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Pretty sure that since the original announcement of the virtual console on Wii this was what Jeff hoped virtual console would be.

It's the perfect way to get people to play a lot of the older games that frankly often have less substance than a typical iphone game these days. I can't really see people paying for these games that they could find a clone of on their phone for free but if they made it better value and easy to access (or at least easier than emulating it) then they might have something cool on their hands.

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Don't worry, all throughout Europe there has been a rise in far-right, euro-sceptic, xenophobe extremist parties. This is just a follow up to that. You should still be proud to be swedish, or at least i would be comparing to what happens in other countries like mine (Italy) :D

In Britain, their equivalent is UKIP and they're even in a group called the EFD with the Swedish Democrats among others. Voting for them is often viewed as a protest vote against the two big parties that dominate politics here and I assume it's roughly the same everywhere.

First I think we really ought to be more helpful to one another rather than excluding people to reinforce out-dated beliefs about nations and national pride, but second these parties pretty much all seem to be super fucking racist and politically speaking they'd just end up empowering the elite 1% if they got real power.

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@tubaker: @the_nick: I've played games with y'all before as well I think? I'm Dodgy Kong ingame if you're forming a team and looking for more duders. Feel free to get in touch via pm or what-not if you like.

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@aegon: I think it has more to do with the actual pictures released for the film, because in the actual film they both look fine, they're paint and designs weren't jarring or anything because its a film with a lot of aliens.

Totally agree, also actually seeing Ronin's skin up close early on in the movie actually looked really believable

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I can not believe there are so many people here upset that they can't EA money on a monthly subscription plan.

Have you guys learnt nothing all these years?

If EA are doing something you can be damn right in thinking it's for EAs shareholder benefit first and foremost.

Sony is a company with shareholders too, they do a good job of giving their company a friendly face but don't be so naive as to think that they aren't doing exactly what EA is doing with their own subscription service and simply came to the conclusion that financially it would be bad for Sony to let EA put this service on their consoles.

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@medacris said:

@geraltitude: (Is there an entry on the Turtling page for FPS'es, too?) Another vote to keep and rework it, just explaining the behavior in general (maybe based on genre, not citing specific examples).

For example, here's how I'd do it:

RPG's (Turn-Based):

In a turn-based RPG, sometimes there can be a huge jump in difficulty between one area and the next, forcing the player to stay in the first until they are overleveled to ensure survival. How much grinding is required depends on the game, and how steep the difficulty jump is. Another reason to grind in an RPG is for specific items, which may only drop very infrequently in a specific area.

I think it's fair to say there is a steep level grind in some games (e.g. Final Fantasy) and not a level grind in something like a Skyrim but perhaps the distinction needs to be made between scaling enemy levels and static ones rather than describing the behaviour that it necessitates.

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My hope is that you queue for matchmaking and have access to every map from all the games but I could easily see people having to queue for a specific game's multiplayer. I'm interested to know the answer too op!

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I thought the trailer had a good mix of CG and gameplay, providing the viewer with a good warm-up idea of what the game will be like.

I definitely saw some MK9 animations in there so I'm hoping that that level of detail is what they're shooting for in the final game with a better framerate. I think it's feasible!

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I look forward to GB:RAW and GB:Smackdown! and hope they can combine forces in pay-per-view's where possible.