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I thought it was incredible until the end and I'm not taking a thread with 'Bull-puppy' in its title seriously

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@mcfart said:

Who cares. Better to close now rather then release years of shit movies that ruin their reputation.

Who says they're going to release years of shit films? Couldn't you just say that about absolutely anything that's currently successful if you wanted to be that dismissive?

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I have some AKG K550s and they're fantastic. Not really the most informative comment in this thread but they're great headphones.

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Ignore it or it will continue from more people, just like in real life

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Approximately nothing, in fact the only soundtrack that I've gotten into from anything recently has been the one Mogwai did for The Returned.

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I mean, stuff does get whitewashed still, like that abysmal Avatar: The Last Airbender movie, where like everybody was white instead of being various types of Asians.

I haven't actually watched the film but the majority of the cast aren't white at all

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I'd say I'm at least as bad as Dan was

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I don't think it's really avoided in film is it? I'd imagine it's avoided in video games for the same reason a lot of controversial issues are avoided, and as a lot of people have said, in film it tends to be used as a rather dramatic point in the story, rather than something that just happens and is ignored from then on. In video games, if you just ran about massacring hordes of children for a while, before then moving back onto the story and being the hero it wouldn't quite work

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@benpicko: it looks amazing and I hate that it's not showing anywhere near me.

I was just back in England, saw that it was having a pretty wide release there, so was looking forward to seeing it when I got back to Canada and... Nope, nothing at all.

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@raven10 said:

@benpicko: It came out in theaters a couple months ago, but got a surprisingly limited release for a Miyazaki film. The closest theater to where I lived that was showing it was like 45 minutes away so I decided to just wait for the DVD which is not yet out in the USA.

Oh right, seemed like a pretty wide release in the UK. Same with Boyhood though from what I've heard. There are only like 3 cinemas showing it in Canada and it's all over England