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But dude, Diablo 3 is not Heroin and to say that it's beyond him to try and develop some better habits and self control is just weak, childish, and too melodramatic to be taken seriously.

Um...not playing is self control for him. What the hell do you care if some dude plays a game or not? For him, Diablo might as well be heroin, because that's how his mind responds to Diablo. He has developed a better habit: not playing at all.

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Just to add my 2 cents.

2011 15' MBP, 6490M with the high-res display option, 8 GB RAM and SSD.

With no AA, and shadows turned off, I get 22 fps while walking around new tristram. It drops during fights to ~10 fps.

If I turn shadows to "low" it drops to 10 fps as the max. If I lower the resolution, it looks like crap (as non-native always does), so I put it in a 1024x768 window and got ~30 FPS in town.

It was even worse before I installed 10.7.4 last night. I am not impressed. An equivalent PC would be getting double the fps, so I'm assuming it would be twice as fast in boot camp. not much room for boot camp when you're running an SSD in a laptop, though. I'm honestly glad that I didn't spring for the paid game, yet, because it's just too slow.

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there is plenty of evidence on giantbomb to the contrary. most of those metacritic reviews are from europe. Not even sure the game is available in europe yet.

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How bizarre that a Pixar game for Kinect just came out a couple weeks ago, and despite it being apparently pretty popular (based on its location in the 360 demo download lists), it's got almost no press interest. There isn't even a real info page on GB yet! All of the reviews I saw were either cursory glances into the game, or not in English. What's going on with this? I wanted to know if it would be a good game for my kids. I was hoping for a Quick Look or something. I's Pixar! It's a game!

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I break something and cry. Usually because the thing I broke was expensive, and because it was hard and hurt me when I broke it. 

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not a bad first post. certainly better than mine!

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This doesn't look very sophisticated at all. What ever happened to The Incredible Machine?

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so how do i get someone who got a couple copies of L4D2 to gift me one? 
*wink wink*

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unless I'm mis-reading that thread, it basically won't work right now. and if you get it working, it will probably stop working without warning when you need it most. 
That link is over 6 months old, and it seems to be the most recent real look at that subject. amazing.

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So I'm in the US, and tired of AT&T, and tired of being on a non-smart phone, and tired of paying for minutes I don't use, and tired of paying for freaking text messages that people send me for no reason. 
So the obvious solution to that is a data-only package that runs 3G and can somehow leverage google voice or something similar to cover me when I really need to make a phone call, which is pretty much emergency situations. I have a phone at work and one at home. It's really just in-between that causes a problem. It's certainly not work 60 bucks a month.  
Do any US wireless providers actually have a reasonable plan I could use with a decent (android?) phone? I don't need minutes. Or rather, I need about 20 minutes a month. I understand that they don't WANT me to do this, but I'm still going to try. I heard something about people getting data only who are hard of hearing...can they really restrict those plans to people with specific disabilities? I'm not really looking for people's opinions so much as some real info from people who have actually done something like this in the US. 

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