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Using the word "Infamous" incorrectly really annoys me.

Are you saying Jesse James and the Steam Box have nothing in common?

Maybe Patrick can see into the future, a future where the "Steam Box" is a miserable failure and his description is apt.

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I dare say, this 'bundle' is by no means 'humble.'

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BrokeBrad Mountain

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I am excited about where Giant Bomb is going, but...

I feel like Jeff really didn't address anything in this video. I recall that part of the reason his firing was such a big deal at the time was because of the way his written review of the game in question was taken down and significantly edited after he had left.

I also recall that a lot of other people in the gaming press community felt that it wasn't just an issue about this one review, but that Jeff was being made an example of. There was the concern that his firing was essentially a warning to other editors at the time that if you are going to write for a larger corporate site the tone of gaming press coverage would have to be more respectful of the advertising sponsors, in the same way that radio and television have always bent over backwards for their advertising partners.

If Jeff thinks Giant Bomb can partner with CBS and still maintain the independence that has made this site great, well, I wish him the best.