what I read from the direct hate for the existence of this post on Giant Bomb. But yeah, cheers for agreeing. C: