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Ok, I caved and bought Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Child of Light. The first games I've purchased in this sale.

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I love Legend of Korra and I love platinum games, so no complaints here.

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Cliffhanger is the closest thing to the original Die Hard, even more so than any of the Die Hard sequels.

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I really enjoyed Bad Company 2 and not really anything since.

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I did really enjoy this game, warts and all.

So far not that much... There have been more disappointments this year for me than surprises. But games coming out later this year give me hope.

Dark Souls II and Bravely Default were easily my favorites and that's about it. That said I have yet to play Child of Light or Wolfenstein: New Order, which I think I may like. Transistor, Jazz Punk, Infamous: Second Son and Metal Gear weren't bad, just disappointing for me. Watch_Dogs and South Park don't appeal to me, so I probably won't play them.

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I haven't bought anything yet. I would have bought Revengeance if it was 75% off but alas it was not. I'm holding out for Child of Light and maybe Broken Age if it's 75% off at some point. Saints Row IV is kind of tempting I guess.

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  1. Kill Bill
  2. Lord of the Rings
  3. Die Hard

I consider the first 2 one story across multiple movies so you can't just watch one.

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Definitely getting this game, it looks like a good time. Just dumb fun.

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I beat Dark Souls II like 6 times, everything else is a blur. I just beat Injustice: Gods Among Us, a couple weekends ago. This is the first year I haven't been keeping track of what I play.

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The only time I feel it seems a bit dirty is with story driven games with little gameplay. Otherwise just watching a game be played is nothing like playing it, which is what you buy games for. If anything it's free advertising for the developer.

I make games and I see no reason why I should make money if my games were streamed. I would just be happy my games getting attention.