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The raid sounds like fun but I'll never experience it. After playing many, many hours over the past week I'm only level 24. Plus I have only two people on my friend's list who play Destiny. I get why there's no matchmaking but it sucks there's a part of the game I paid $60 for that I'll never get to play.

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Not surprising. If I recall correctly I thought 2K said (months and months ago) they were thinking about releasing WWE 2k15 in early 2015 instead of their normal end of October slot. I am curious what they desperately need to fix and can fix in those three weeks. Don't get me wrong, I love that the game will be released with less bugs and more polish.

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Wario? Niiiice!

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@sterling: Did you watch the video on Drew's trip to North Korea? That's not gaming related. Patrick and Drew's trip to Iceland, the video at least, was mainly travel and culture info, not so much gaming related.

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With that 5.5" display I'm back in on the iPhone bandwagon. It will be interesting to see what mobile game developers will do with Metal. Maybe someone will release a mobile game I want to play.

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Why Mortal Kombat, WHY? Why must you give into the shitting nature that is pre-order content? Especially when it's a character in a fighting game. Hey, you know you're going to buy this game, but if you don't spend your money early fuck you, you can't play this character.

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I like the additions of an updated CPU, two more shoulder button (which means we might see some more 3DS/Wii U titles similar to Super Smash Bros, a C-stick (which is just a cop-out of a second analog stick without creating a new mold for the handheld), and replaceable cover plates (that's like printing money at $10 per plate). But seriously, they're calling it "New 3DS." Has Nintendo learned NOTHING from the Wii U and 2DS problems? It's baffling to me.

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@surgicallube: I should've phrased that better. I meant that in a positive, meaning if people were thinking about getting an Xbox One they should think again because new Halo is coming soon.

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It's smart for Microsoft to release Reach, and probably ODST next month or in October to get the Halo name out there to many people and make them think harder (in a good way) about getting an Xbox One and the Halo Collection in anticipation for Halo 5.

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