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But... look at Jeff's face.

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I look young too, but I know why. It's because I have curly hair, bad facial hair growth and never exercise. I shave my head now and then, and even though I can't grow a full beard, I can pretend it is just the way I trimmed it as it is thick enough in the goatee area. I hate exercise, but having some muscles would surely help as well.

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Why are you impressed by accounts from credible people? The sanity of the witnesses was never a question for me. People are genuinely convinced stuff exist all the time. That doesn't prove anything. Once we have proper evidence, I will take you more seriously. Then the question is whether they were aliens in the traditional sense or something else...

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Nobody dies on my watch. Always be reloading. Same goes for shootin' games.

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Cars are cool!

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Been a fan of Jim for several years now. I enjoy him on the podcasts he is on rather than his personal opinions though, which usually differ from mine. I may not agree with his reviews, but I can't help but fall in love with him when he laughs hysterically at his own offensive jokes.

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Doing feminine things with pride is manly.

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Well I haven't subscribed yet, so clearly they don'


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I am looking to join!

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Sometimes the dude you are playing grunts and that's really funny to me.