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If anyone like me has been waiting for a good price on Wolfenstien, combined with their 20% off code, Wolfenstien is $24.00. Being an Aussie, the game is $80 on steam and when it goes 50% off it's still $40. So for me it's a great deal.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

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Dawn of War: Dark Crusade is probably my all time favorite. I love the 40K setting and that world domination campaign is such a blast. I also really enjoyed Red Alert 2 and C&C Generals back in the day but Dark Crusade is far and away the best time I've had with a strategy game.

Recently my favorite has been Civilisation V.

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Loot drops are really such an insignificant part of the game. So many of the weapons and items are found in chests and a lot of the best stuff is only accessible late game for balance reasons. Also blacksteel katana's arn't much better than the Uchigatana you can just buy or the Manslayer you just find in a chest.

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Final Fantasy XIII was one that stands out to me. The characters were so awful.

I made the mistake of trying to get into Ocarina of Time with zero nostalgia for the original N64 version recently and I struggled with it. All early 3D games can be rough to go back to without childhood nostalgia. Like I'm sure RE2 is rough for someone who never played it back in the day, but to me it's one of the best games ever.

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I didn't really enjoy episode 1 and I've kind of gone off the Telltale style of game. So that's why I probably wouldn't get another one.

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The first Penumbra and certain parts of Code Veronica always stick with as games that were actually scary to play. I didn't really find Anmesia scary when I tried it, just got frustrated having to hide from that thing all the time but I gave up after a couple hours so who knows, that team does know how to make scary games that is for sure. Also the guy who hunts you down in Silent Hill 4 freaked me out a bit.

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AAA games are certainly getting more and more known quantities, there hasn't been many new experiences to get excited about for a while. I used to remember every year being introduced to a new kind of game experience, now everything is just a repeat.

I felt this way with music, tv shows and movies too and I feel the cure is often looking backwards. Like I've been watching lots of 80s movies and it's reignited my love for movies again. If you can get past the lower production values of old games and movies, it can help you rediscover the magic. Comic book movie after comic book movie and FPS after FPS can make you lose enthusiasm for the entertainment industry for sure. Maybe go play a PS1 game or something.

It may not be your problem but I feel it's helped me.

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Skyrim is a game I just can't get sick of because I can just keep making new characters with different builds when I get bored. Ranger, Assassin/Thief, Mage, Jack of all trades, Heavy Warrior, Sword and Board, Summoner/ Necromancer, Dual wielder and I sure I'm missing a few others. Even without all the mods Skyrim would be my choice.