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Yeah, safe innit

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Might buy my first game of the year with this... Wait, I have no PS4 or XBone and my PC is now shit

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Oh fuck I'd forgotten it had even released after the shit Leicester ratings were released

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Can't remember anything about it happening at all or when I first knew it happened

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Here's what will happen:

  1. They'll have him on a UPF one day with somebody filling in from Gamespot behind the cameras
  2. Everybody will like him and there'll be multiple threads asking him to be on every show
  3. They then have to get a new video guy and the same thing happens to him
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If you're not going to actually watch matches and naturally align yourself with a team, I'm not really sure how else you're going to pick one. That said, pick Leicester. We've just been promoted, play exciting football, put up some great performances against Everton (draw), Chelsea (lost but played better than them for 60 minutes) and Arsenal (draw), have a great manager and facilities and should do well this year.

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I thought it was incredible until the end and I'm not taking a thread with 'Bull-puppy' in its title seriously

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@mcfart said:

Who cares. Better to close now rather then release years of shit movies that ruin their reputation.

Who says they're going to release years of shit films? Couldn't you just say that about absolutely anything that's currently successful if you wanted to be that dismissive?

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I have some AKG K550s and they're fantastic. Not really the most informative comment in this thread but they're great headphones.

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Ignore it or it will continue from more people, just like in real life