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I keep fucking with my team. Can't wait for this season to start hopefully the charity shield will produced something good.

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If you think video games are fucked you're stupid. REMEMBER ALL THOSE BAD-ASS GAMES THAT CAME OUT IN 2006? No because there were like two. This shit takes time, dummies.

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bring it the fuck on!!

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@hunterzolomon: They never really were scumbags. They were heels originally for like half a match at DDT4 but they were too awesome to hate. They were actually the main reason why The Bucks became heels because the bucks beat them at DDT4 and the crowd turned on them. So weird how that kinda started what we now know as the cocky Young Bucks gimmick.

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I love the fact people are shitting on Robben when the biggest incident involving him was actually a foul. It's just Americans generally don't know the rules.

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@hadoken101: Maybe not so much on this thread but so much of the wrestling community ignores the only good part of wrestling.

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The Men of Low Moral Fiber are my favourite thing to come out of PWG. Both those guys are two of my favourites of all time but hey it's indy wrestling so nobody will care until they get signed they'll forever ignore their (better) indy work, seriously, every time....

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I've played like two 2014 games this year but there's some stuff coming out I'm excited for. This year isn't gonna be a great year but personally I'm excited for a good amount of stuff.

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I'd be into more Borderlands style FPS's. Also Pokémon Snap 2. YOU SHOOT POKÉMON FRUIT!!