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I'd say none. If I love a song I don't get tired of listening to it and nothing can really "ruin" it for me.

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Why would this be even remotely weird? I would rather cheer for the team whose players are the most likable or whose organization is the best managed than base my fandom on something as arbitrary as the town I'm from. But then again, sports fans are weird about this stuff.

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I use a Dvorak keyboard.

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If you find that creepy, then professional athletes must really give you the heebie jeebies.

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@mems1224 said:.

If anything, I think the skinny dude from Team Meat came off as a bigger jerk.

Yeah, in the movie, he came off as a depressing curmudgeon who hates his life, and I can understand why some people would find that annoying. But in his interviews from the past year or two he actually seems like a pretty pleasant guy to be around with a good sense of humor that's, dare I say it, kind of infectious. Plus he has a tumblr where he answers questions and gives good advice to people about game development.

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Looking good duder. Congrats and keep it up!

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I hear Java is pretty marketable.

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It's the right thing to do, no doubt, but it's happened to me on a midterm or two in college and it's a test of morality I didn't pass.

An exception would be if you were graded an A+ but should've gotten an F or which case that's just the professor's fault.

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I've always just laid it face down in my trunk and driven it to my new place and have not once had any problems. If I'm feeling especially ambitious I'll wrap it up in two bath towels. Of course if you have any of that liquid cooling business in there you might not want to do what I do.

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All I wear are Tilly's flannels, so yes.