Games that I just bought

Why, hello there. Didn't see you come in. Oh, you want to know about what I bought that are videogames? Cool, I want to tell you about them!
My friend bought Bulletstorm at launch day and loves it. I didn't really like the demo because I thought it got dull fast and I dislike score-based games. Then again I love the attitude of this game, with the dicktits and the fucked up shit that goes on in that game, and I am interested in doing Co-op with said person. In addition to this I am nearing 100% completion on Dragon Age Ultimate Edition (just three achievements away from being done now - yo Harvester on Hard is fucking impossible) and I just discovered that I have the week off from college... So this is the perfect time to buy some games. Having woken up at 8 pm, I rushed to the stores, but was dismayed to find that the ones that sold videogames were all closed. So I went online to the only place I could think of that lets me order games without a credit card, (a Norwegian site - 99% of you can just ignore this).
The thing about ordering online through the mail is that you have to pay for the delivery or whatnot, so it's a good idea to buy in bulk. So I looked around their 360 section and found Mirror's Edge for dirt cheap (all the prices above are Norwegian Kroner - if we include the sales tax and whatnot you can just divide by ten to get the US Dollar equivalent). Then I thought "Hey wait a minute I also have a PC that can play games", so I went to the PC section and OH MY GOD THESE GAMES ARE CHEAPER THAN COKE ZERO. Of course, I value my time, so I only bought two of the dirt cheap PC games: James Bond: Quantom of Solace (IT'S SO CHEAP and also Daniel Craig) and Dreamfall Limited Edition, which is made by Funcom, one of the few Norwegian game developers. Since I am going to be studying game design with a teacher that worked with Funcom (I believe he was among the people who pitched The Secret World), it makes sense to play at least one game from them... and it's 39 fucking kroners.
Anyway, this has been my first haul blog post. I'll probably post more in the future, Dragon Age II is coming out, and I am "deffo" getting that. Dirt 3 should be out soon too - I haven't been this excited about a game since Mass Effect 2!

YouTube spam: Rubber Duckie

I don't ever use this blog shit because I'm a totally boring dude, but I do enjoy me some YouTubes. I have 600 favorited videos that I could show you, but I'm just going to do one now or then. Today is a video that I discovered while searching for Little Richard (don't ask). I subscribe to Sesame Street, but still managed to miss this for some reason. Luckily all is redeemed now and the song is playing on repeat in my head like it should:


Dreaming of videogames

I've had a couple of videogame related dreams in my time. This latest dream was extremely long with the videogame part only being a small portion of the "ending" of that dream. I had been rushing home on a bicycle with my friend and his brother riding behind me. I then entered a car select screen. I remember some of the car designs and they were not from any real games and neither was the menu design. You could press Y to change what kind of stats were shown a la Forza Motorsport (numbers versus simple bars). As I kept pressing Y and changing cars it got more confusing and eventually I began rotating the car because it got in the way of the stats. Eventually I just went for the car I remembered as being the fastest because I could not see the stats.
I think this is from playing a lot of Blur. The car stats are very similar and it can be difficult to choose a car in the online of that game, which I had been playing a lot. I've also always wanted a racing game where the differences were only cosmetic, perhaps this is a result of this as well. However the cars were not licensed like in Blur and felt more like the cars of Burnout Paradise. They also had a weight meter, which is more akin to Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, which I had been playing that day, however that is not really a racing game. As the game began I found myself in a car that seemed like a supercar with hot rod elements; you could see parts of the engine and it was a menacing black, but it was still sitting low to the ground and looked like a customized Ferrari. Perhaps this is from me having a black F40 as my wallpaper on my school computer, but I finished that school a couple of months ago. However, the rest of the dream had a lot of people I knew from that school in it... Another interesting thing is that I felt like I hadn't chosen that car, which is something that happened a lot in Blur as the timer before the race would go down before you could select your car and you would begin in a different car than you wanted. 

I was the host of the game and chose "Cops" as the game mode. This is akin to Burnout Paradise and Midnight Club: LA where the host opens a menu in free roam and selects an event for everyone to do. Burnout Paradise even had a Cops vs Robbers mode with police cars as DLC. I am also looking forward to the new NFS Hot Pursuit game. It was me as the cop against the two other guys. I hunted them down and won by crashing into them. This is when the dream turned into an action movie of sorts where my friend began running after his brother for some reason. He picked up a lightsaber of all things. I am not a Star Wars fan, but I know that he is... I found a lightsaber as well and picked it up. After some running his brother got in a helicopter to escape, but I jumped onto the railing and yelled to my friend to hang on to me so that our combined weight would keep him down. The helicopter eventually crashed and I woke up.

Evangeline Lilly

I've been fanatically obsessed with Evangeline Lilly lately, but all that paid off, because I just made the best damn Evangeline Lilly article right here on Giantbomb! Check it out here. I've been hesitant to add pictures, if I really wanted to I could probably get thousands of points from the gallery I've been making on my HDD over the past couple of days... Maybe I will do so tomorrow. Right now I need some freaking sleep.
Luckily I managed to spot this and include it in my article. That top is amazing.



New Games: Guitar Hero World Tour & Fallout 3

My friend got Guitar Hero World Tour, so I decided to get it as well. I found the Guitar Solo pack for a nice price, so I'm happy. I also got Fallout 3, at last!

This is my first Guitar Hero game, so I've been spending some time getting used to it. It's coming along quite nice.


2008 Roundup

Hey, it's 2009! I wanted to do a round-up of my gaming in 2008, with some fun facts. On with the show!


53 individual full games (including XBLA) in my Xbox 360 Game History was played in 2008.
Gamerscore went from 13,242 to 30,903 (a 2.334 times increase).
Gamerscore at the end of 2008 was 30,903 out of 45,835 possible points (67.4%).
2008 game played on most individual days while connected to Xbox Live: Burnout Paradise (38 days).
Most achievement points from a 2008 game unlocked: Fable II (930 points).
2008 game played through the most times: Ninja Gaiden II (six times).


I made this by going through my older blogs and my 360 game history;

January 2. - New HDTV and bedroom. Borrowed DiRT, Burnout Revenge and Call of Duty 3 (and I still haven't delivered them back!)

January 24. - Bought Burnout Paradise.

February 1. - Bought Metal Slug 3.
February 12. - Borrowed Crackdown.

March 13. - Bought Mass Effect Bringing Down The Sky DLC.

April 9. - Got a new cell phone, which I still have, the Sony Ericsson W960i. Got to borrow Assassin's Creed.
April 29. - Bought Grand Theft Auto IV.

May 30. - Created a Japanese XBL account to download the Ninja Gaiden II demo.

June 6. - Bought GRID.
June 25. - Got Ninja Gaiden II after much delay. Game of the Year for me.
July 1. - Reviewed Ninja Gaiden II.
July 25. - Bought Ninja Gaiden II Mission Mode DLC.
August 11. - Bought Geometry Wars 2 and Braid.
August 12. - Reviewed Geometry Wars 2.
August 13. - Reviewed Braid and bought Bionic Commando Rearmed.
August 27. - Bought Castle Crashers.
September 4. - Bought F.E.A.R. Files.
September 7. - Bought Oblivion Shivering Isles DLC.
September 26. - Bought Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.
September 30. - Red Rings of Death!

October 20. - Xbox 360 repaired and returned.
October 24. - Bought Far Cry 2 Limited Edition and Midnight Club: Los Angeles.
November 8. - Bought Gears of War 2 and Fable II.
November 21. - Bought Penny Arcade Episode 2.
December 3. - Bought Banjo-Kazooie (XBLA).
December 17. - Downloaded Dash of Destruction.
December 22. - Borrowed Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

New Game: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

My friend came over and we traded some games. He was in desperate need of games, and I lend him a hand... He got to borrow Fable II, Ninja Gaiden II and F.E.A.R. Files, while I got back my copy of The Orange Box and got to borrow Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I don't plan on playing it much online, so I like how you get EXP from the singleplayer as well. I'll also use that EXP glitch where an enemy spawns at the same time infinitely... That's why you won't see me playing it online, since the patch fixes it :P It's a cool game.


New Game: Dash of Destruction

Remember Yaris? Possibly the worst game on XBLA, but everybody was treated to its awfulness since it was free. I'm sure most people's first impressions were "IT CAN NOT BE UNSEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!"


There's a new free, ad-heavy game on the XBLA. Luckily, it's not as dreadful. It's nothing I would buy, but it has a bit of charm. The singleplayer is split into two parts; T-Rex and Truck. The truck has to pick up bags of Doritos, while the T-Rex (or, more aptly, Doritosaurus Rex) will only settle for eating the trucks. As you progress through levels, more trucks and dinosaurs go at it at the same time, making things more hectic. As you progress, a dude will upgrade your Truck or T-Rex (D-Rex?), along with some text popups that happen to be amusing from time to time.

The best part about this game is the achievements. They are ridiculously easy. After completing the game in, say, 20 minutes, I had 11 of the 12 achievements. A quick local multiplayer match later, and I had 200/200 points. Dash of Destruction sucks, but is free. Sort of like me! Wait, what?

Home Video: Far Cry 2 Compilation

Far Cry 2 is fun online. Sure, it can be laggy as hell, but god damn. I love that 50 caliber sniper. I made a compilation of kills over the course of four matches. It took me a while to make, but took even longer to upload since I wanted to use YouTube's new HD feature. This is why I urge you to click on the video and click "watch in HD". There's a double-kill, some sweet healing animations (the last one makes me sick to my stomach every time) and I shoot a guy in a hang-glider!



New Game: Penny Arcade; On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 2

I'm a big fan of Penny Arcade, but back when the first XBLA game came out, I had two major issues with it. For starters, it was a whopping 1600 MS Points. Secondly, it was a turn-based game, which I wasn't quite comfortable with. I played the Pokemon games on GBC, but other than that my experience with turn-based games is limited. The sequel costs "only" 1200 points, and I managed to get a hang of the gameplay while playing the trial again.

My favorite part of the game is the humor. The minute I read the description for OuchiesTM healing items, which "fucks pain up the ass", I began laughing out loud for five minutes. Well done.