There is something seriously wrong with me

Every time I transfer a podcast to my iPhone from my PC, the song "Push the Tempo" plays in my head for the entire process until I realize it, completely freak out, forget about it, and then do the exact same thing next time I transfer a podcast without thinking about it.

I can't find the association between the two and I'm flipping the fuck out about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

documenting this in case I die from norman cook over-exposure , so y'all can know it wasn't space dementia.


My new least favourite thing on the internet

When people begin a sentence with 'This' after quoting someone e.g.:

@SupahLeetKilla420 <comment about a game or mechanic that some people hate and some people love>

@xxgamefanxx This, I totally agree with your point and was too lazy to give any additional input but wanted everyone else to know that I believe this is the only correct way to think and everyone else should take note of my view because that's how important I am.