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I want a Final Fantasy XIV key for sure. Best of luck to y'all and thanks for doing this duder.

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Just don't jinx it and throw out any antiquated terms relating to 'stamina marathons'

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@gnatsol said:

This guy was just as important to the rise of Nintendo as Miyamoto. Everyone should treat it as such and hold both in revere.

Indeed. RIP to a true industry legend. Most of us wouldn't be here, without him. Shame he probably won't get much coverage in general media.

he's recognized for sure

very sad to hear he has passed but I'm really really glad he got to accomplish what he did. Everyone has those unforgettable NES, SNES and N64 moments that might not have been without his influence on the company.

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@sinusoidal: Part of the reason too why he was drawn to do that project was because he was working with Django again and it pretty much shows from what he said yesterday on Twitter:

I think he was probably not happy with the change of having to scrap Django in GB and Comic Vine even though he didn't mention it in his blog months ago.

So does this mean he's now Django Unchained?

I was waiting for that to happen. You are now on "the list".


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more like a modernised Wordpress

Yup, that's what I got it from it as well. Plus it's powered by Django...which this site no longer uses. ;_;

It looks like a similar content delivery system to what Giant Bomb and comic vine use (they did build it after all). It's less to do with the front end of websites and more the inner workings sorta like wordpress. Amazes me that many sites out there are still manually editing the HTML of pages to post articles and stuff, what is this the seventies?!

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I'm going to keep listening to see how they change the delivery every week. This weeks had the nintendownload-E-Shop music!

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@mb said:

It may be time to consider dumping all of that volunteer work and maybe some of those clubs as well.

Whatever your career is going to be, you should do this and then with the freed up time, do stuff related to your career. You don't just want to spend 4 years in school and end up being only a degree closer to your job when others could already have experience in your chosen field. Work experience is almost always going to trump anything barring the job requirements themselves.

It's sad to say but it's the path to being unemployed with no skills if you don't get your foot in the door now.

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it's sugar coated chocolate, it says on fucking box

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@flstyle: pretty sure you'd need to just enter the key and download from steam directly? Not 100% sure.