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@HypnoToadBrwowrowrow: I have a feeling he got that straight from a Louis CK bit where Louis says he enjoys hating people for recreation. Especially since (I believe) he's mentioned being a fan.

Look, for the most part I like Dan, but the thing that gets to me about him is that anything he says that could be construed as rude can be easily explained away as "oh he's just trying to get a reaction from people, it's hilarious!" I mean, yeah, one could be completely aware of this and yet it's the very fact that he's doing this that is annoying, not whatever incendiary opinion he was spouting off in the first place. He's been dangerously enabled (mostly by the community, but perhaps also by himself) to say anything he wants without needing to own it because someone is invariably going to come along and dismiss it with "oh you know, that silly Dan, he's just trolling again and you guys just don't get it!" as if that alone makes anything he says okay.

@stryker1121: Maybe I'm being reductive but I don't see where the line is. If one "enjoys getting a reaction" by expressing a hyperbolic negative opinion, what kind of reaction would that be other than to upset someone? I guess the line would be he wants to piss people off...but only kind of?

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In just a month I will be moving up an entire age bracket.


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Really hoping the clippers win it today, or else my spurs will have lost for nothing.

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@sparky_buzzsaw: I don't really see how I'm being a jerk. Maybe it was the cursing? But okay.

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@456nto: So what exactly is it about Dan that makes you and apparently so many other people so confident that he's actually thinking that far ahead of everyone else? I mean I can just as easily sit here and tell you that, hey, jokes on you, my having a problem with Dan and then getting others like you to have a problem with me having a problem with Dan is all a part of my act and you seem to have fallen for it.

And hey, that tumblr answer that @amppelixposted before you? Are you going to tell me that that's also an elaborate ruse to get people to think that Dan's trying to convince us that he gets serious once in a while, but hey, that's actually all just a farce too and I'd be a fool to take it seriously? No? Well why not? Where do you draw the line with him and how? Enlighten me please as I really am curious where the basis is for the idea that Dan is building layers upon layers of meta humor that only a select few have "figured out".

Or don't enlighten me, because hey I'm really just fucking with you. Or am I?

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@456nto: The thing is, if he honestly didn't give a shit about others' perception of him, then why would he even bother going out of his way to say he was kidding? He frequently defends himself like this.

No I wouldn't ask comedians to clairfy when they're joking because I know they're comedians. The whole point of their routine and the very specific environment they're in at that point in time (I'm assuming you're talking about stand-up comedians doing stand up) is to make jokes. But I can't hold Dan to this same standard because he will often troll his audience and then rebuke the very reaction he was trying to incite. He will intentionally try to piss people off and then have a problem with them when they actually do get pissed off. If Dan's a comedian then he needs to commit to the act and the reactions he's going to get at all times and not be upset when people don't "get it", or else you can bet your ass I'm going to need him to clarify if he's joking or not.

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I'd say none. If I love a song I don't get tired of listening to it and nothing can really "ruin" it for me.

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Why would this be even remotely weird? I would rather cheer for the team whose players are the most likable or whose organization is the best managed than base my fandom on something as arbitrary as the town I'm from. But then again, sports fans are weird about this stuff.

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I use a Dvorak keyboard.

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If you find that creepy, then professional athletes must really give you the heebie jeebies.